My Sobeys Contest: Take Sobeys Store Survey to Win $500 Gift Cards

2023 Store Customer Contest – Win Gift Cards with Customer Survey (Store receipt needed)

Fall is here and Sobeys Canada is back with their annual customer feedback survey at

Share your thoughts, and you could win.

The current 2023 My Sobeys contest is ongoing and Sobey’s Canada is simply asking a customer about their recent shopping experiences. That’s great news because, in exchange for your time, you will be entered into a draw to win free gift cards. If you have a comment, suggestion, idea or question, the Sobeys customer service team is waiting to hear from you. Find all the contest details below:

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2023 Feedback Contest prize details

Prize Details

There are monthly prizes to be won.

The prizes may vary by province and are detailed on the store receipt. Each winner will receive a gift card!

My current store (Ontario) is offering three prizes per month.

Each winner will receive a $500 Sobeys gift card. Gift cards may be redeemed at any Sobey grocery store. Contest dates

The Feedback Contest is ongoing with new draws for every contest period.

The current Contest is ongoing from May 7, 2023 and ends on August 5, 2023

A random draw will be held monthly during the contest periods at Sobey’s offices in Stellarton, Nova Scotia.

Please check your receipt, as it may contain different contest end dates and rules, depending on your province.

The giveaways may not be available in some cities or at every store in Canada has a number of great contests every year. I just found a  survey invitation on my last store receipt, so check yours for a chance to win as well!

Entry Rules

The Sobeys Feedback contest is open only to residents of Canada, who are the age of majority (excluding Quebec).

Here are the steps to enter the Sweepstakes:

As mentioned above, you will need a store receipt with an invitation code for the survey contest.

  1. First of all to get started, retain your last cashier receipt which contains a) the store number b) survey access code (transaction number) and c) the date of your shopping trip.
  2. follow the link at to enter at the contest site.
  3. next, select your preferred language (English or Français)
  4. and using the dropdown menu choose the Sobeys store number you visited in the last week.
  5. then move on to the question section. Based on your most recent visit to Sobeys, on a scale of 0 to 10, you are asked to evaluate your shopping trip as a whole, the store cleanliness, product selection and price, staff support, etc)

Simply follow the instructions to complete the survey and finally make sure to leave your name, address and phone number at the end of the survey for your chance to be entered into the Sobeys gift card draw.

To complete the survey now, visit

Furthermore, you may also share your feedback with customer service employees in the store,  just fill out your contact information and you can send a message to the right customer service division.

That contact form is located here, and the page also contains regional phone numbers if you’d like to speak to someone in person.

Also, if you like the shopping experience at Sobeys, you are most likely a Loblaws shopper as well and may want to take the Loblaws survey here for another chance to win free grocery cards.

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103 thoughts on “My Sobeys Contest: Take Sobeys Store Survey to Win $500 Gift Cards

  • I was ask to take so I am doing it lol
    Thank You Bahar your doing a great job 👍

  • My shopping experience at Sobeys is always pleasurable. Their customer service is excellent.
    Friendly staff who go that extra mile!

  • I enjoy shopping at your store and the staff are great. You have everything that I was looking for and more. Very cheery and busy store in Fort St John, BC. Thank you for the chance to respond to your interest in your customers, this is great customer services.

  • Shopped at the Sobeys Pharmacy today & my receipt said I could enter a contest at Pharmacy, entered the info which took me to Sobeys site but that contest for the Pharmacy is not on the list.

    • I enjoy shopping at sobeys it is very near our place. I earn scene points and customer service are excellent

  • I have been going to Sobeys since it opened in Elmsdale NS and that wasn’t yesterday. As I am a regular you get to know the employees over the years. They are so helpful and friendly. Sobeys is always changing to meet our customers needs.

    • I love shopping at sobeys because I can collect air miles always friendly staff lots of selections to choose from. Lots of room to move around in the store. Always fresh produce and fresh meat. Most of all wide isles and so brightly lite.

