Swagbucks Collector Bills: Find 6 Erth Day Bills & earn 20 Bonus Points


Swagbucks Collector Bills: Find 6 Erth Day Bills & earn 20 Bonus Points

Swagbucks has new Collector bills out and more chances to earn bonus Swagbucks. Find all 6 Collector’s Bills and you’ll earn a 20 SB Bonus.

Valid Till 2022-04-24
  • Prize Value$SB
  • FrequencyDaily

Posted On April 19, 2022

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2022 Swagbucks Collector Bills – Find Earth Day Collector Bills

Swagbucks Collector Bills: Find cozy candles to earn 20 Bonus Points

Swagbucks Canada (read more) has new Collector bills out and more chances to earn bonus Swagbucks.

This October, find all 6 Collector’s Bills and you’ll earn a 20 SB Bonus

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Where do I find Swagbucks Collector’s Bills?

Very simply, as a Swagbucks member you earn points for searching the Internet.

Now during special promotion periods, there are more points being given away when you browse and find a so-called Collector’s Bill (seen in the image above).

Simply click on the bill and enter the letter code into the form to claim the amount shown on the bill.

You will get Collector Bill points on TOP of any other Swagpoints earned

What Are The Collector Bill Periods – Are There Any Collector’s Bills Live?

Collector Bills are going live throughout the year.

The special entry periods last for about one week.

The current dates are starting Monday, April 18th at 12am PT/3am ET through Sunday, April 24th at 11:59pm PT 

How many Points Can I Earn When I Collect a Bill?

The exact points value varies slightly for each promotion. During the holidays or special events, there may be more points available.

For the current Swagbucks Collector Bills period the value are as follows

  • 5 SB
  • 8 SB
  • 11 SB
  • 15 SB
  • 18 SB
  • 25 SB
What happens when I find a Collector’s Bill?

Each bill collected during the search will give you the value as shown on the Collectors bill.

Each amount will be added to your “Collector’s Bill” ledger.

If you manage to collect all the special Collector’s Bills shown for the specific period you will earn an additional bonus, for example, an extra 20 SB Bonus!

Can You collect the same Collector’s Bills multiple times?

Yes, great news, you can earn more points by finding identical Collector’s Bills

How To Search Swagbucks To Find Bills

Follow these steps to find Collector Bills.

First log into your Swagbucks account (or sign up for free)

Then look for the WEB SEARCH icon.

For example, on the desktop, you will see this box pictured below

Type your question or search item into the search box and click to enter.

If you are lucky a special Collector’s Bill may appear.

If not just keep on browsing as you normally would.

Throughout the week using the Swagbucks search, you should be able to collect most or even all of the featured bills.

Happy Searching

Want more ways to collect bonus points?

Also, check out the monthly Swagbucks Team Challenges here, or enter Swagbucks bonus codes and play the Swagbucks Swgao game, which is a version of Bingo

Recurring Collector Bills

Disney+ Collector’s Bills for a 20 SB Bonus.

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