Haulershop Haulerverse Game: Enter Comics Word to Win Free Shirt

No Frills 2021 Comics Haulershop Haulerverse Shirt Giveaways

Haulershop.com Haulerverse: Enter Comic Word to Win Free Shirt Giveaway

By now most of our readers who collect PC Optimum points are used to playing the occasional No Frills Hauler Aisles Of Glory for a chance to snag free PC Optimum Points!

Now No Frills has taken the Hauler idea on step further.

They have created Hauler comic heroes and videos and when you browse the online flyer and read the Hauler comics (#Haulervers) you should be on the lookout for special code words and the chance to win prizes and free swag.

Get all the details below.

No Frills Haulershop.com Haulerverse Shirt Giveaway

CTVOttawa.ca prize details

Prize Details

No Frills is giving away free branded long-sleeved shirts.

Prizes may vary with each giveaway. There have been tees, tanks and long sleeved shirt so far!

The offer is available to the first 100 entrants in each giveaway

Contest dates

The current No Frills Haulerverse Shirt giveaway contest ends February 18th, 2021

while supplies last.

I tried and entered the correct code word, (after the third try :), but the shirts were already taken

Entry Rules

The 2021 No Frills Haulershop #Haulerverse contest is open to Canadian residents

How to enter the No Frills Hauleverse Comic Game:

  1. To enter, visit the No Frills, stay tuned to the No Frills Social Media page (@NoFrills) and the announcements of a new #Haulerverse giveaway
  2. then go to the www.haulershop.com/haulerverse contest page
  3. there select to view the online (digital) No Frills flyer
  4. nest open the flyer and scroll to the page that features the Hauler Comic strip (Haulervers)
  5. read the short comics and look for a code word
  6. then enter the code word on the promotions page
  7. and click enter
  8. if you entered the correct word you might win a prize if you are one of the first 100 people to enter
  9. In summary, You will see either the message that you have won the prize OR that all prizes for this period have been claimed

And don’t worry, if your first guess was incorrect, as you may try again and again.

Also, if you missed the giveaway this time, make sure to stay tuned, as another Haulers giveaway may be announced soon,

So stay tuned to the #Haulerverse

enter at www.haulershop.com/haulerverse here

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