Coors Light Ca Giveaway: Free Toque with Pins at

Coors Light Canada Freebies- 2023 Coors Light x The Beer Store Winter Toque PTR 2023 Promotion at

Coors Light Canada Freebies- 2023 Coors Light x The Beer Store Winter Toque PTR 2023 Promotion at

Coors Light fans you will

love this new Coors Light Chill freebie!

Purchase a carton of Coors Light bottles now and find pin codes to claim your new cool Coors Light toque at

Please note there are different products available as well as different promotion end dates.

Coors Light Winter Toque Giveaway

coors light Prize Details:

Prize Details:

Coors Light Canada is giving away Coors Light Winter Toques.

Receive one free Coors Light Toque with participating purchase

Coors Light Promotion Dates:

CoorsLight Giveaway dates

The BC Coors giveaway is now ongoing through December 31st, 2023 or while supplies last

how to claim this Coors light  gift
Coors Light Promotion Entry Rules:

To be eligible to win the Prize, you must be a resident of legal residents of British Columbia or Ontario and be of legal drinking in your province of residence. 

To participate in the Coors Light Chill Toque Giveaway

There is only one way to participate in the Coors Light promotion

With a purchase:

  1. Buy a pack of Coors Light with the promo label (28×341 mL BOTTLES PACKS OF COORS LIGHT)
  2. remove your pin code, which is printed on the cardboard inside the box.
  3. next, go to the promotions page at 
  4. enter your age to access the giveaway
  5. then enter the pin code as shown
  6. you will now be able to select your item and size
  7. and complete your order by entering your name and address in the shipping information
  8. finally, click submit to confirm your order

There is a limit of one PIN code per person per email address per day.

Please note, it will take about 5 TO 6 WEEKS to receive your item..

No purchase Option

for a free pin code send an original, handwritten essay (100 words minimum) on the topic of “How do you CHILL during the holiday season?”  along with your name, age, and email address and mail it to:Coors Light ‘Tis The Season to Chill Contest c/o Molson Coors Canada Customer Service Dept. 33 Carlingview Dr., Toronto, ON, M9W 5E4.

About Coors Light Giveaways

Get a little gift next time you are buying your Coors Light case. For your next stop at the Beer Store remember to look for these specially marked Coors Light cases. Some may offer a chance to win prizes and even better some boxes carry a pin code for a free Coors branded item inside. It could be anything from a shirt, cat to bottle openers and more. Some recent examples include these ones:

Coors Light Winter Socks Ca Giveaway: Free Holiday Socks
  • Claim a free pair of Holiday socks

Coors Light Ca: Chill Pants, Free Raptors Pants & Shirt Giveaway
  • Toronto Raptors 25th Anniversary merch prizes. Claim your new cool Raptors shirt or pants inside.(at British Columbia: Free 25th Raptors Championship Long Sleeve Shirt (select from Men and Women T-shirt sizes (Medium or Large only) Ontario: Free pair of Coors Light Raptors Chill pants

  • red or black Raptor slippers
  • Free 25th Raptors Championship Long Sleeve Shirt
Coors Cozy Up Onesies Giveaway
  • Coors Light Winter Socks Giveaway. free 25,000 free pairs of socks.The winter socks are available in sizes for men and women with two designs:“Coors Light Trademark”, “Born in The Rockies” design

34 thoughts on “Coors Light Ca Giveaway: Free Toque with Pins at

  • Why is it always such a pain in the but to find where the pin code can be entered.

  • love coors light my only beer. mmm good

  • pas recu mes pantalons grrrr xxl

  • I ordered the chill pants twice at the beginning of April, very disappointed I never received them. I always enjoy the Coors Light Merchandise

  • Petit message a coorlight lorsque vous faite un concours assurer vous d’avoir asser de produit
    ex: 100000 caisses de bieres etiqueter donc 10000 produits
    facile et simple
    toujours une bonne bieres

  • Svp ne faites donc pas de concours s’il n’y as pas assez de stock pour remplir vos engagements ca serait beaucoup moins frustrant pour vos clients mettez les cadeaux ds les caisses de bière puis on n’en parle plus et pourquoi ouvrir un compte si ça ns intéressé pas ?