    • Ihave shopped sobeys since it first opened in Elmsdale nova scotia and am very satisfied with the quality and service I have received there

  • I like shopping at Sobeys.

    • Because they are very close to where I live and run there any time no problem.

  • i love the freshness of the meats ,fruits and vegetables. Highly recommended. friendly and helpful staffs…

  • I love shopping at sobeys because….all the staff are very helpful and fast acting, the store is always very clean and well organized.all the food is always prepared fresh and ready to always feels very easy to shop at sobeys.that is why I love eating at sobeys!!!

  • I have on several occasions to enter my sales slip but to no avail ,please advise where to do this?

  • Great Place to shop

  • Sobeys staff is friendly and helpful. No long lineups.

  • Store is clean…very important..Wow the selection is awesome.My first time at this Sobeys and I will return often .Your associates are very helpful and SMiLLing……thank you …ML

    • Most often sobeys staff are part time and only have a rudimentary knowledge of the store

  • very nice atmosphere to shop.

    • Yes, Sobeys is very tidy. Love their bakery as well 🙂

  • i shop their every week

    • The sobeys in Roncesvailes is a small store, and the selection is limited. Not many specialty item available. Mostly the basic brand name and ‘Selections’ brand items. For healthier choices, you have to shop at small neighborhood shops on Roncesvailes.

  • Good morning dear “Sobeys”,

    This is not a note to praise you and I am sorry for that because I really like your store.
    I work in the same mall so, this is my place to shop.
    Believing that a store reputation is base on what they sell is important.

    I got myself 2 packs of Olymel bacon. They were on sale @3.99 pack. Apparently saving 3.50 per pack.
    But after cutting them I realized that they are not 2$ worth of bacon in them and that what you see in the package is what you will get … bacon wise. I feel that for a place that we have come to trust for the most important thing in our lives it’s important for them to do a checking from time to time.

    That bacon pack does not worth the 3.99 and certainly not the 7.49 orinal price. It’s 92% lard.
    I still have one pack that I am not sure what to do with it.

    Sorry, just thought important to share my bacon experience with that Olymel bacon.

    Have a great day everyone and stay save.


    • Ok, on m receipt it said to share your thoughts for a chance to win $500 in Freshco gift cards. That appears to be wrong because there is no survey to be found. I shop at Freshco, 1565 Barton St, Hamilton, at least once per week. I could have an entry in once or twice a week if only I could find this ghost survey.

  • One of the items i was looking for was some Robin Hood Quick Quaker Oats. I could not find that item any place in the hot cereal zone. Got to the cashier, and started to put through my groceries, i explained that i could not find Robin Hood Oatmeal.
    She left and went to the Quaker oat meal zone, she could not find it there either, so she went to the flour zone, and found it for me. She took the time to satisfy my request. Tammy M deserves credit for going out of her way to find my missing grocery item on my list. Thanks to her for her dilegence..

  • I have been a Sobeys customer for over 55 years. I guess that this shows my satisfaction with quality, fair prices, and Sobeys “aim to please”. Sobeys is where I always go for meat – I have always received the quality of the cuts of beef that are shown on the package.

  • The Aberdeen cashiers are Super Heroes when it comes to packing up my order. They’ve got talent. I appreciate them.

  • Love the friendly staff, the meat dept. goes out of their way.
    Cashier was quick, efficient.

    • Love sobey very convenient….love the staff in the pharmacy…..Tanya…candance

  • I really love Sobeys meat selection and produce. The staff is amazing and helpful. Thank you for being a a fantastic store.

  • I always loved shopping at Sobeys. It has the best quality food and the best customer service. Sobeys is the best place for shopping for food… It has the most delicious sandwiches that you ever eaten before.

  • Why can I not enter whenever I have a new receipt number/

  • My fav store..especially the deli

  • Sobeys
    is a great store and very well keep clean
    all the price are great

    • Yes love shopping at sobeys

  • I go to Sobeys every 2 weeks & buy @ least $ 150.00 every time that’s my store

    • I just shopped at Sobeys and your paper bags that cost me ten cents ripped as I took my groceries to the house. This is not the first time this has happened. If I am paying ten cent for a bag it should be stronger.

