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Canada’s Best Blog Contests, Great Prize Giveaways and Why You Should Enter!

Best Blog Contests

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Are you wondering where to find the best blog prizes and contests? Visit these great Canadian Blogs and enter now for a chance to snag cool prizes:

Below are some of my favourite Canadian blog contests for this month!

Summer is winding down but I am sure these giveaways will warm things up in a hurry!

Currently hot are the Halloween, tech and gift card contests and the list will fill up quickly with more gift card giveaways and more.
There are so many unique and useful gifts and prizes to be won, you don’t want to miss out

List of Featured and Favourite Blog Contests

Bloggers, add your contest and if you see your contest featured here, why not let your readers know and share this page and the great news? 🙂

Why Bother With Blog Contests, You May Wonder?

Have you been skipping over blog contests, because you believe the prizes are too small and not worth your time? THINK AGAIN!

Sure, I do have to agree that blog contests may not compare to mega giveaways like Tim Horton’s Roll Up the Rim or McDonald’s Monopoly where there are huge prizes like cars and vacations and $100,000 cash incentives!

But that being said,

Here are some reasons, why you should check out blog giveaways:
  1. Your chance of winning a blog contest are MUCH better.With those big, national Brand giveaways there might be millions of people competing for one grand prize, whereas a sweepstakes prize on a Canadian blog may only have a few hundred entries! (sometimes even less) And fewer entries mean better chances for YOU.
  2. The blog prizes and gifts are often very unique. You will find prizes for brand new products that may not even be available on any store shelves yet. You often see cool and unique gift baskets filled with a bunch of goodies. Then there are the hottest, new toys, books, DVD’s, handy home gadgets and the newest in beauty products! The list is endless and you can see for yourself, by checking out the prizes above!
  3. Blog Contests are more than their prizes and giveaways! Fellow Canadian and US bloggers are working very hard at sharing excellent articles, recipes and product reviews. Blog posts are fun to read, engaging and you are sure to learn something new! By entering these contests you may opt to sign up for a blog newsletter and stay in touch with your favourite bloggers and get more info on topics that interest you. Not to mention, you will get updates on their newest sweeps!

In summary, if you want a good chance to win some cool tech gadgets, the newest kids and baby toys, beauty products or handy kitchen appliances, it can all be found within the Blog contest section!

Let me know your favourite blog!

LIKE if you enter blog contests & Share with your friends to Thank all these awesome, hardworking Bloggers for their cool giveaways!

Bloggers, submit your contests here please I will add new ones 1x per week, spaces are filling quickly!

9 thoughts on “Blog Contests Canada – New Listings

  • i love entering contests because it always gives me a rush of new hope. hope that i could win something that i’d love to own but cant afford the time or money to spend on myself. other prizes i enter to try to win an item i see as a great gift forone of my children.
    i’ve also been delighted and tickled pink share some wins with local charities for good causes. its the season for giving. donating makes the soul feel lighter and lighter until theres a giddy buzz of hope and excitement of what might be to come. good luck to everyone. thank you to the contests host and website hosts.

    • Hi Melissa,

      You sound like an amazing gal!

      Thank you for your supporting your local charities, the blog contests and our website!

      Sending much luck your way


  • I hope I’m lucky one

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  • Do you have any other contests other than from Steamy Kitchen…??

  • We’re do I enter my pin

    • please visit the contest page

  • How do I enter mypin!!!!

    • How do I enter my pin I tried all forms of the pin but it won’t work. It looks like there’s a date before the pin MAR0421 23:19 do I have to answer that and the pin I think that’s the time and date the beer were made can somebody help me.


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