StoreOpinion Ca No Frills, Real Superstores Contest Enter to Win $1,000 – 2023 Loblaws Store Opinion Customer Survey - Loblaws, No Frills, Superstore  Store Opinion Customer Survey

The new 2023 Loblaw’s Store Opinion contest is now live!

Do you like the soft artisan loaves of bread in the Zehrs bakery section, the vast selection of fresh deli meats and seafood at Loblaws, club-size packages at The Real Canadian Superstore or are great deals bringing you into your local No Frills store?

Competition among Canadian grocery stores is huge and if you like to shop at any of the Loblaws banner stores, the Loblaws Canada Corporation wants to hear from you.

All customers are again invited to take the new 2023 store survey and share their shopping feedback for a chance to win $1000 prizes. 

Store Opinion Contest 2023 Prizes prize details

2022 Store Opinion Prize Details

Loblaws Canada is giving away monthly prizes in the 2023 StoreOpinion Contest.

The prizes are as follows:

There are 24 prizes to be won during the Contest Period.

Each winner will be given the choice between either

a $1000 PC gift card


One million (1,000,000) PC Optimum Points., valued at $1000. Contest & Draw Dates for Loblaws Store Opinion Survey

The Loblaw contest begins on January 1, 2023 and closes December 31, 2023

Please note, you must take your survey within 7 days of receiving your store receipt.

There are twelve Monthly Draw Periods for the Loblaws StoreOpinion Contest.

The selected Potential Winner will be notified by phone within 4 business days following the Monthly Draw Date.

Burnbrae Farms how to enter details

2022 Store Opinion CA Contest Rules

The Loblaws Canada Customer Satisfaction Survey contest is open to legal residents of Canada who have reached the age of majority.

How to enter the 2022/2023 Loblaw Contest

There are two ways to enter the 2023 Store opinion contest.

Via Phone

  • Taking the survey via phone. Please call 1-800-531-2928 and you will be directed to an automated Survey via Interactive Voice Response
  •  Or complete the survey online at


To take the online survey, please follow the following steps:

  1. You need a purchase receipt from any of the Loblaws Banner stores
  2. Go to the survey site at, where you will be asked to first enter the 19-21-digit survey code found on the bottom of your receipt.
  3.  Next, follow the online instructions and select the checkboxes to match your answers with the survey questions.
  4. You will be asked to rate your satisfaction with Loblaws product selection, availability, store cleanliness, checkout times and overall store experience.
  5. Finally, remember to fill out the form with your full name and valid address, email and telephone number, so you can be contacted if you are selected as a prize winner!

Furthermore, If you wish to receive your prize in PC Optimum points, you must have a valid

PC Optimum card.

Store Opinion Survey – List of Participating Loblaws Stores
  • Participating stores may include Loblaws, Maxi, No Frills, Provigo, Atlantic Superstore, Real Canadian Superstore, Zehrs, Fortinos, Valu-Mart, Wholesale Club, Independent Grocer, Joe Fresh, and Liquor Store.

If you are ready to give your feedback now, please go to here

117 thoughts on “StoreOpinion Ca No Frills, Real Superstores Contest Enter to Win $1,000

  • I do not have my receipt so I cannot do the survey. I would like to give a shout out to Austin (Fredericton NB). He was above and beyond! He was friendly, kind, helpful, professional, just all around employee to well represent your store. I would give him above out of 5 if I could. Please consider him for extra service! Thank you!

  • Bob Bon is the friendly cashier at the super store in Windsor,Nova Scotia,Can.She is really funny and pleasant.I shop there because of her.


  • Very friendly place to shop. Employees are very helpful

  • A shout out to Tianna at Ryan’s No Frills on Welland Ave. in St. Catharines, ON. This employee goes out of her way every day in ensure that the Fruits & Veggies Dept. looks delicious! She always has a pleasant attitude, and she is sincerely willing to assist me. (Lol…Even when I can see that she’s very busy putting stock out! 🙂
    It’s a pleasure to shop when you feel so welcome!

