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Contests to win Cars and Trucks with these Canadian Auto Sweepstakes

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Win This Car!! Who doesn’t love the new car smell?  What’s even better is the car contests we have found here that might help you WIN your next set of wheels! The top car makers in Canada, like Toyota, Chrysler, GMC Canada, Hyundai, Ford, Fiat, and others are giving away their newest Canadian automobile and truck models to lucky consumers like you. From luxury sedans, your Mom’s Minivan, strong Pickups to cool muscle cars, you will find all these #winacar sweepstakes right here. Enter new #carcontests now to win a free vehicle.

GMC Match And Win CA Contest: Win a Chevrolet…

How awesome would it be if GMC Canada brought you a brand new car? GMC has just started another amazing Find Your Match And Win it giveaway.All you need to do is take the short quiz and find the perfect GMC for your needs and you could win it! details below

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