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Contest Scoop Quality and Content Standards

If you love entering contests, you already know that there are countless giveaways to be found every week.

The Contestscoop.com Team takes great care to check out all giveaways and promotions before posting, to see if the contests are genuine and the information provided in our posts is detailed and accurate.

We are proud to share descriptive entry details with every post we publish, but if you should find a giveaway post that is missing important information, please let us know at https://www.contestscoop.com/contact-us/.

Why you can trust the Contestscoop.com site

Tried and Tested

  1. All the contests and giveaways you find here on Contestscoop.com are tested and tried by us before we post them because we love contests and literally enter dozens of them each day.
  2. Team Contest Scoop reads the rules pages for you and only the giveaways that work and are reputable will find its way onto this website.
  3. Find out what readers, fans and subscribers say about us. Read more about the Contest Scoop Reviews and Trust recommendations here.

Complete and Organized

  1. All our articles are organized into the following sections (with matching icons): prizes, dates, how-to enter details, and additional information.
  2. Scoop up great prizes and get all the relevant sweepstakes details in a nutshell on www.Contestscoop.com without having to read through pages of difficult contest rules. Please note, that in addition, we offer a link to the original, complete contest rules for your convenience.

Final Note – Quality Standards Summary:

At Contest Scoop we know how to spot a “bad apple” in the bunch and while we try to only share the best and most popular contests, you may occasionally see a “flag” beside a contest, which means entering is up to our reader’s discretion. This often applies to contests that are open to residents worldwide and we advise you to enter only if you feel comfortable.

(P.S. Personally, we only enter “worldwide” contests if there are many prizes and the sweepstakes are sponsored by global companies like Sony, Microsoft, Nike, Pepsi etc…)


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About Us, the Team Contest Scoop (Contestscoop.com)

Meet Angie and Kim, a Canadian Mom and Daughter team and the contest experts  behind Contestscoop.com, or addicts as our friends lovingly call us.

Angie Borcherding, Blogger, Editor, Promotions Creator and Content Supervisor (Ontario, Canada)

“As a contest and sweepstakes blogger, I have written and published giveaways since 2005. I quickly became a sweepstakes expert, addicted to entering and finding the best contests to share with our visitors.

Currently, I am working as a publisher, promotions coordinator, blogger and editor at Contest Scoop and it is one of my tasks to find quality giveaways from trustworthy sites for our thousands of Canadian newsletter subscribers. 

I was fortunate to have won some fabulous prizes along the way. My favourite wins include an Apple iPad, Xbox game console, Jamieson Vitamins for a year, $500 PayPal cash, $1,000 Sears & Old Navy gift cards, Boston Pizza, Tim Hortons, Mc Donalds, Bull and Barrel gift cards, lots of t-shirts, books, movie prizes and a weekend getaway for four in Niagara Falls! I am still waiting for a major cash win fall, maybe a set of new wheels or a vacation somewhere south!

But most of all I enjoy the fun of entering and truly appreciate any prize, whether it be big or small. 

I am always up for a chat, your suggestions or feedback. Reach me on Twitter 



I am a third-year University student, enrolled in a Bachelor of Social Work (Honors) program.

My areas of expertise are my writing and research skills, as well as finding and evaluating the best Facebook, Instagram, and Social Media giveaways. These are the contests and giveaways I love to share on Contestscoop.com.

I have been addicted to sweepstakes since winning my first prize from Family Channel. As a teenager, getting a grand prize of Monster headphones and Disney movie merchandise, worth hundreds of dollars, was extremely thrilling.
Going forward, I have learned that it pays off to ‘religiously’ enter daily giveaways and I have won some awesome prizes since.

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