How RoboForm Can Help You Win Contests: A Comprehensive Guide

How RoboForm Can Help You Win Contests: A Comprehensive Guide

Want a better chance at winning contests? Learn how RoboForm can help you win contests in our comprehensive guide today.

The average online contest form has 10 fields to complete. If you’re entering any significant number of contests, that’s a lot of entries to complete.

Not only is it a lot of typing, but there are also plenty of chances for typos that could disqualify you or make it impossible for the company to contact you if you win.

If you want to improve your chances of winning contests online, RoboForm is a great tool. Let’s look at what it is and how it can help you win contests.

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What is RoboForm?

RoboForm is a password manager and form filling app that automatically fills in information on web pages. With a couple of clicks, you can fill things like:

  • Usernames
  • Passwords
  • Addresses
  • Credit card details

It can automatically complete almost any type of submission form on websites, even if it has unique or custom fields.

RoboForm is available for all major platforms including Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. It integrates with all major browsers so you can use it with Internet Explorer, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, and others.

RoboForm Features That Help You Win Contests

RoboForm was originally designed to make it easy to create and enter unique passwords for every website you log into. Using the same password across multiple sites is a security risk since a hack on any one of them could expose your password to others.

The password management features in RoboForm are useful for sweepstakes websites as well since many require you to log in to enter. But the biggest advantage it offers is saving you time when you complete contest entry forms.

RoboForm’s quick entry feature lets you save the details for each contest you enter so you can quickly fill in the form the next time.

If you enter daily contests, this can save you a ton of time, especially if the entry form is quite long. The first time you enter the contest, RoboForm lets you save the details to a custom form.

The next time you enter that same contest, just click on the form you want to fill in RoboForm and all those details get entered automatically — you don’t have to type anything yourself.

If a form has fields that change from one entry to another, you can leave those out of the RoboForm entry and enter them manually. Even if that’s the case RoboForm can save you a lot of time. And less time spent on each form means you can enter more contests every day.

RoboForm Identities

RoboForm also lets you set up different identities in the app. If you’re not the only person entering contests, you can use this feature to create different entries for different people in your household.

Or you can use it to set up different identities for yourself. For example, you could have one identity with your home address and email and another with your work address and email.

The combination of unique identities and custom forms gives you an unlimited number of options for creating autofill entries for different contests.

Free vs. Paid Versions of RoboForm

There are two versions of RoboForm – free and paid. The paid version, called RoboForm Everywhere, adds several extra features, including:

  • Sync across all your computers and devices
  • Cloud backup
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Secure shared folder
  • Priority 24/7 support

The free version of RoboForm gives you everything you need to start entering more contests but paying for the extra features adds even more. The biggest advantage is the ability to sync your forms and identities across your devices.

You can create a form on your computer, for example, and use that information to enter contests on your smartphone while you’re waiting in line at the supermarket, waiting for an appointment, or anywhere else you have time to kill.

Can You Get Disqualified for Using Roboform?

The biggest question most people have about using RoboForm to enter contests to win money or other prizes is whether they’ll be disqualified for using it.

In most cases, you won’t. Many contests have rules about not using scripts or macros to create automatic entries but those warnings aren’t intended for tools like RoboForm.

With RoboForm, you still have to visit the website and interact with it to submit your entry. Those rules are about automated software that crawls the contest site and submits forms without you needing to do anything.

Those kinds of bots run completely hands-free so you don’t even need to be in front of your computer.

Entries Must Be Entered By Hand

Some contests do have clauses about having to enter using manual keystrokes or to enter by hand. Those are the ones that you need to watch for.

Using RoboForm may still work fine but you could get disqualified if the contest site recognizes you’re using it. From the website’s perspective, the form is still getting filled in manually — they can’t tell if you’re typing the information or RoboForm is filling it.

The difference is in the completion speed. If the site tracks how quickly the form gets filled in, that could flag your entry.

Watch for rules that limit you to manual entries — otherwise, you should be fine if you use RoboForm to speed up the process.

Improve Your Chances of Winning With RoboForm

Using RoboForm will save you time and ensure the information you enter in contest entry forms is accurate. Online contests are a numbers game — the more you enter, the better your chance of winning.

The time you save by using RoboForm will help you win contests more often. It’s free to get started so what are you waiting for?

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