Tear Open & Win $50,000 Cash Prize – Play at tearopenandwin.ca

Purex, Cashmere & Scotties Tear Open and Win Contest 2019 

In stores and play online at www.tearopenandwin.ca

This month it could pay big time, using Kruger Brand products!
The Kruger Company, maker of Canadian products like Cashmere, Scotties, Sponge Towels and Purex is back with a huge new giveaway and there are some incredible cash prizes to be won.

Play online for a share of 1 Million in prizes or make a purchase and you could win a fantastic $50,000 cash prize!




Tear Open & Win Contest, Play at TearOpenandWin.ca

Kruger Canada is giving three Grand Prizes, each winner will receive $50,000 in cash.

Winners will find a ticket with this message: “Congratulations! You are a potential winner of $50,000 cash prize.

Plus there are 18,437 Secondary Prizes to be won, with a total value of up to $1 million.

Each Secondary Prize consists of a cheque in the following amounts:

Part A

  • 2x $1000 CAD
  • 50 $100 CAD
  • 360 $50 CAD

Part B

  • 25x $1000 CAD
  • 1500x $100 CAD
  • 16500x $50 CAD

The Kruger Brand TearOpenAndWin.ca contest begins on May 6, 2019 and ends on October 31, 2019.

Claiming a prize: 

If you find an eligible Grand Prize Winning Ticket (in either a package or an envelope) you must email [email protected] before on November 14, 2019 to claim the prize, You will be required to submit your eligible Winning Ticket for verification.

Secondary Prizes: Once you have completed your TearOpenAndWin.ca Game Play, you will automatically be notified if you are a Secondary Prize.


The Tear Open & Win Contest is open to residents of Canada who have reached the legal age of majority in their province/territory.

There are two ways to a prize:

  1. Grand Prizes:

For a chance to win one of the three grand prizes, you must first purchase participating Kruger Brand products, as listed below.

Look for a winning ticket in one of these specially marked kruger Brand products.

You will know you have won a grand prize, when you tear open the package and discover an insert with the $50,000 Winner’s message.

The following products which carry the Tear Open & Win contest label on pack are eligible for the Grand Prize:

  • Scotties’ Original and Supreme 6-pack
  • SpongeTowels Ultra 6s, Ultra Giant 12s, Ultra Mega 6s
  • Cashmere Base Double Roll 12s, Ultra 3 Ply Double Roll 12s and Cashmere Triple Roll 12s
  • Purex Base Double Roll 12s, Ultra 3 Ply Double Roll 12s and Triple Roll 12s

For a no purchase option, visit www.tearopenandwin.ca for details.

Secondary Prizes

For a chance to win one of the secondary prizes,

  1. check your store for valid UPC Codes from all Cashmere, Purex SpongeTowels and Scotties.
    Write down the code, or purchase the products and then visit the online site at www.tearopenandwin.ca
  2. register and follow the instructions to enter.
  3. enter the UPC code and play the online game
  4. after you have finished the game, you will be notified whether you have won a secondary prize.

Finally, there is a

No Purchase option:

send an self-addressed pre-paid stamped envelope (following the instructions on www.tearopenandwin.ca) to Spider Marketing Solutions- 103 Richmond Street East, Suite 201,Toronto, Ontario, M5C 1N9 to receive one randomly selected Envelope and UPC Code.

Get details on the contest and enter here


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