How to Enter Receipt Contests The Right Way (for Free?)

How to enter Receipt Contests and are they worth entering?

Find out How to Enter Receipt Contests for free & how to make sure your purchase qualifies. Are these giveaways worth your time? We explain what to buy and

When sharing contests on I often come across giveaways that require a purchase and a receipt, also called a buy-to-win giveaway.

That has brought some questions from readers like

Are receipt contests worth entering?

and others wonder

can I enter purchase contests for Free.

My answer to both of these questions is

Yes, absolutely!

I myself have won a number of prizes by entering receipt contests, and now I’ll guide you on how to do the same!

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Are receipt contests worth entering?

As mentioned in the intro I can confirm that receipt contests are definitely worth entering and here are some of the reasons why.

Receipt Contests Mean Less Competition

Many people will look at a receipt-required contest as a hassle and rather enter contests that require quickly completing an online contest form. They will skip these giveaways, and that’s great for you because it means fewer people will enter, increasing your chances of winning.

Entering Is Easier Than You Think

Despite the common belief among Canadians that entering receipt contests is time-consuming, it’s not the case. Frequently, you’ll discover that products already on your shopping list are part of special promotions.

You may see in-store displays or notice special promotional packaging on products. Recently, I bought cereal for a chance to win a prize in the Cheerios Fitbit tracker giveaway.

Sometimes the prizes are just to incredible to pass on. Can you imagine winning a $500,000 Cottage as a reward for buying Dempster’s and Villagio’s hamburger buns? This was one of the prizes being given away by the Bimbo Corporation during the amazing SummerContest.

Read the rules before making the purchaseHow to Buy the Right Products

Prior to making a purchase, it’s crucial to thoroughly review the rules of your selected promotion. Depending on the contest sponsors, you might be required to purchase one or more eligible products on the same receipt. Alternatively, some sponsors may permit you to buy products in multiple transactions.

Moreover, there may be restrictions on which products or even the product size. For example, you may need to buy a four-pack of Oikos yogurt rather than a single tub to participate in the Oikos Snack To Win contest. You can view more of the newest Buy and win contests here.

Entering Your Receipt(s) and How to Upload It The Right Way For a Valid Entry

Once you’ve confirmed that the receipt(s) includes the qualifying products as stipulated by the specific promotion, you now have the choice to submit the receipt for entry.

This part requires some extra care. When you take a picture of your receipt (or scan it), make sure the image is clear and everything is easily readable.

In general, sponsors will want to see the whole receipt; this means you should be able to see

  • the store, retailer’s name and location
  • date of purchase
  • the exact products purchased, including the prize
  • total amount spend

Most importantly, your receipt must include all the information required, or it may be rejected after submission.

Subsequently, once you have taken your photo, you may now proceed and follow the instructions (as per the rules) on how to submit your entry.

Depending on the sponsor, rules for each contest vary. In general, purchase receipts may be submitted online (via upload) or by email.

I have found that most companies now ask you to take a photo with your mobile and upload the image to the contest site directly.

Mott’s Clamato, Example of a Receipt Contest

To the left, you can see a recent Mott’s Clamato Ca contest

and the promotions page gives clear instructions on how to participate.

Follow the steps and

  1. Buy,

2. Snap

3. and Register.

Added Perks Of Entering A Buy To Win Giveaway

As an added perk, you may combine promotions to get more benefits. For example, when you use coupons, you may get discounts on promotional products for instant savings.

Swagbucks Canada has a coupon upload, and you earn points for uploading your receipt, which contains matching coupons.

Then there is Checkout51, a coupon app that lets you enter every uploaded receipt for a chance to win a $500 cash prize.

Can You Use The Same Receipt to Enter Multiple Times?

Finally, I was asked Can I use the same receipt to enter and how many times can I use a store receipt?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is almost always NO. You cannot use a receipt a second time. As I have mentioned above every purchase promotion requires a photo upload that illustrates the details of your purchase, like products, date, retailer, and location. These are unique proof of purchase items and cannot be used again once submitted.

Should You Keep Your Receipt After Entering?

While sponsors may not request the receipt again after you’ve uploaded and it has been accepted, there is a possibility they may ask for it if you win a prize. If you emerge as the winner of a contest with substantial cash prizes or high-value items, you might need to provide your receipt once more.

Hence my tip would be to keep your receipt not just after the contest ends but past the winner notification date. The sponsor often will contact potential winners within 5 to 10 days after a giveaway ends. Keeping the receipt at least this long will be your best bet!

How Can I Enter Purchase Contests For Free?

According to Canadian contest laws, there is always a free option to enter a contest.

Visit the rules section on the sponsor’s website. Look for the no purchase (nip) option, which can be found at the bottom of the rules sections. The sponsors will give details on how to enter the contest without making a purchase. You may be asked to

  • write and send a unique handwritten essay to the sponsor about why you like their product or why you want to win this prize
  • or request a free pin code via email

When is the Best Time of Day to Enter ?

Are you are wondering if it’s best to enter a receipt contest in the morning, afternoon or evening? This question is a little trickier to answer. Again you will have to check the rules for the exact entry periods and details.

For one, some contests may begin after 12 am in the morning, and some start at 9am. Of course, all times will vary depending on your time zone.If you live in Vancouver, B.C., your 9 am will be 12 pm in Toronto, Ontario, and if you live in Halifax, that’s 1 pm.

For this reason alone, it is nonsense when people claim that you should be entering at such and such a time.

Personally, I have won instant prizes from receipt contests entering at 8 am in the morning, as well as 7 pm at night.

You might have to find your “personal” lucky time.

Another point to keep in mind is that most receipt contests will have a set draw date and time, which may be several days or even weeks AFTER the entry period has ended.

This means that all entries are collected within the whole entry period. When a draw is held, it doesn’t matter if you enter at the beginning or end of the sweepstake because the draw will be completely random.

Have you entered some Buy-to-win contests?

Share your expereience below and if you haven’t yet did you find this article helpful?

We’d love to hear your feedback.

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  • I find this deplorable. It should be a simple contest where I enter a unique code given to me on a Food Basics paper. I go on-line and find myself navigating all sorts of stuff, including entering my credit card. I can’t find where I enter my code so I am abandoning this enter contest. My view of Food Basics has declined.


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