Coors Light Winter Socks Ca Giveaway: Free Holiday Socks (Pin Code)

2022 Coors Light Winter Socks Giveaway

Coors Light Winter Socks Ca Giveaway: Free Holiday Socks (Pin Code) at, see at

Coors Light fans you will

love this new Coors Light Chill freebie!

Purchase a carton of Coors Light bottles now and find pin codes to claim your new cool Coors Light holiday socks at

Please note there are different products available as well as different promotion end dates.

Coors Light Winter Socks Giveaway

coors light Prize Details:

Prize Details:

Coors Light Canada is giving away free 25,000 free pairs of socks.

The winter socks are available in sizes for men and women with two designs:

  • “Coors Light Trademark”
  • “Born in The Rockies” design

Coors Light Promotion Dates: Giveaway dates

The BC Coors giveaway is now ongoing through January 15th, 2022 or while supplies last

how to claim this Coors light  gift
Coors Light Promotion Entry Rules:

To be eligible to win the Prize, you must be a resident of legal residents of British Columbia or Ontario and be of legal drinking in your province of residence. 

To participate in the Coors Light Socks Giveaway

There is only one way to participate in the Coors Light promotion

With a purchase:

  1. Buy a pack of Coors Light with the Winetr Socks Label (28×341 mL BOTTLES PACKS OF COORS LIGHT)
  2. remove your pin code which is printed on the cardboard inside the box.
  3. next, go to the promotions page at
  4. enter your age to access the giveaway
  5. then enter the pin code as shown
  6. you will now be able to select your item and size
  7. and complete your order by entering your name and address in the shipping information
  8. finally, click submit to confirm your order

There is a limit of one PIN code per person per email address per day.

Please note, it will take about 5 TO 6 WEEKS to receive your item..

Problems with your code or Questions?

Are you having trouble entering your codes? or a question regarding the Coors promotion?

You can contact Molson here to troubleshoot

9 thoughts on “Coors Light Winter Socks Ca Giveaway: Free Holiday Socks (Pin Code)

  • I’ve been trying, to enter my e-mail address and its small cap but the entry spot for it always makes it capital leters, i have tried at least a dozen times I’m frustrated with a promo gift they promise and don’t deliver. It’s a scam! Just to get you to buy there beer 🍺.

  • where are the free socks yah I did but no answer

  • where are the free socks

  • 16 Newbury Cres Brampton Ontario L6S 5M3

  • Been trying to enter for my socks but it’s not even asking for a pin. Skips right to my farm is empty

  • To get to the web site is not easy it is a pain and I will not try again and we be telling people the same thing that it is not so easy

  • There is no promo button. I was planning on giving these to the homeless. Nice going. 😤🤥.

  • Takes too long to actually figure out how to get product. I guess that’s what you’re plan is.

    • Typical….

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