Contest Tips: How to Fix Website Errors and Invalid Codes

Contest Troubleshooting Tips for Common Sweepstake Bugs and Glitches

Contest Tips: How to Fix Website Errors and Invalid Codes

Is a promotions page crashing, not loading or not letting you enter?

It’s frustrating if you want to enter a new contest or one

that you saved list in our ContestScoop member area and all of a sudden there are problems.

We have compiled some troubleshooting tips in case you

run into these errors when entering a sweepstake.


 Contest Website Not Loading

This is the most common problem we encounter here when entering a contest. Popular promotions may create a huge amount of traffic for a website, and at times it may simply not be able to accommodate the number of visitors. This problem is straightforward to solve with a bit of patience.

We suggest waiting for 30 minutes or an hour and trying to enter again. In most cases, this will work and the contest page will load again.

Still not loading? Then, try clearing your browser history and cookies.

Entry Form Problems

Another recurring problem we noticed when entering sweepstakes open to Canadian and US residents is that entry forms sometimes do not accept Canadian Postal codes. To solve this, make sure that you are on the Canadian page of the promotion, or if the entry page is the same, look for an option to select “Canada? from the country menu.

If the form still does not accept your postal code, be creative and try various ways to enter; for example, if M5C 0K5 does not work, try M5C0K5.

Promotions Page does not open on Phone to PC

Some Brands hold promotions that may be more accessible via phone rather than PC. This often refers to promotions that require participants to play a game. Some great examples are the Red Bull and Circle K Fuel Runner games we share here that ask players to use a mobile to play digital racing games and collect points.

In case a contest does not work on your PC, try your phone to enter, or vice versa.

Contest Codes Give Error Message

Why can’t I enter my contest code? This is a comment we often notice on our blog since a growing number of contests we share here are asking Canadians to

use a UPC code or purchase products to enter.

What do you do if you fill out a form and your contest code is not being accepted?

If you experience problems with a product’s UPC code, check out the rules for a list of participating products. It may be that your particular product does not qualify for the promotion. In this case, pick up a qualifying one if you still wish to enter. You may also check out How to get UPC codes Win Without Buying Anything!

Have issues with a PIN code?

Contest pin codes are found inside packaging material or under a tab. For some promotions, a valid and unique pin is required to receive an entry. If your code gets refused, there could be several reasons.

Why is my code invalid? is another question we see on occasion. The reason behind this message is most likely Incorrect entered numbers or letters.

You may have missed a letter, number or added an extra space. To fix this issue, pay close attention to the exact code and enter it again precisely as it appears on your box or lid. Read on how to enter Pin codes correctly

Reaching Out If Nothing Works

Although it does not happen often, sometimes there are bugs and glitches beyond our control. Errors on a promotions page are a possibility and if you

cannot enter despite your best efforts and our troubleshooting tips , you may want to reach out to the Sponsor directly.

How do you get in touch with the Promoter? Is there a 1-800 phone number to call?

Further, you may look for a Contact Us email or Help link on the promotions page. Simply send an email with your contact details and describe the problems you are having or click on the help link to fill out the contact form.

In case there is no phone number or contact form, you may want to reach out directly via DM on Social Media and ask for help entering the giveaway.

The promotor should appreciate being notified of potential problems with their website and hopefully be able to fix any errors.

We hope this list has provided you with some tools to make entering contests a bit smoother.

Post a comment below and let us know what kind of errors you have experienced and how you were able to solve them!

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