Circle K Fuel Runner Contest: Play Game to Win Car Wash, Travel & Instant Prizes


Circle K Fuel Runner Contest: Play Game to Win Car Wash, Travel & Instant Prizes

Play the Circle K Fuel Runner game to win free car washes for a year, Via Rail travel gift cards or one of the thousands of instant win prizes.

Valid Till 2022-02-28
  • Prize Value$2,000
  • FrequencyOnce

Posted On February 16, 2022

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Circle K Games 2022 Fuel Runner Game

Circle K Fuel Runner Contest: Play Game to Win Car Wash, Travel & Instant Prizes at

The Circle K Games promotions page has added another fun game to its page.

This January 2022 play the digital Fuel Runner game and enter daily for a chance to win free car washes for a year, Via Rail gift cards or one of the thousands of instant win prizes.

The Fuel Runner at Circle K Contest 

Circle K Fuel Runner prize details

Prize Details:

Circle K Canad is giving away 20,000 prizes every day, as well as weekly prizes and grand prizes. They include the following:

Grand Prizes:

There are 14 grand prizes to be won, as follows:

VIA Rail Gift Certificate$2,000121
Free Car Wash for a Year$1,000020
Circle K Fuel Gift Card$1,500313

Weekly Prizes

The following 24 weekly prizes are being given away:

Instant Prizes: 161,168

free medium Coffee8,77228,0734,979$1.60
free medium Froster21,6742,822$2.21
free Circle K Peanuts, 71g6,77234,3817,813$1.19
free Circle K Candy, 113g – 198g6,88613,1353,998$2.89
free Circle K Chips, 66g6,25033,3817,247$1.49
free Circle K Water, 500ml7,65731,27316,757$1.39
free Joker, 473ml11,20044,8006,300$3.29
free Windshield Washer Fluid, 3.78L6,30011,2007,000$5.49
free Premium Car Wash8,008$13.99
free Medium Polar Pop3,50023,8008,400$0.79
free Hot Dog2,8008,400$3.75
free Taquito2,8009,800$2.75
free Glaceau Vitamin Water, 591ml5,50019,25013,750$2.99
free KITKAT, 45g20,000$2.39
free Rockstar, 473ml4,50015,75011,250$3.99
Old Dutch, 66g8,000$1.89
free M&M’s Minis Cookie, 53g4,00014,00010,000$1.89
$0.03/L Discount on Gas8,000$0.75
$0.05/L Discount on Gas9,000$1.25
$0.07/L Discount on Gas6,000$1.75
$1 off Gas80,000$1.00
$1.50 off Gas20,000$1.50
$2 off Gas10,00050,000$2.00
$2.50 off Gas10,000$2.50
$3 off Gas30,000$3.00
Circle K Chips, 66g5,92922,95713,557$1.49
Medium Coffee4,5291,5155,261$1.60
Medium Froster6,2297,068$2.21
Circle K Peanuts12,60025,20011,200$1.19
Circle K Candy8,1755,3869,693$2.89
Windshield Washer Fluid9,80016,80014,000$5.49
Premium Car Wash50,008$13.99
Old Dutch20,000$2.09
Buy 1 KITKAT Get 1 KITKAT Chunky60,000$2.39
M&M’s Minis Cookie2,0007,0005,000$1.89

Plus if you play for three days in a row without winning a prize, you will be offered a consolation prize like free Circle K water, coffee, candy or a buy one get one free deal.

 Fuel Runner promotion period and draw dates

Fuel Runner Contest & Draw Dates:

The Fuel Runner Contest begins on January 4, 2022, and will run through February 28, 2022, at 11:59:59 p.m. ET.

Grand Prizes Draws. The Random Draws for the Grand Prizes will be conducted on March 11, 2022

Weekly draws are as follows:

entry periodsWEEKLY PRIZE DRAW DATE at 1pm ET
January 4-10, 2022January 14, 2022
January 11-17, 2022January 21, 2022
January 18-24,2022January 28, 2022
January 25-31, 2022February 4, 2022
February 1-7, 2022February 11, 2022
February 8-14, 2022February 18, 2022
February 15-21, 2022February 25, 2022
February 22-28, 2022March 4, 2022

how to play the Circle K Fuel Runner game
Fuel Runner Promotion Entry Rules:

The game promotion is only open to legal residents of Western Canada (British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Northwest Territories) Ontario, and the Atlantic Region (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, and Prince Edward Island) \.

You must be 13 years of age or older, to enter and participate

How to enter the Circle K Games Fuel Runner Giveaway

To participate in the Fuel Runner contest use your phone or computer and

  • visit the promotions page at
  • select your province
  • and enter your mobile phone number
  • you can now start the game
  • use the arrows or buttons on your phone to guide your digital car and collect trophies (points) and fuel along the way
  • while making sure to avoid the obstacles on the road

Each Gameplay will give you the chance to win an Instant Prize or entries into the Grand Prize Draws

You have three Game plays and one Instant Prize per mobile phone number.

Bonus entries:

e awarded as follows:

7-Day StreakComplete at least one game play per day for 7 consecutive days. Streaks longer than seven (7) days will result in three (3) earned entries for each additional seven (7) days of consecutive Game play.3 Grand Prize Entries and 3 Weekly Prize Entries
E-mail Addressenter your e-mail address to subscribe to e-mail marketing. 5 Grand Prize Entries and 5 Weekly Prize Entries
SMS Opt-ingive your phone number to subscribe to SMS marketing. 5 Grand Prize Entries and 5 Weekly Prize Entries

The Instant Prize Entry, the Grand Prize Entries, the Weekly Prize Entries, and th

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