All Canada Contest Prizes For April 2021 & Tips to Enter Safely

Free Online Contests to enter in March 2021 (LIST)

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7 Tips for Staying Safe When Entering Online Sweepstakes

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Wines Of British Columbia Contests 2021 A Year In The Life Giveaway The A Year In The Life Contest Prize ...
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Visit Wired2fish this month for several giveaways and prizes like a Fish Monkey Stubby Glove and Face Guard ...
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Wired2Fish Sweepstakes: Win an Evolution 25qt EVO Premium Rolling Cooler!
Want to win a free shopping spree from jack & Jones? Stop by any of their stores this month and ...
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Jack Jones Contest: Win the Ultimate Loungewear Gift Pack ($250) Contests for Canada & US; 2021 Win a Ukulele Giveaways: The Enter to Win an Enya Uke Contest Prize ...
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Free Samples for Canadians - 2020 Free Stuff and Giveaways Who doesn’t love free samples? We have a number of ...
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Get your backyard dressed up for the ultimate staycation with products and services from Club Piscine. This year the pool ...
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Club Piscine CA Contest: Win Super Fitness gift card, $1,000
Harper Collins has added a new sweepstakes for book lovers. This week enter the #HCCMarchMadness for your chance to win ...
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Visit the Best Buy blog and enter one of many prizes. This month, enter to Win Alienware Laptops or an ...
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Best Buy Contest: Win Google Nest & $100 Gift Card
Universal Music Enterprise (UDiscoverMusic) has started a holiday giveaway. Enter the sweepstakes below for your chance to win a Sonos ...
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uDiscover Music Giveaway: Win Fania Records Merch And Vinyl!
If your favourite team is the Calgary Flames you can find some great giveaways here.From signed jerseys to hockey tickets ...
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Calgary Flames Contest: Win RAM 1500 SLT Crew Cab truck,$60,000
Pasta, salads, eggs, pizza ..., if you are believe everything tastes better with a hint of bacon flavour, then Hormel ...
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Hormel Bacon Bits Canada Contest: Win a Free Product Giveaway
A new month and tons of great new prizes to be won on the Ellen Show!This month enter sweepstakes at ...
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CFOX is Vancouver, B.C.'s modern rock radio station with hits of today and top 90's songs.Cfox also has plenty of ...
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Best Health Magazine is back with a new monthly contest. Complete the form below for a chance to win a ...
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If you like Country Music, and would love to attend a live performance, check out the newest giveaway below and ...
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Microsoft and Alienware Gaming have teamed up for an awesome giveaway.Enter the 2021 Age Of Empires sweepstakes for your chance ...
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2021 Babies"R Us Contests for Canada Giveaways If you are expecting a Baby or have little Ones, make sure to ...
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Swiss Chalet Canada Contest 2021 Family night Nintendo Switch Giveaway Swiss Chalet Canada and Nintendo have teamed up for a ...
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Discover the beauty of maritime Quebec and its four popular tourist destinations Bas-Saint Laurent, Gaspesie, North Coast and Madeleine Islands ...
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Quebec Maritime Contest: Win a Trip to the Îles de la Madeleine

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7 Tips for Staying Safe When Entering Online Sweepstakes

Before you enter any online sweepstakes, make sure you read this! Learn seven tips for staying safe when entering sweepstakes online.

It’s all fun and games, especially if you win! 

Online sweepstakes are everywhere and can be tempting to play. With amazing prizes like vacations, free products, and money, who wouldn’t want to enter? As fun as they may seem, however, there’s a right and wrong way to go about playing them. 

If you’re interested in learning how to safely enter sweepstakes online then follow along for our tips on how! 

1. Keep Your Money 

The number one tip to remember is to never pay to play. Legitimate sweepstakes will have no cost associated with them whatsoever and will only require name and contact information. 

These contests shouldn’t cost anything except the time it takes to enter. Remember, the goal is to earn money not spend any. 

2. Do Your Research 

If you come across an online sweepstakes entry that you’re interested in, make sure to take the time to research its validity. Smaller and lesser-known companies do run safe contests, but it’s a good idea to only enter sweepstakes run by reputable and familiar brands. 

3. Separate Accounts 

Entering sweepstakes is so much fun that it’s almost addicting! Once you start playing, it’s hard to resist trying your hand at more options. As a way to offset this habit, you’ll want to have a dedicated space for all your efforts.

It’s helpful to take some time to create a separate email account and social media accounts that are solely focused on all of your sweepstakes entries. This approach helps keep your new hobby separate from your personal and professional brand and can also protect your identity.

The added security will give you peace of mind while you play, and if anything were to happen to your sweepstakes accounts, your main accounts would remain safe. It’s a great way to not only protect yourself but to stay organized in the process. 

4. Read Thoroughly 

As with anything, rules and directions are important and are there for a reason. If you don’t read them, you run the risk of missing key information and ruining your chances before you even enter.

When you’re thinking about entering into a sweepstake, pay attention to all of the terms and conditions, especially the ones in the fine print. Are there any disclaimers listed at the bottom and dates to look out for? Make sure to review them carefully before making the decision to proceed.

Take your time and read everything and have a clear understanding of what you’re about to get into. If you feel uneasy about any contest, follow your gut and skip it! There are plenty of other safe options out there. 

5. Strategize 

You may think that adopting the philosophy of “the more entries, the better,” will boost your chances of winning, but that’s not necessarily the case at all! 

You should look at online sweepstakes as a game and strategize accordingly. It’s hard to win anything in life without a strategy, and these games are no different.

Try using a focused approach and only enter certain types of sweepstakes for a small number of brands. Just like how companies have niche audiences, you can create your own niche entry list. This will be especially helpful for those contests that include knowledge-based games related to companies or industries. 

There’s no magic way to ensure you win, but strategy and luck can help your chances!

6. Be an Honest Player 

When you’re playing to win, it’s always going to be tempting to cheat, but don’t do it! You may come across cheat codes online that could end up causing more harm than good. Not only do they have the potential to be dangerous, but they take the fun out of the game.

Always follow the directions that are outlined and enter honestly. If you don’t win, you can always play again. However, if you play dirty, you may never get another shot. 

Most of the time, these online sweepstakes are run by third-party companies that compile a list of entries. If you do cheat, your information could get flagged and get you placed on a blacklist preventing you from participating in future games. 

The trouble you’d go through trying to cheat free online sweepstakes simply isn’t worth the backlash, so have fun and play fair and square. 

7. Secure Sites Only

Finally, you can protect yourself and your computer by entering sweepstakes on secure websites. Website security keeps hackers out and protects information shared by encrypting the data.

In addition to paying attention to the security of the site housing the sweepstake, it’s equally important to make sure you’re accessing these contests via secure networks, or else you’ll face the same dangers. 

If a non-secure site wants you to enter your contact information, then it’s best to avoid it and find another contest to participate in. Non-secure sites come with a lot of risks, from identity theft to malicious attacks on computer hardware.

The easiest way to check web security is to pay attention to the search bar. If a website has ‘HTTPS’ before the URL, then it’s secure. If it only has ‘HTTP’, then run! 

Stay Safe in Online Sweepstakes 

Online sweepstakes are designed to be fun and harmless ways to gain new customers and build brand loyalty with existing ones. Safety is always a concern when it comes to contact information being shared over the internet. But with the right tools, you’ll always make informed decisions.

When you’re on top of your safety, you can keep playing to win! 

Make sure to check out the rest of our blog for more articles with the latest information on all things contests! 

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