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TV Contests for Canada & US 2024 List of FREE Television Giveaways

It’s a bit surprising, but according to Statistics Canada, only 75% of Canadians own a television. If, like me, you thought the number would be higher, here’s a revelation. For the 25% of Canadians on the lookout for a chance to score a free TV, we’ve got some fantastic giveaways lined up for you below. Now, for those already in the TV-owning club (count me in), here’s an exciting opportunity to upgrade to a bigger, better, and more advanced model. Whether you fancy an LED Smart TV, Hisense UHD, 4K, or beyond, these electronic prizes promise to elevate your TV-watching experience and don’t forget to check out our Roku Sweepstakes for a shot at winning a Roku TV and streaming devices – taking your entertainment to a whole new level!

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