  • Susan is very friendly service and fast. It is pleasant to be shopping thereat Rusty’No frill in Brantford She is 5 stars

    • I hope to win

  • I always shop at no frill Milton ont at Derry Rd .very clean good service and fresh veg that I don’t find that price in that area

    • June is a very friendly and helpful cashier. Always shop at No frills

  • I always enter the contests. When it asks for my name I enter as follows
    Claude/ Lillian as first name will we still qualify or should we use just one name we prefer to use both. Thank you

    • I am a regular customer at Albion No frills. I am always very pleased with the service

  • I’m a regular costumer at No Frills Albion Mall location Toronto, Ont. Yesterday August 8th,2021 I was shopping at No Frills I was very disappointed and had bad experience with ” costumer service”. She was very rude and disrespectful to me. The main thing that she said was “if you’re not satisfied then don’t shop at this location”. It’s costumer choice to shop wherever they like and this type of costumer service and negative behavior towards costumers is disgusting and very inappropriate. Most of the staff at No Frills that are rude and disrespectful especially to seniors are young, ignorant employees.

  • i shopped at superstore in Montague P.E.I. this morning and Sarah was my cashier she was very polite and helpful and i was impressed at how efficient every one was and they keep their store very clean and well stocked thank you Sarah

  • you need to simplify your surveys

  • We enjoy shopping at No Frills,it has been our main grocery store for several years, there is always a wide selection of produce to choose from at very good prices, the staff are always friendly and it is , a great place to shop here in Castlegar

  • Craig & Jess Nofrills in Stratford is our go to store because of the way we are appreciated by all of the staff. Casheers always smile and ask “How are you today?” and the staff stocking shelves always take the time to point out where items are if I cannot find them. I would highly recommend NoFrills to anyone who asks where we go for groceries.

  • How the (sic) do you register for the contest????

    • Please follow the links above click on the link

  • Great customer service. Fast lineups and friendly cashiers.

  • no -frill’s is the best canadian grocery store where thousands people shope every day.
    I am one of them.

  • shop at no frills on mckeown ave , north bay,ont .store is aways clean and well stocked.everyone is very helpful.

    • So. I hate people. I entered the code….

  • i have been shopping at No Frills for years here in Brantford at Walkers No Frills and the staff is excellent .. there is one staff member name Josie who is in my opinion one of the best employees always helping out and very friendly we need more people in the world like her.

  • I have been shopping at Real Canadian Superstore for about 20 years and very satisfied with the Quality, service and value!

    • I shop at James and Jens nofrills in Cornwall Ontario…great store, clean, well stocked, welcoming staff. Thank you for serving our community with kindness.
      KA Patterson

    • I have been shopping at Real Canadian Superstore for about 2years and very satisfied with the Quality, service and value! And I am very happy with cashier Nahid she is very kind and atentado

  • DESTINY my cashier very nice girl she got messy hands from my chicken she said this is why I do not work in the meat department I laughed I said I work at Port Colborne Poultry I kill chickens for a living.

    Very nice girl clean store

  • No Frills 03138 Fails to print 4th digit of the code. I can not enter this promotion for that reason. I am very disappointed. I have 2 receipts for this day and that digit is missing on both! Not very happy!


  • Shopping at Mark’s NoFrills Cochrane is fine but by no means great. Using the self-checkouts provides receipts that the company claims are invalid when trying to add points for your purchase. I came here looking for the actual link to the survey as does not appear to exist. My receipt, the contest ad from the store, and this site all give this same false link. Disappointing.

  • Love to try your survey but there are too many clear responses that should not be asked especially about age and gender of people living in your house. YES I understand your privacy policy but what would these questions have to do about you shopping at your store. Superstore is a wonderful place for all kinds of commodities but definitely not that great that ages and gender of my family members is needed. A general question from youngest to oldest is better suited and gender should not matter.