  • I love shopping at my Sobeys! I know the lay-out of the store and I know where everything is. Tea and coffee is, I believe in Aslie 10! Lol! There is always, always smiling faces of staff around..if you ever were to need help with anything. Prices are great! Sales are even better! We live in Prince Edward Island! Store is always clean and parking lot! Speaking parking…Parking is just fabulous..Wide double line parking! Fantastic! Shopping experience is always and A+++++++

  • I was treated with such kindness by the male cashier, would recommend everyone to go to sobeys on st. anne’s rd. winnipeg

    • I love shopping at Sobeys East Prince Truro, The people are very friendly and helpful, I know where almost all things are and things are priced reasonably, never met an unfriendly staff member yet. Displays are great and everything is tidy and nice. Always a happy customer.

  • sobeys is great im new at grocery shopping and the staff are so polite and very helpful in turn it makes it much easier to shop and find what is needed thanks to sobeys

    • Westside Sobeys Newglasgow Is the best store to get your supplies,well stocked, friendy staff,laid out well.

    • I love shopping at Sobey, s east prince, I know the staff well enough, I know where everything is and if I don’t, the staff is so helpful and friendly.

  • I visited a Sobeys at Gimli yesterday I was pleasantly impressed with their service and their awareness of coved guidelines. GOOD JOB!

  • Recently I went to Sobeys in Glace Bay and purchased Tideliquid pods the sign said $14.99 when I got home and looked over my slip I was charged $21.99 I would have taken them right back but I needed a drive to do that I don’t think that is very nice In these times that is not a very good practice

  • I like shopping at Sobeys. I like their Self-serve Chipotle Rotisserie Chicken Whole. It’s tender and moist. They have quality meats. Staffs are very accommodating.

    • have never bine unhappy my wife shoped alwas when she passed away they went out of there way she was known by a lot of them i will keep going back

  • I just visited a Sobeys and was disappointed when I went to cash out. I went through the self check out because I only had a few items. When I went to cash out, I was the told I was not allowed to use my Air Miles to pay for the items. I asked where the sign was indicating this and was told there was no sign.
    My question is = If you do not want customers to pay with Air Miles at the (Self Check Out) why does Sobeys not display this at the Self Check Out?
    When I asked the attendant this question all she would say is that is Sobeys Policy.
    I have been a loyal customer to Sobeys for many years and this is the first time using the self check out to pay with Air Miles. If I do not know your policy than I expect their are many more customers who also do not know.
    Please reply
    Thanks Jeff

  • I like sobey’s because it has all the brands my family and I like. I also like the .how wonderfully kind and patient the employees are, so grateful for when they are able to help me.

    Thank you so much

  • Our to go to store is east point in saint John ,helpfull staff clean store the only one in Saint John that is open till 10 pm that is a plus for multiple shift workers,

  • Couldn’t use reciept to enter contest even thoe it says to,because store # 4874 doesn’t exist on the page for the contest. What a scam of false advertising.

  • I love this Sobeys. I find the store is layed out extremely well.

    Have shopped here for years

    Handy my home

    • Always shop there

    • Always have a great experience at this store find bakery products are fresh,staff very friendly and helpful,have shopped here for years and never had a bad experience, the store manager Kevin Gallant always sayes hi:

    • Couldn’t find contest to enter for 1 of 3 $500 Sobeys gift cards!??

  • The staff at Sobeys in Sutton, Ontario always very helpful, and knowledgeable. Shopping there is always a great experience, in these difficult times the staff have been going above and beyond to ensure customer safety. Thank you for your service, quality s, and a pleasant shopping experience.

    • I would like staff for all their efforts in this sad time.
      Staff are very knowledgeable and Tiffany who waited on me is
      such a sweetheart. This is my normal shopping place so I have
      gotten to know a lot of staff in Windsor, N S

      My receipt #029770 ref# 00000231

  • I like Sobeys for the cleanliness, fresh and plentiful fruits and veggies. The employees are friendly and the staff are very knowledgeable. the wide variety of baked goods, cheeses and fresh fish also make my shopping experience enjoyable. The easy layout of the store with it’s wide isles also make the shopping much easier to access the items I am in need of.

