UPC Contests Are Easy to Enter & You Can Win Without Buying Anything! (Most of the time)

Don’t Buy Products! – How to enter UPC Contests and win without making a product purchase.

UPC Contests Are Easy to Enter & You Can Win Without Buying Anything!

Don't Buy Products! - How to enter UPC Contests and win without making a product purchase. Here is how

Are you skipping over UPC contests because you don’t have the mentioned product at home and are not planning on buying it either?

Well, I am here to tell you that you absolutely DON’T have to buy anything to enter any UPC contest and still can win epic prizes! Anything from cash to instant wins and even free vacations!

As a matter of fact, UPC contests are some of my favourite giveaways. I have added several of them every month to the MyContest list and I suggest you do the same!

Curious how that work’s?

Get ready to enter UPC contests from now on with these tips and tricks I’ll share with you below.

What is a UPC Code and How do I find it?

Let’s start with the basics here. UPC code, also called a bar code, stands for Universal Product Code and the shortcode is used in the US and Canada. If you have ever scanned items at the grocery checkout or watched the cashier do so, you are familiar with what a UPC code is and what it may look like. It is a combination of black vertical lines and a 12-digit number code, as seen in our image above. Since every packaged grocery product in stores is identified and labelled with a bar code, the codes have become popular with promotions. Identical products have the same UPC code which identifies the product down to its size and even flavour. For example, the code (at the time of posting) for all Haribo Goldbears is 6000202562661 and for Maynards Gummies is 5770021502.

Do I Have to Buy a Product to enter the UPC Contest?

The short answer to this question in “NO”. (and maybe yes? see exceptions below)

Unlike the buy-to-win or receipt-needed contests, I wrote about in a previous post, UPC contests are free to enter and all you need is a valid UPC code from the participating product.

So, why are Companies then asking for a UPC code, if I don’t have to buy the product? UPC code contests are simply another way of marketing a product. By bringing awareness and combining a new product launch with UPC sweepstakes, customers may be enticed to go to the store and look for the product in order to get the UPC code.


While most UPC contests are 100% free to enter, there ARE exceptions to this rule.

A few sponsors have been known to ask for the actual packaging showing your entered UOC code in case you are selected as a winner. You may need to provide proof of the packaging and even the receipt. If such proof is required, you will find the details in the promotions contest rules. Always make sure to read the complete rules section to be aware if this may be the case.

Where Do I find valid UPC codes

Now that I have explained why UPC contests are becoming an increasingly popular promotion, you might be wondering where and how you can find free UPC codes to enter in the next giveaway.

Let’s start with the most obvious one.

At The Grocery Store

If you are at the grocery store and notice a banner promoting a new contest, give the sign a quick look over to see if it is indeed a code needed entry.

I often find new UPC codes while shopping and may simply take a photo of the UPC code of the product and the promotions page, so I am ready to enter once at home!

On ContestScoop.com

If there is an awesome UPC contest promotion, you can bet that we share it right here on Contestscoop.com and as an added perk, I love to include free UPC codes for all my readers. Better yet, if you log in and save the contest you will have valid UPC codes ready and waiting for you every time you enter the contest. This may be daily, weekly or monthly.

Here is what your dashboard will look like. I have saved a Haribo contest on my dashboard that required a UPC code.

Haribo free UPC code

As you can see, valid UPC codes are added and saved along with the prize details and when you log into your dash board you may simply copy and paste the codes into the entry form on the promotional website. It can’t be any easier than that!!

Take a look at the Haribo contest form below and see how simple it is to enter a free UPC code.

Find UPC Codes In The Sweepstake Rules

Here is another good reason why you should ALWAYS read a promotion’s official sweepstake rules very carefully. Since Canadian contest laws require a free entry method, there is always an option given to how to participate without making a purchase. In most cases, this will mean you have to send a letter to request a code or email an essay to enter. However, with UPC contests I frequently find free UPC codes mentioned right in the rules. Companies will include a 12-digit code that is eligible to be entered during the promotion!

Find UPC Codes Online

Another easy way to locate UPC codes is to visit online shopping sites . I love to use Walmart.ca, because Walmart Canada has an extensive selection of merchandise and if you are looking for cereal codes, chocolate bars or drinks you are almost guanteed to locate a needed code!

Just use the Walmart search bar on the top, enter the product name you are looking for.

Once on the product page, scroll dow to the details and obtain your UPC there. Copy, paste into the sweepstakes form and you are done!

How many times Can I use the Same Code?

Sometimes I will be asked if I can use the same UPC code again and again. First off you will need to read the rules and see whether the contest is a daily, monthly or one-time entry.

In general, the same codes can be used every time you enter. On rare occasions have I seen a giveaway that required using different codes during the promotion period. I would say that these ones are an exception.

In conclusion, it has been proven that UPC codes are just as easy to enter as most other giveaways.

Certainly, they take much less effort, than let’s say a photo contest, a caption giveaway, etc.

Have you entered UPC code contests yet or are you planning to, after reading this article?

Share your thoughts below, we’d love to hear from you!

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