  • Customer service is great, I love to shop here because if I can’t find something all I have to do is find an employee and they always help me. I find the store very clean and COVID friendly. The cashiere’s always great me and wish me a great day

  • the link to the contest doesnt work

  • I always shop at Dave’s No Frills in Cobourg, the staff are always friendly and they go out of their way to help. The store is always clean and well stalked. Elsa was on my checkout today, she was friendly and seemed to happy to see me

  • my cashier was Laura D at the superstore in Chatham. she is so friendly, helpful, I always try to be in her line. very efficient and good at her job

  • My main reason for shopping at the new No Frills was to purchase the 12 pack of Diet Coke that was on sale. I did some shopping along the way and when I reached the display of Diet Coke that was on sale there was none left. I asked a young male employee who was stocking soft drink products. When I asked him if there was any more in stock, he answered that the Coke company usually stock their products when on sale, but he would check the storage room to see it there was many there. He came back and said he was sorry but there was no more in stock. I really appreciated the effort

  • I like my supper store very much. With covid going on I am in and out fast. This two feet apart is great,there is no one breathing down my neck and no one butting me. The people are supper and fast.Lynn is very nice but fast.

  • I like to shop at No Frills because the shelves are always stocked and the service is fast and friendly and the prices are great! I was at your Saskatoon store 03437 and my cashier’s name was Wendy. She’s always very helpful and friendly. Always a pleasure shopping there.

  • I give a 5/5 for Tracey at the Superstore in Summerside, PEI. I always try and get her cash. She always is one of the most pleasant and professional cashiers I have met. Superstore is lucky to have her working there.

  • Today I was directed to a certain check out and the cashier was Amrinder. There was a lady customer ahead of me unloading her groceries on the belt. She had to check each item as they were scanned by the cashier. Amrinder was very patient with the lady as she did not begin to bag her groceries until she had paid for them. She had requested 10 plastic bags. The process was very long waiting for this customer to bag her stuff but the cashier was polite with her at all times and apologized to me for the l o n g delay before I could get my groceries rung in. I was impressed with Amrinder with her professionalism and her tack.

  • Blair‘s No Frills is my most-often-visited groceries store. I like the store because the service is the best. You can see the smile on every face of their employee. I like the goods also since I can not only buy the local food but also good quality foods from China, Japan and other countries. Since I’m living near by, I will surely visit No Frills in the future.

  • Shopped no frills today. Always enjoy a brief chat with Mary. This lady is always pleasant and makes you feel valued.

  • I loved buying from your store, because the Price is Right.

  • I shop Superstore above other stores for value, quality, and variety. The store is impeccably clean and well serviced.

    The product supply is always available. The parking lot is well maintained, with plenty of shopping carts.

  • This is my favorite store in Orillia. However. Both No Frills and Loblaws are now pushing the other brands of saltines which are more expensive and not as good as the President Choice saltines. I have been looking for them for weeks! And THIS IS YOUR OWN BRAND!

    • My comment is about no frills at Albion and finch for a second week I been charge of something I didn’t buy just because the cachier put a wrong code if the people is not trained to do a good job I always check my bill because we earn the money I am a retired person I complain on the gone the supervise never call me gonna stop shopping there

  • Hello,
    My experience was wonderful. Lisa was my cashier and she was the best.
    I hope I will win some prizes.
    Thanks, Dianne

  • Always a great shopping experience.

  • I do not live nearby to No Frills but will make the trip to your store at least once (sometimes) twice a month because of your outstanding deals. Your store staff are friendly and helpful. I purchased a baguette on the previous two trips, however, when I got home and emptied my bags-sadly no baguette. Yesterday, I recognized one of your friendly staff and mentioned what had happened. She remembered a baguette being left and put back on the shelf last week, so she gave me one today. So thoughtful.

    I will always choose No Frills because of the savings and friendly customer service.

  • very friendly service and fast. It is pleasant to be shopping there. I shop there almost daily.

