Swagbucks Canada Review & 2023 Swag Codes

2023 Swagbucks Canada Review & New SwagCode Alerts & Challenges

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Swagbucks new stealth code to earn cash and rewards (Swagbucks Canada


If you love entering contests and like me, enjoy a guaranteed win,

I have a great free Canadian Rewards program to share with you.

It’s called Swagbucks, and it is an awesome rewards program that not only gives you cash back on online shopping but you are guaranteed to win cash and gift cards just for browsing the Internet.

It’s by far the best one I have joined (and did I mention it is free?)

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Swagbucks members, who have the Swagbutton installed earn 4x more than members who don’t. That’s 4x more money, more cash back and more savings! Don’t miss out on any other deals and install the Swagbutton today!

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Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and join, we will receive a commission at no extra cost to you. All opinions remain our own.

Is Swagbucks Legit? Here is my Review

Yes, I know what you are thinking!

This is too good to be true, right? But let me tell you the Swagbucks program is for real.

Hundreds of thousands of Canadians and people worldwide are already using Swagbucks to earn free rewards!

I use it every day for just minutes on my computer and phone and I have earned over $4000 in free gift cards and cash so far since I joined the program in 2011!!! (You can see a screenshot of my lifetime points and some of my gift cards below)

Check the new Swagcodes here and enter to earn points. Stay tuned to this post here, as I will update with new codes daily and every point means you are one step closer to redeeming your next FREE gift card!!

Curious to find out more? Read on to find out if Swagbucks is a safe, legit program and learn how it works.

But first, let’s get back to today’s code, as seen in the box. Enter before the expiry date/time to collect! Then read on for more info and tips below

What is Swagbucks and How Does It Work?

Have you heard of Swagbucks and are not sure what it is all about?

I joined Swagbucks in 2011 and was skeptical at first if it would work for me and was worth my time. After trying and testing it, I am still using Swagbucks every day.

Swagbucks is a no-strings-attached, completely free program that rewards you for all of your daily online activity.
If you use the Internet to search, watch video clips, shop, play games and more, then Swagbucks is for You!
Doing activities, you already do every day; you can now earn points, called SB.
I am using the Internet daily, and I know these points add up quickly.

I also recommend that you do your daily 1-second quick poll and answer 1 question to get a 1 point.

Plus always use Swagbucks search (as your primary browser) while browsing the web. Why? Because no other browser pays you to surf the web or watch TV! (more below). Yes, that’s right. Swagbucks pays you to use their search engine!!

Read on to find out if Swagbucks is a safe, legit program and learn how it works.

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Swagbucks Canada Review & New SwagCode Alerts & Challenges
About Swagbucks Canada ( Free Rewards Program)
  1. How It Works

Don’t know what Swagbucks is? Swagbucks is owned by Prodege, a provider of digital services and you can find the apps on Google Android and iTunes, plus use it online at swagbucks.com.

It is the largest rewards program that gives people free cash and gift cards for the everyday things they do online.

In addition to earning SB by using the Swagbucks Search Engine, you can collect more points when completing tasks like these

  1. find Collector’s Bills to earn points
  2. playing fun Games
  3. Watching videos
  4. taking Surveys & more
  5. they also like to give out Swag Codes (as mentioned) for bonus SB!
  6. earn extra rewards when shopping online

Redeem the unique limited-time Swag Codes whenever you find them, and you’ll earn your gift cards that much faster!

Read more below if you are new to Swagbucks. (new to the program? scroll down below for a quick info guide on this free rewards program!)

Free Gift Cards For Shopping, Searching & Discovering What’s Online


The best part of the program are the rewards. Your points can be redeemed at the Online Rewards store for all kinds of gift cards and cash.

You can get free cash (PayPal), gift cards for Canadian retailers (like Old Navy, Gap, Home Depot and others), Cineplex Cards, Free dining cards, iTunes, Starbucks, Amazon.ca and much more!
Personally, I like free cash :), but I have also ordered free items on Amazon.ca, redeemed Starbucks gift cards and given an Old Navy gift card to my sister for her birthday.

You can visit Swagbucks click here and go to the rewards store to see what the program offers.

         3. Tips & my earnings

The screenshot above shows my current total earned points (December 2018), which are over 3115,000. This means over $3,115 in cash or over $4153 in Amazon gift cards (I like to redeem the $100 Amazon.ca gift cards, which give you 25% more money!!)

My tip is to come back daily and choose the activities that you like to do.
How much you earn is entirely up to you!

Make sure to install the Swagbucks button on your browser, which will alert you of active bonus codes. Each time you redeem a code, you collect more free points. Codes are live 3-5x per day, as mentioned above. So of the codes can only be redeemed in the Swag button, so it’s a handy extension to have.

As I mentioned, I am using Swagbucks every day to do my Internet searches, do the daily poll, and if I shop online, for example at Amazon.ca, I make sure to look at Swagbucks for codes and earn cash backs!

The cashback, by the way, is better than Ebates and Swagbucks may offer extra bonus during Holiday shopping and on Black Friday, etc.
I’ve used Swagbucks since 2011 and so far I’ve received $1,245 (2015). The great thing is I did not spend extra time getting this amount, and you can do the same!

To sign up for Swagbucks Canada, click here and join me.

Disclosure: This post contains referral links and it’s another great reason to join Swagbucks. If you sign up through me, I am awarded extra points. So I recommend that YOU share your Swagbucks links too, with your family and friends. Because for every point they earn, you will get free points and rewards for life!

                                                               I love to help you earn more quickly. So stay tuned for my updates here, as I will share Swag codes with you that YOU, in turn, can share with your group!

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