No Frills Hauler: Play Aisles Of Glory No Fills Ca Game – Win 500,00 PC Optimum Points

2022 No Frills Hauler Contest: Play Aisles Of Glory PC Optimum Points Giveaway at

No Frills Hauler: Play Aisles Of Glory No Fills Ca Game - Win Daily PC Optimum Points

The previous Hauler Aisles Of Glory game were such a hit with customers, No Frills is bringing it back!

No Frills has just started the 2022 Hauler Aisles of Glory Return of the Hauler edition and is giving away 50 Million free PC Optimum points just for playing at


Hurry, and enter now to get your share of the free PC Optimum Points Giveaway!

Get all the details below.

Aisles Of Glory No Frills Win PC Optimum Points – prize details

Prize Details

No Frills is giving away millions in points.

Play the #AOG #Game every day and earn 500 PC Optimum points each day.

There are a total of ten prizes to be won as below:

Top Leaderboard Prize:

  • There is one top leaderboard prize to be won consisting of 500,000 PC OptimumTM, valued at $500.00 CDN

Runner Up Leaderboard Prizes:

  • There are 9-second place prizes to be won, each consisting of 200,000 PC Optimum points (value of $200.00 CDN) Contest dates

The No Frills Play Hauler Aisles Of Glory contest starts on Thursday, September 1st, 2022 and closes on September 14th, 2022 at 11:59:59 pm (ET)(

However, you can only earn points while they last, until all 50 Million points have been awarded.

The PC Optimum points that you have won for playing the game will appear in your PC Optimum account within two weeks after you play.

Entry Rules

The 2022 No Frills Hauler Aisles of Glory contest is open to Canadian residents who have a valid PC Optimum points account.

If you are a Non-member, you will be able to play as well.

However, to collect the points, you must first sign up for the free PC Optimum account.

How to enter the Aisles of Glory No Frills Game

There are two ways to enter the contest.

With a purchase

Buy products at No Frills store to obtain a store receipt.

  1. To enter, visit the No Frills #AislesOfGlory game page a or and play the single-player game.
  2.  on the promotions, page enter your email address and your OptimumT account number AND the 19 to 21-digit receipt ID found at the bottom of your No Frills receipt obtained
  3. then click “Submit” and you will be eligible to receive one entry into the contest.
  4. You are assigned the role of a Hauler character, and your task is to speed through the bakery, produce packaged goods, and meat aisles of your local No Frills store, while collecting points.
  5. Use the arrow buttons on your keyboard or mobile phone to pick up groceries, use various power-ups and jumps. But be sure to avoid the obstacles and Frills that will set you back.

Free Entry

To enter without making a purchase, send an email that includes a 50-word essay “what being a Hauler means to you” to [email protected] and include your PC Optimum account number.

View the complete No Frills Aisles of Glory game rules at

You have three lives to use per day.

Ready? Select your hauler, and …. GO!

Want to see how you did?

Watch for the scoreboard at the end of the game and find out how you rank among other players.

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Previous Aisles of Glory Giveaways and Prizes

Although No Frills, as part of the Loblaws grocery chain is giving away PC Optimum points on lots of products on a daily basis, there is now a fun giveaway happening.Aisles of Glory is an online game you can play on your mobile, desktop or tablet. The goal of the game is to get the groceries while avoiding the Frills.

2021 Aisles Of Glory Prizes
  • earn 500 PC Optimum points for each Day of play, earn 750 PC Optimum points for each Day if you reach a score of 15,000 Game points or more or earn 1000 PC Optimum points for each Day if you score 50,000 Game points or more

  • 50 Million PC Optimum Points Giveaway. No Frills is giving away 50,000,000 PC Optimum points to be exact. Yes, 50 Million points!!
  • No Frills Hauler Aisles Of Glory Back 2 School, 50 Million free PC
  • Hauler Aisles of Glory Return of the Hauler edition

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