  • Raymond MarcoFebruary 26, 2021 at 8:34 pm
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    I want a list of the Canadian prize winners in the PC Optimum 1,000,000 points contest. The contest ended in July, 2020 and the winners drawn for in August, 2020.
    This contest required shoppers at Loblaws and affiliated stores in Canada to visit the website and enter the information from their sales receipts.
    A contest must publicize the winners to be legitimate. I am having a very difficult time finding out who won any of the PC Optimum contests. I have a Case Number of: 09482048 from PC Optimum on February 2, 2021 but there has been no follow-up. I tried again today (February 26, 2021) by calling PC Optimum and the ambassador said to go to That is a dead end only showing the contest rules.
    I now doubt if this contest is legitimate and the surveys trusting customers complete are used only for marketing and data harvesting.

  • I love going to no-frills, the prices are affordable and it’s walking distance in our area at jane and finch. I love when their rice is on sale the rooster one.

  • great store I always have good service ……cashiers friendly and customer service persons always take care of any issues I may have…shout out to Pam and KEN
    My store is in Westshore Mall Langford BC

  • I love the store in Chilliwack. Lots of choices, better than Costco

  • In spite of Covid rules, it was as pleasant as any grocery shopping can be. All staff I encountered were very pleasant and helpful……the fellow I asked about something that was not on the shelf even went off somewhere to check and came back saying the delivery truck with that item would be there within the hour according to the computer. I sure appreciated him looking into that for me.
    Store was monitoring for when next person in line could enter and even politely requested that a lady who tried (I think unwittingly) to skip the line, that she needed to go to end of the line to be fair to those in line. She did so and the employee thanked her. Good job. Great prices. Lorraione

  • Shop regularly at no frills,best prices ,great staff and produce.

  • Love it ” one stop shop” , well stocked , big isles to move around, great prices, i’m hooked .

  • great atmosphere and extremely clean. The employees are always pleasant and friendly.
    My checkout with LEAH today was quick and efficient. I have had her check me out many times,
    and she is ALWAYS friendly and efficient.

  • great place to shop!!! Tasha is like super service & so cheerful.

  • Have shopped at Langford Supper store a lot of times. All the people who work there’s are great. Donna is amassing clerk that is at a till she is very kind and happy all the time. Donna improves your day If you are not having a good day. I make sure I go to her when I am shopping. Thank you Donna for being you.

  • I shop at Superstore all the time and can’t find where to enter the survey and comment about the service I received from Janine the cashier who was extremely polite and even helped seniors with bagging their groceries. The superstore in Huntington Hills in Calgary is always clean and well stocked.

  • I have tried to enter this contest with my receipt from No Frills but no where on the web site is a place to enter the contest. I have searched the site thoroughly and there is lots of contest information but no place to enter.

    • Go to your Google browser and type in I have been mislead as well in filling out a survey I reluctantly completed.

  • #01242 170562 4691 00096
    I decided to have a dinner meal for the 1st. time at your Hwy 7 location yesterday. To my amazement the eggplant parm., roasted cauliflower, truffle mush arn. and mixed mushrooms was out of this world.
    I have eaten in many fine sit down restaurants, in this area of Vaughan, but never expected to have tasted the fine flavors like I experienced yesterday.
    The other fascinating thing was the service that complemented the order, all 3 behind the counter where…clean, on the ball, very help full, wanting to satisfy every which way and way to polite….not normal.
    Price was very reasonable.
    You got yourself a regular client.
    Sincerely Impressed.

  • I received all that I was after and the check out girl was very pleasant.

  • Terrific service from Kim in the optical department at our Superstore on Ferry Avenue in Prince George, BC. Helpful in choosing my new glasses for me and also about a further discount with a ‘3rd party insurer’. Nice that I was entitled to a further $200 discount.

  • Prices are reasonable. Staff are friendly and helpful. A smaller store makes it easier to shop.

  • Why is there not a link here to do the survey? I have tried numerous times to do it…. Where do you answer survey questions? Or are you only looking for comments here to enter contest?

    • I also have been trying to do survey on here finally gave up and just called the phone on the receipt much quicker

  • The store was very clean, the employees were very polite and the checkout cashier was efficient and pleasant.