  • Sobeys is my go to grocery store most of the time. It is close to home, is clean and tidy, the staff for the most part are always helpful and friendly. It does tend to be more expensive but makes up for it in sometimes better produce and meat products. I find that the sales help me balance needs for meats etc. I love having the bakery with fresh breads and pastries, and the deli counter meats, cheeses, and salads etc.. All in all Sobeys supply most things I require, maybe a small coffee and lunch place to sit down would be nice, but then an expansion might be in order. Lol

  • The new Sobeys in Fredericton is a true Model.

  • I was shopping at Sobeys on 8th street in Saskatoon today. Really pleased with all the precautions they are taking amid this Conavirus. Plenty of cleaning products and some no other store has. The meat I bought is high quality and reasonable price.
    Great shopping experience.

  • We shop At Sobeys on Strachen Rd in Medicine Hat , the staff there are awesome ,this one of the reasons we shop here we have been customers since they opened. Now that the Cvid has struck they have perfect markings to help with self distancing ,and cart and hand sanitizing station upon arrival and when you leave, We want to thank each and everyone who is employed there and our prayers are said for everyone.

    • I forgot my receipt number #2632000,merchant ID 040080047429 Client ID 9803 Terminal ID 002 and we were served by Keely who is a sweet heart ,a very caring young lady

      • Sobeys is an awesome store to shop. The staff are great and friendly.

  • I would like to take this opportunity to comment on the outstanding service by all the Sobeys staff during these difficult times. They are all working hard to maintain customer satisfaction…Thank you for your dedication.
    Sobeys Airdrie AB 100 65 Mackenzie Way

  • Glad to see the employees still vibrant.

  • We like our Unicity Sobeys. The staff is friendly and we have gotten to know some of them. We love our veggies which are always great, and if not the Produce guys make no excuses and are apologetic. Selection generally is great and often there are excellent savings.
    We are grateful to live in a country where we have such wonderful selection of foods and goods. Even during this time of physical distancing and dealing with the virus, staff was friendly and accommodating. Well done Sobeys. Thx

  • I love sobeys product,high quality and fresh all the time , thanks

  • I always shop at Sobeys Aberdeen Mall in New Glasgow NS.The staff are second to none and the store is always very clean. The lay out is great ,I always know where to find my items and if I can’t the staff are more than happy to help. I’ve tried other grocery stores in the past but Sobeys is number one in my books. Keep up the good work!

    • I shop at Sobeys because it is near to my home, the staff is friendly, and there is a good selection of fresh products.

  • Hello there folks, would love to win a $500.00 gift card. I shop all the local stores for the best deals.
    Sobeys have beautiful salads which I totally enjoy, especially where I’m trying to eat healthy and loss some extra pounds.
    Looking forward to winning a $500.00 gift card.
    Thanks ??

  • the deliver service was great since eye’m disabled.

  • Love Shopping at Sobeys. Staff are friendly and helpful. Always order from Darrell at the meat counter every week and my order is ready when I get there. Also order fresh circle rolls each week to be picked up every Wed morning .

  • it is a very clean store in North Bay Ontario

  • Thanks for being the first major Grocery Store in Canada to stop using plastic bags!
    Now I will remember to bring a reusable bag when food grocery shopping.

  • I really like shopping at Sobeys, They got good deals, friendly staff, and the bakery is excellent.


