Mcdonalds Survey Canada: Free Fries & Sandwich Giveaway

2021 – Get Free Food Prizes Giveaway

Do you like to grab a quick snack, lunch or dinner at the “Yellow Arches”?

Mc Donald’s Canada has done a lot recently to improve the menu and even the dining experience. Self-order kiosks have popped up to avoid line-ups and did you know that you can now order your custom Burger and have it served at your table? Have you tried that service yet?
I always keep my McDonald’s receipts to give quick feedback on the time it took to receive my food, its quality and the overall service, so the next time I’ll visit, I will receive a free item!

What are the prizes for the

Prize Details

Mc Donalds Canada is giving away freebies to anyone who completes their customer satisfaction survey online.

Your prize will be stated on your Restaurant receipt.

Available prizes may include free fries, free sandwiches, muffins or others. Contest dates Contest dates

The Mc Donald’s customer survey is ongoing through 2021

You may enter any time with a valid Restaurant receipt.

Entry Rules
How the free McDonald’s Feedback promotion it works:
  1. After making a meal or drink purchase at McDonald’s locations in Canada you should keep your Restaurant receipt
  2. then go online to the feedback page at
  3. next enter your survey code as shown on your receipt and click submit
  4. You will then be prompted to enter details like the date and time of your visit, store number, order total etc.
  5. Just browse through the regular checkbox powered questions and rate your overall satisfaction with food, service, quality, cleanliness etc and you are done.

Your reward is a coupon for a free sandwich or fries.

write down the access code on your receipt and redeem the next time you visit a McDonald’s location.

LIKE if you want to win to get this freebie! Share so your friends can get one too 🙂

Cool Facts about McDonalds You May Not Know

Most people know that McDonald’s is famous for burgers, especially the Big Mac which debuted in 1968. Other sandwich options include the Angus third pounder, the quarter pounder, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, filet-o-fish, McChicken, and various chicken and veggie wraps. They also sell chicken nuggets, salads, fries, and a range of beverages, desserts, and shakes. The most recent addition in the beverage category came in 2011 when McDonald’s launched McCafe, a selection of lattes, cappuccinos, iced coffees, and smoothies.

While McDonald’s is a worldwide phenomenon, it is interesting to look specifically at the numbers in Canada. In Canada alone, 2.5 million people each day visit the more than 1,400 McDonald’s locations within our borders. Over 80,000 Canadians work at McDonald’s, and when you include indirect employment, McDonalds Canada creates over 200,000 jobs per year. This is incredible growth when you consider that the first Canadian McDonalds didn’t open until 1967 in British Columbia – less than 50 years ago.

With the push toward healthier lifestyles, McDonald’s has taken some criticism in recent years about the nutrition and quality of their food. While most items on McDonald’s menu wouldn’t be considered ‘healthy’ choices, the criticism has lead McDonalds to make some positive changes. In addition to offering some healthy options on the menu (such as apple slices instead of fries in the Happy Meal), their website now features a Food Quality section so you can learn about the food and made a more informed choice. If you’re interested, head over to the “Your Questions Answered” section to get information about where McDonald’s food comes from, ingredients, how animals are raised and produce is grown, as well as important nutritional information about menu items.

A final thing to mention regarding the McDonalds menu is the Happy Meal – arguably the most important thing on the menu for kids all around the world. McDonalds Canada Happy Meals start at $3.99. They allow your child to pick an entrée (4 piece chicken nuggets, chicken snack wrap, cheeseburger, hamburger or grilled cheese), pick a side (small fries, mini-size fries, or apple slices) and pick a drink (chocolate milk, 1% milk or small juice). Your happy meal also includes a special edition toy.

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