  • I shop at no frills on wilson ave.Carlos I buy no name Caesars croutons 145 g I was paying 1,00 $ then 1.25 last wk 1.77 this wk 1.97 this is reticules have been shopping their for years maybe I should be shopping some ware else

  • Where is the survey I keep trying with no luck

  • shop at real Canadian superstore, have no problem its great

  • I love shopping at the West Royalty Super Store in Charlottetown, PE. The staff is always very friendly and helpful. You feel like they know you.

  • Not sure if this is the site to leave a comment but will try, we shop at Superstore in Medicine Hat AB, have for years and been quite satisfied but lately since covid 19 you stipulate that masks are mandatory so why don’t you enforce this?? it is a bye law and should be for everyone and those who don’t abide by it should be refused service. Thank you

  • i enjoy shoppping at superstore because i find pretty much everything i need in one store,including baby needs
    i recommend shopping at any lobelaw store for anyones one stop shopping ….

    • I like shopping at no frills in strathmore because the prices are lower and the store is clean and nicely laid out.

  • love the store an the prices 5

  • we love shopping at every location because they have everything we need and there so clean.

  • Katie W. was quite pleasant. She helped pack my groceries and went above and beyond…she even laughed at my jokes.

  • The best grocery prices in the Cowichan Valley.

  • Great service from Nanaimo Superstore…..

  • great country harvest bread,usually not long waitiing in lineups

  • I having great difficulties finding an entry form for this contest.

  • My wife and I always love shopping at the two Atlantic Superstores in Charlottetown,PEI!
    The staffs are always helpful,pleasant & polite!

  • I shopped today twice at superstore in Liverpool, NS. both times been greeted by friendly staff. I tried to leave feedback for them, but the site isn’t user friendly. I do not like giving a lot of information online and that is what the survey site requires.
    The store has been taking every step to keep it clean and as safe as possible to protect their staff and their customers. Thanks Bradford

  • store 01009 code 110320 140010 147 01009
    Covid rules are different every time. Previously check out staff did packing, very pleasant. This time, i asked the staff if she was packing so I could leave as soon as possible, answer was a very blunt ‘NO’ I asked the tour guide at the front for more time as I had to pack, she was quick to respond ‘You can pack, it’s not hard’ supporting the staff, okay I get it, but I then was expected to jump to the check out staff persons demands – as I am packing – do you have a points card? She told me the amount to pay as I am packing, why the onset rush? There will not be a second client beside me, pushing pushing help pack! FarmBoy check out pack the groceries along with other stores so your right, I will go to other stores. Try and get on the same page! This situation is not normal times! Be kind to folks who shop in your store! We are not cattle!

  • Have been a Fortinos shopper for 25 years. Love the GuelphLine location with its big store, Joe Fresh , liquor section, fresh bread and pizza kiosk, coffee and sandwiches, deli, staffed flower shop and more! A one stop shopping experience. Most of all it is clean clean clean with a great selection and friendly helpful staff of all ages. Cashier manager is great always busy working all aspects of the store. .
    Friendly service again today from Grace store 00526
    110220 143606 1664 00526.

  • i always shop at super store they always have great deals at least 4 times a week i visit this store the service is good

  • Receipt 99154404476820201013121847 sure would love to win the $1000 for Birthday today October 17

  • Was disappointed to see the No Frills in Grande Prairie AB did not carry no fat creamer, no chocolate milk in a carton ( I don’t like the plastic). Otherwise the store is neat a tidy.

  • Had a good experience shopping at Metrotown Superstore. Was able to get everything I needed which isn’t always the case. Ester the cashier was friendly and helpful.

  • I’m a very regular shopper at superstore and shoppers drug mart.. I’m also very
    disappointed because it is virtually impossible to get onto “store opinion” and fill
    out your survey, although you are urged by the cashier to do the survey.
    You are doing your business damage by operating this way. I have in excess of
    150000 points which I’m seriously thinking of cashing in and NEVER returning to
    either of your businesses. as well I have the premium master card with your company
    and I’m also considering doing business with somebody else. You may not be aware of
    this but there are other companies in your line of business who I think would like
    our business.

