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Win Points and Rewards Prizes in Canada

Explore the plethora of rewards programs offered by Canadian retailers. Whether you’re accumulating PC Optimum points, 7 Eleven rewards, Scene points, or others, your participation could lead to fantastic prizes. Win complimentary movie experiences at Cineplex, a million points from Shoppers Drug Mart, gift cards, and much more! Dive into the thrill of winning with these enticing rewards programs.

Shoppers Drug Mart Scan Your App Contest 2023 &…

If you have been missing out on recent Shoppers Drug Mart giveaways, because it was too much of a hassle to enter pin codes, or keep receipts, you are in luck now with the new Scan Your App contest.

All you need to do is use or download the PCOptimum points app and use your app at checkout to gain entries into the new contest for a chance to win 1 Million PC Optimum Points

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