What is an Instant Win Prize? | Full Guide to Winning Instant Games

How do you actually win Instant Prizes in Canada in 2024 Read All About Contest Types and Games

What is an instant win game contest? Guide How to win instant prizezs in Canada

Playing a fun game and winning an instant prize is exciting and instant gratification.

When posting giveaways on Contestscoop.com, I come across new instant win contests every week that include several amazing grand prizes like $10K cash, a beach vacation, a home makeover and so on.

I love entering these contests because, besides high-value grand prizes, these promotions may offer the chance of winning one of hundreds or thousands of instant wins.

What makes these sweepstakes so unique is that you won’t have to wait for a draw to be held weeks or months down the road. But instead, you will find out immediately if you are a lucky prize winner!

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what exactly is an instant win game

So if you are wondering and have been asking, what exactly is an instant win game? I have some great examples for you below, taken from sweepstakes we had featured here this year.

There are several types of instant win contests, including actions to be performed by the entrants. Please note, that some of these contests may require you to purchase products and submit pin codes or upload store receipts before you can move forward to the instant win gameplay.

Instant Win promotions are a type of marketing strategy companies are using to engage consumers with their products and services.

The chance of winning something immediately, without waiting for draw dates, is enticing. Participants may be randomly rewarded with discount coupons, free samples, and thousands of food prices (McDonalds, Circle K) to bigger prizes like cash and tech gadgets.

On Contestscoop, we are posting a vast variety of Internet instant win giveaways every year.

To give you some examples, we have compiled a list below of the various Instant Win promotions you will find on our site.

We this, we give you a featured list, below

Instant Win Contests include the following:

Simply Submit a Form

instant win game via Submit an entry Form

On the plus side, these contests are very easy to enter but they don’t offer a huge amount of excitement.

All you need to do is complete a regular contest form with your information and submit the entry.

You will then see a message on-screen letting you know if you have won an instant prize.

A recent example includes the Kinder Surprise Win Trip to Costa Rica & Instant Prizes

Play Instant Win Games

win an instant prizze by playing a game

Play a Game Instant Win contests are everyone’s favourite right?

You sign up with your email address and use your cursor or mouse to play a quick game. I love these Play-A-Game-Instant-Wins as they are an entertaining way to enter giveaways.

Play a game for instant wins can be as creative as the No-Frills Aisles Of Glory Hauler contests where you navigate a shopping cart through aisles to pick up groceries while avoiding obstacles.

Another one I played recently is the Rock, Paper, prizes Games by Circle K. Here you play an old-time classic game, Rock, paper, scissors against a virtual player for a chance to win free Circle K Convenience store products and more.

Scratch to Win Instantly

Scratch to Win, as the title says asks entrants to use a digital coin, hand or cursor to scratch off a game card for a chance to reveal a prize. These are quick and fun to play, just like their counterpart, the store-bought lottery tickets, but of course, these Scratch games here are free to play.

Text To Win – Instant Prizes

Shoppers Drug Mart stores are one of the retailers that hold regular text to win instant games. At the beginning of the contest, you will be asked to send a specific contest keyword like “Win”, or “YOU”, etc via SMS. Your text will count as an entry into the draw, and if you win a prize, you will receive a notification with a winner’s message.

Instant Win Slots Game

If you love pulling the trigger on slot games, you will find this type of instant win game thrilling as well. Watch the symbols spin, and if you get a match, you will see a congratulations message and instructions to claim your prizes. Instant Win slot games are not very frequent here, but we certainly enjoy playing this free version of the most popular casino game.

Match To Win

Match to win Instant games are another way to win prizes, although we don’t see them very often. Maybe it’s because they do take a longer time to play and people lose interest or find them too tedious to enter. But if you have time, a good memory and enjoy playing for a chance to win, these are great games to enter as well.

In summary, I can say, why not have some fun while trying to win prizes?

As you can see there are some awesome instant-win giveaways to be found here throughout the year that bring some extra enjoyment to the actual entry process rather than just typing your name and address.

Furthermore, another big perk with instant win contests is that even if you did not win a prize today, you can often enter these sweepstakes daily, plus, every try for an instant prize may count as a ballot into the grand prize draw.

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