    • I cannot get in either..

  • port hawkesbury superstore the service is fast and the staff is very friendly

  • Today,August 10,2020,went to Real Canadian store at 1385 Sargent Ave. Winnipeg.I seldom go to this store so I need assistance. went to Joe Fresh Clothing Deparment.Fitting Rooms closed due to Pandemic.A lady by the name of Liza ( I think)was approached. She was very helpful, got a measuring tape ,measured my waistline,to make sure I got the right pant size.She was busy unpacking the boxes,and she was willing to help with other things that I needed. She made sure that I was assured that there will be more stocks coming on the things that are not available to meet my needs. My code..081020 125401 5519 01511
    Time to pay.. I was served byAnnaliza.Showed genuine customer service..respectful,diligence with customer satisfaction,followed protocols on prevention of spread of virus.

    • I’m a regular shopper in Zehrs. It’s one of my favourite grocery store. I can compare it to any grocery store. I find the people that works there are very helpful so polite and very respectful. They’re always willing to help if you ask. The produce are always looks so fresh and the meat. Every week they have sale and if there is nothing left they always accommodate buy giving you rain check. I like that I know a lot of grocery store dont do that. I also find it everything is organize and very clean inside. They follow protocols as well during pandemic. This is an excellent company. Thank you Zehrs. My receipt number is 99051904615720200923184142

  • The store clerk is very rude. Her name is Manpreet #249 Store 01554 ( Store manager Rav Hehar) she is young adult it needs to be corrected. After rolling and throwing vegetables that I carefully picked from your shelves, instead of helping to ease the line up she started to chat to her collegue on her native language. What a work ettiquete Supertore is hiring now. Sucks!

  • With the current coronavirus my superstore runs a very smooth operation, and I don’t feel any delay or problem. Thanks.


    • I agree with the above. My husband and I have both tried repeatedly to enter your contest. His attempts would not accept your CODE twice. Mine have not even got that far. This is frustrating and time wasting.

  • Code: 072120 180313 3882

  • Very good service. Cashier was very courteous and helpful to a senior who needs help in packing groceries.

  • Great customer service, happy with shopping experience.

    • I found all I needed except sugar free pancake syrup. Yolanda9806

  • Very easy to find products… organized and clean and prices of many items are lower than the other stores. This has been my store since it opened….one stop shopping!

  • Not a good experience. I had my optimum card with me and the attendant didnt ask me if I had he card. Did my billing worth 119.62 CAD without me gaining points for shopping.

  • I am glad that there are more organic fruit and vegetables now. My only suggestion is remove the junk food at the entrance of the store.

    • Love the no frills store in regina

      • I was shopping in Kitchener today and commented to the cashier regarding the lose of Covid pay. She shared that she earns $14/hr.
        The Loblaw corporation makes millions and these cashiers are essential to that, it is time to fairly compensate those vulnerable frontline workers.
        Increase the wages of those essential employees to a living wage.

        • Pay people a living wage. Especially front-line workers who have little option, if they want to feed their families.

    • So glad to hear my cashier speak in her native tongue to both a colleague & a customer – means she’s multilingual in our wonderfully multicultural country – kudos to her! She was both helpful (I have physical limitations) offering to fill my cart and knowledgeable when I had a hard time making a choice between the free items I could choose from for having over $250 in groceries. Great store – clean, organized, excellent customer service Ekam (cashier) Rob Ware, manager, Store #00567

  • I love Chris’s No Frills! The store is very small but the staff make up for any inconvenience. My check out rep was Susan #204. She goes out of her way to make us retired folk feel comfortable and at ease. My receipt #397300

  • I got an organic product and waking up the next and the product( banana) have turned to black. Came to the store the next day for a light shopping, approached a staff & shared my experiences she directed me to manager. I showed receipt and the manager provided another fresh one to me.

    Felt so good!

  • I am very happy with the service

  • The No Frills store on Leslie street in Newmarket is always clean and store specials are in stock

    • Customer service is great I love to buy groceries ? no frills at steels ave. Very clean .

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