  • Enjoy shopping at my Sobey’s, staff friendly and helpful. Love the changes Sobey’s has brought in going no plastic bags. Great job

  • Great staff in New Minas

  • Staff and customer service is great, what the business lacks is my concern. I have always purchased, Silver Hills Ancient spouted Grains- Queen’s Khorasan bread. It is a wonderful bread and our go to,
    2 to 3 loafs a week. I’ve digestive issues and it fixed them up nicely. Unfortunately someone decided it was no longer on their order list. This wasn’t because of sales as I found it sold out well in our store. This is my primary concern, among others. I could always count on Sobeys supplying necessitys like speciality breads. The other good products that have disappeared is unfortunate but I can over look them where as this bread was my diet staple and needless to say I’m not a happy shopper. Also maybe you can consider this, if a customer has to shop elsewhere they usually will pick up other grocerys there. This is lost profit.

    • I find that the Robie St., Store in Truro is an excellent store to deal in. I am also welcomed by someone on staff and when I need to find something and Can’t there is always someone handy to lend a hand or even to go find the product and then find me. Service is something that is very hard to find in large box stores in these time

  • It’s great that your getting rid of plastic

  • I forgot to add that I love that they have Air Miles!

  • Sobeys is the store we usually shop at and is very handy to where we live. They have some great specials, and the produce is usually always fresh (although sometimes the bananas are too ripe). Cashiers are always friendly and helpful, and the rest of the staff is available to answer any questions we might have. Sometimes the prices are a little higher than other places, but the specials make up for it.

  • always shop here the people that work there are always friendly and helpful

  • Sobeys stays ahead of the other markets in offering new, interesting products. The cooking classes offer the opportunity to try new foods and purchase the products to try at home. You are the market on whom I depend for all my needs! – and I love the airmiles 🙂 and promotions.

  • Good selection of products, good service

  • Only place I shop. I can get everything we need in one store with great service

  • I went To Sobey’s in Simcoe a number of times throughout the day on December 24th, to get the last minute things I forgot to get. Mary was very helpful and continued to be of great assistance to me at the cash register as well as when she was working on the floor. I believe that she would be a great customer service representative working on the floor to assist customers with their needs. She is very knowledgeable, knows all the products that Sobeys carry and can assist with alternatives if what you are looking for is not available or sold out.
    If this is not a position within the sobeys company, I believe that it should be deeply looked into, as it can only enhance your business.

  • Went to the store on Christmas Eve afternoon. I was unable to find a product and asked a busy staff person for help; she took me to the area in the store to find what I needed.
    When I went to check out “Taylor” asked me if I found everything I needed. I explained I needed Cool Whip but all I could find was the lite. She called down and within a half a minute a gentleman brought me two tubs that I needed for my baking.
    Everyone was super busy but these two ladies took time to help. I really appreciated the kindness.

  • Just went in for bread and milk. Came out with some fairly good deals. Don’t always get to view the flyers. This made my shopping easier. Thanks Sobeys!

  • love shopping sobeys service good and staffs are friendly

  • I love sobeys store so clean and lots of variety none close to me so I go all the way to Orleans to shop this will be my favourite place to shop for now on thank you sobeys

  • Great shopping at Sobeys. Always get help when I need it. Prices are great vegetables & fruit very fresh

  • Good store we do not live in Acton so visit this store when nearby.

    • Lots of great deals.

  • Reasonable prices, very friendly staff in Port Colborne store.

  • It’s very convenient to shop in Sobeys…. though some goods are pricey than other stores. The customer service is great

  • Well kept store….

  • love Sobeys. always find what I want.

  • I love Shopping at Sobeys. There are things in the store that you cannot find anywhere else in our town.
    There is the bake shop, deli counters, flower shop which always caters to all occasions during the year so you can pickup a quick gift for someone. Lottery station, food take out, great selection of frozen items and wonderful meat counter with very fresh meats, fresh fish and live lobsters. The produce counter is excellent. Store is clean, well lit and great customer service and has great shopping hours.

  • Always great experience at Sobeys, Forest Hills Parkway, Dartmouth. Easy access right off of the main drag, lots of parking, shelves always appear well stocked and neatly displayed, clean, friendly and helpful staff. Love Sobeys!!

  • Love shopping at Sobeys. Good selection of fresh fruits and vegetables. Can’t beat the quality of their fish or meats. Staff are helpful and friendly.

    • I really liked shopping sobeys

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