Tenderflake Showdown Contest: Win $2,000 Cash Prize

Tenderflake Canada Contests 2019 #TenderflakeShowdown Win Cash Prizes,

at www.tenderflake.ca/Showdown

Canada lovers the great taste of Tenderflake for breakfast, lunch, dinner, appetizers or desserts.
The Tenderflake mission is to help you bake and enjoy baking by providing you with ready-made pastry, tart and pie shells.

Visit their website at Tenderflake.ca for great recipe ideas and also check out the awesome new Tenderflake.ca Showdown contest below and enter for your chance to win a big cash prize!


The Tenderflake Showdown Contest

Wholesome Harvest Baking, LTD is ONE Grand Prize and TWENTY Early-Bird Prizes.

The grand prize consists of a cheque worth $2,000 CAD

The twenty early-bird prizes, each consisting of a cheque
worth $100 CAD

The #TenderflakeShowdown Contest runs from September 23 through October 14, 2019.

The twenty early-bird prize winner will be selected in a random drawing on October 7, 2019, whereas the grand prize winner will be selected in a random drawing on October 30, 2019.

Winners will be notified via private message, email or phone and MUST respond within 24 hours.


The Tenderflake Showdown Contest is open to Canadian residents. You must be 18 years of age or older to participate.

  • Take a photo of a pie or pastry you made using Tenderflake
    (e.g., Tenderflake Pie Shell, Puff Pastry, Patty Shell or Tart Shell) and
    which contains apples or pumpkin.
  • Go to Facebook or Instagram
  • In the comment section of the Contest Post, attach your photo that includes the hashtag #TenderflakeShowdown and/or #DuelTenderflake
  • Tags @Tenderflakepie on Instagram and/or @Tenderflake on Facebook

Go to www.tenderflake.ca/Showdown click here to enter


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Also, stay tuned for the yearly Tenderflake Golden Pie Tin contest

Tenderflake products 

Tenderflake products are part of the Maple Leaf Corporations and they help you bake delicious meals for your family. You will find Tenderflake Pastry, Pie Shells and Tart Shells.  When you want to make the perfect tart, try Tenderflake Mini Tart 2” Shells or Regular Tart 3” Shells.

Baking a pie, use Regular Pie Shells, Deep Dish Pie Shells or All Vegetable Shortening Deep Dish Pie Shells.
To make the perfect pastries, check out Tenderflake Puff Pastry and Patty Shells.

Tenderflake Recipes 

Finally, you may want to check out the homepage at http://www.tenderflake.ca for delicious Tenderflake recipes. You can start your meal off right with appetizers that are mouth-watering. Search Tenderflake recipes by using a keyword, meal-type or the amount of time that you have to prepare the meal. Featured recipes include Beautiful Berry Pie and Strawberries and Cream Patty Shells.

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