How To Enter Contest Pin Codes to Win Prizes

Are You Looking For Contest Pins? Read our Guide on entering these Giveaways

How To Enter Contest Pin Codes to Win Prizes, What is a Contest Pin Code? Looking for pin codes to enter? read our guide to find free pin numbers, how to enter them correctly to win prizes

On Contest Scoop, we post contests every day.

The majority of them are easy to enter; filling out a form, signing up for the newsletter or commenting on Social media to enter.

Then there are pin code contests and they happen to be one of my favourites.

Read on and find out why I love them, how to find and enter pin code contests and more

What is a Contest Pin Code

A pin code is a combination of letters and numbers. Depending on the promotion, there may be any number of characters ranging from 6 to 12 digits and more.

How Do I Find One?

Look on store displays and grocery shelves for products with promotion labels. They will alert you to an offer on the box, letting you know that a gift can be claimed or a prize is won, with a special pin code found inside. Once you have purchased the product look for the code printed on the inside of the box, under a bottle cap, etc.

Where Do I get a Free Code?

Are you wondering if there is a way to obtain a free code without making a purchase? Yes, free codes are available in all giveaways by request. Ensure to obtain the rules and look for a paragraph titled “No purchase entry”. Here, you will get information on how to claim a PIN via Mail-in request. Be prepared to put in a little effort, though in obtaining this code, as you may need to submit a short, original essay along with your request.

How To Enter Pin Numbers correctly

Pin codes are all unique codes, and they are case-sensitive. What does that mean to you? If you find a pin code on a product, you must enter it exactly as shown or it will be rejected. For example, the capital letter “K” cannot be entered as “k”. This will lead to an invalid message. Also, at times, you may need to enter a space or dash between blocks of code. So make sure to read the official contest rules and details on how to enter the pins.

The PINs in a recent cereal promotion were printed, as seen in this example PIN P53D5-P53D5-3D53.

Each unique PIN may be used only one time during a Contest Period.

Also, pay attention to the number of PIN codes required to enter. For example, some promotions need you to enter two different Pin codes from two different specially marked boxes to redeem for a prize.

Furthermore, PINs can no longer be redeemed after an entry period has passed. These codes will become expired and may not be used for any future promotions.

Are Pin Codes The Same as UPC Codes?

The short answer is NO. Pin codes are a combination of letter and number codes and they are only found ONCE on a participating product. Each pin code is unique for the promotional product it is printed on.

UPCs or bar codes, on the other hand, are number codes and they are all the same on an identical product. For example, all Kit Kat bar codes on a Kit Kat chunky family bar are the same. UPCs are used to identify a type of product, whereas Pin codes are only given out for a limited time. You may also want to check out how to enter UPC contests here.

Get Free Stuff With Pin Codes Promotions

As I have already mentioned in my introduction, pin code promotions belong to my favourite contests and here are some of the reasons why I love them.

For one, some pin-code contests are free giveaways or bonus promotions. Take the many promotions from Brands like Kellogg’s and General Mills where boxes of cereal or snack bars carry pin codes that may be redeemed for actual prizes like free Cineplex movie tickets, t-shirts, caps, jogging pants, General Mills beach towels and more. A box with a valid PIN code basically does guarantee you “win” a prize IF you enter it while supplies last.

You will always find that there is an end date to pin code promotions, however, waiting till the entry period comes to a close will lead to certain disappointment. I have read many comments below our posts from disappointed customers who missed out on a prize or gift because they waited too long to enter their codes.

The lesson to be learned here is to enter at the beginning of the giveaway while there are hundreds to thousands of prizes available.

Of course, not all pin code giveaways are for free stuff, the majority of them, indeed are contests, where you will enter pin numbers for a chance to WIN a prize. See below for some great recurring ones here.

Pepsi summer giveaway

Pepsi Stuff Summer Giveaway Is a great summer pin code contest we have shared here for a few years now, and it has tons of cool Pepsi swag and thousands of instant win prizes.

Black Diamond’s

My family loves to nibble on cheese snacks, so this one is popular in our house. Count on Ficello giveaways for several awesome family-friendly pin codes contests that include trips to Disney World, cruise vacations and much more.

Shop Beer Gear Promotions

At The Beer Store, you can get monthly new pin code promotions for adults. Find sweatshirts, baseball caps and tumbler giveaways from Breweries like Budlight, Budweiser, and more.

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