My Label Factory: General Mills Free Labels with Pin Codes

My Label Factory 2020 General Mills Giveaways

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My Label Factory 2020 General Mills  Giveaways at

My Label Factory and General Mills have teamed up for another cool new giveaway for customers.

You can now get a FREE label sheet when you buy participating General Mills cereals and snacks and enter your pin codes at or

< Free Sheet Giveaway >

Receive one free personalized sheet of labels when you purchase either

  • one specially marked package of General Mills Cereal
  • or two specially marked packages of General Mills Snacks

For each qualifying purchase you will receive one free label sheet containing 23 personalized labels with your child’s name on it.

The General Mills My Label Factory offer is valid until December 31, 2020 or while supplies last

The 2020 General Mills My Label Factory promotion and bonus offer is available in Canada only.

How to get a Free personalized Label Sheet

  1. First, purchase any one box of General Mills cereal like Cheerios or General Mills snck bars and look for the Free Labels logo.
  2. then find the unique pin code printed inside the card box
  3. next visit the giveaway page at or here
  4. enter your pin code, click submit
  5. and follow the instructions to create and claim your free personalized label sheet

The offer is available while supplies last.

Your free tag will arrive by mail within three to four weeks.

Shipping and handling are included.

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  •, get a FREE personalized Frozen 2 bag tags when you buy participating General Mills cereals and snacks and enter your pin codes at

11 thoughts on “My Label Factory: General Mills Free Labels with Pin Codes

  • totally dissappointed as it said its from last year , how come to be from last year if the cereal still not expired , I read all the comments and they are not happy like me and my daughters .

  • Same problem. Enter pin code, hit submit, and it just goes round and round. Won’t continue. FIX YOUR WEB PAGE! Just making lots of frustrated, angry customers.

  • Seriously Won’t take pin code Very disappointed 😠

  • Won’t take the pin code for me either…

  • Child was heartbroken when it showed the contest is now closed. We just bought the cereal today.

  • I have entered these stupid pin codes so often so much the numbers are wore off my computer. We purchased a large box of honey nut cheerios yesterday and I got my husband to go up and get another box as we have two grand daughters that are Frozen crazy I have tried every way possible to do this and all I get is a big fat nothing. The good thing is cheerios is our favorite cereal, so it won’t go to waste, but now I have 2 disappointed girls and a angry grandpa the got mad at me for tryings 40 times to try and get this to work that he burnt the boxes, what now, is this just going to be a “sucks to be your thing”, oh Lordy I hope not, your page is frustrating and WILL NOT WORK….CAN YOU HELP ME CALM DOWN 2 LITTLE GIRLS

    • I have phoned your company and emailed about the free tag which was ordered in Dec.i had a code no to confirm the order.why do you not reply? This is very disappointing as I had hoped to give this to my grandson at Christmas. Why offer this item if you do not follow with it? Please reply.Penny.

  • It is not taking PIN number

  • Got one I ordered – my other child is heartbroken. They were so excited to get something coming in the mail. Hoping it will still arrive but not very confident about that

  • It will not take the PIN number


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