  • Tried to order the Chill pants first week of April.
    Promotion goes until April 25.
    Said the sweats are already sold out.
    Coors Light has had some good Promo’s in the past, but this one is a bust. Next Promo that has to be ordered online I will not trust.

  • Jai tenté a 7 ou 8 reprises de rentré le code pin pour le concours chill pants et jamais sa a fonctionner , depuis 2 jours sa marche …..mais rupture de STOCK…..N’importe quoi ?

    Jva changer de sorte criss!

  • Recently was @ beer store to purchase beer advertised for Coors promo track pants special and sold out. Why is the advert still posted ? I was told to buy 30 large cans ? go on line and submit . Transit # 6313. Requesting black raptor track pants large thanks.

    • j ai achete une caisse de coors light pour obtenir une paire de pantalon des raptors. j ai été sur le site et le stock est épuisé . Jaimerai avoir de vos nouvelles pourquoi ils sont en rupture de stock. Merci
      mon code est

      • Hi Michelle,

        Please do NOT leave any codes here. Follow the links above to claim your gifts! 🙂

        • j ai acheté 2 caisses de coors lightje ne trouve pas ou mettre le code nip pour avoir mon pantalon c,est pas évidant Shirley

          répondre s.v.p.

      • I was offered a free ipod I entered all info but it kept telling me my Mastercard was declined to use another card I used my husband’s and got same message it was offered for 1.95 definitely would love my prize thanks

  • Purchased Coorslight Mar 20th/2021. Tried to access website on Mar 23rd….not accepting any access. Poor promotion!!

  • ma femme ne bois que de la coors ligyh depuis 15 ans

  • Just wondering if the chill pants are available in Atlantic Canada?

  • Lost t-shirts in mail believe they were stolen but sweat pants 3 pairs so far love my blue mountains ..coors light you rock

  • Le concours ne fonctionne pas. C’est une arnaque. J’ai 2 nos pour pantalon dans caisse de bière mais boulchite.

  • Purchased a 30-pack of Coors Light cans that said i had a chance to win a Coors Light Onesie. When I went online to enter my PIN Code BWJZKP it said the contest was closed! Very disappointing!

  • I just purchased a 30 park to get the pants and there is no code!!!!! The big sign was in beer store was very disappointed

  • I am from sydney n.s. and got a free raptors pants pin card in my coors and when i went to claim them it appears it is only for B.C. I think that the whatever is a free promotion should be put in the box for whom ever buys the product. Discrimination against other provinces that support Coors. Very disappointed. Maybe i will change my preference of beer.


  • Try to order my slipper and there is no more. I would like my slipper.

  • we have purchased over 12 cases since the start date Jan 7/21 and today was the first time we received a case with a. pin in it and now they are sold out!! very disappointed in our beer store (Fenelon Falls) they obviously hoarded them and not given to customers and gave us regular cases and now they are gone!🥵

    • I am down here in N.S. and I have four coupons and it says contest closed.

  • Never did receive any slippers Pin # 9S4CM6

    • Hi Ellwyn. Sorry to hear that.
      please contact Coors Light at +1 800-665-7661

      hopefully, they will help.
      Cheers, Angie

      • Bought a 28 pack of my favorite beer “Coors Light” after purchasing, I notice the free giveaway inside , put the code in and it comes back as “already been used”. Call Molsons and the guy tells me their are no slippers left . My comment was how can a company sell twice as many cases as there are slippers available. Sounds like false advertising to me .

  • Moo they ran out of slipper!

  • Coors light was very popular in my neighbourhood since it was made in Canada,always great tasting

  • For the last 20 years coots light has been my choice of beer 🥰

    • got a pin card for raptors slippers and contest is already closed only Feb.9th not impressed



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