Werthers Original Contest: Win Free Werther’s Original Fall Flavours

Werther’s Original Canada Contest 2020 Free Candy Giveaways

Werthers Original Contest: Win Free Werther's Original candies and chocolates

If you love the taste of chewy Werther’s Caramels, stay tuned for new contests to win Werther’s Candy and Chocolates packs.

Werther’s Canada has monthly Giveaway’s of their goey caramel Treats on their Facebook.com/WerthersOriginalCa page. From Turkey Thursday’s to Fall Wednesdays and other seasonal Giveaways, there is always something delicious going on.

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Werther’s Original Facebook Contest

If you like Werther’s candies, keep an eye on the Facebook.com/WerthersOriginal fan page.

This week: Leave a comment and enter for a chance to win a care package including the new Werther’s Original Limited Edition fall flavours!

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More About Werther’s Prizes and Products

  • Werther’s Original Wednesday: Every Wednesday starting at noon, be one of the first 1,500 people to complete the contest form to received a free bag of Werther’s Original products and a coupon.

Werther’s Products Please Young, Alt and Sugar Conscious Indulgences!

Werther’s Original is a brand owned by Storck Canada. This brand’s motto is “The World’s Favourite Caramel.” This candy was first made by Gustav Nebel in the village of Werther. This confectioner used fresh cream, natural butter, white sugar and brown sugar as the ingredients for this candy, which was called Werther’s Original Hard Candy.

Since Werther’s beginnings, the brand has expanded to have three major categories: Candy, No Sugar Added, and Caramel Chocolates.

In the Candy category are five flavours: caramel apple filled, soft caramel, hard candies, chewy caramels, and creamy caramel. The caramel apple filled candies are bullion shaped like the originals. This flavour is one of the newest flavours produced by Werther’s. The soft caramels are rectangular in shape and have a fudge-like texture; this type is also a new product. The original candy is hard and comes in a gold wrapper. Werther’s chewy caramel is rectangular shaped. The creamy caramel candy is oval-shaped like the original.

The No Sugar Added category has flavours like caramel, caramel infused with coffee, mint, caramel apple, and miniature original minis. Of the five candies, the caramel apple flavour is the newest. Each serving of the No Sugar Added candies has only five grams of calories.

The Caramel Chocolate category has similar flavours. These candies are in circular chocolates infused with ingredients like Werther’s Original Caramel, milk chocolates swirled with caramel in the Original Milk Chocolates, a combination of toffee, milk chocolate, hazelnut and almonds in the Chocolate Crunch, and the combination of milk chocolate and caramel toffee in the Original Chocolate Toffee.

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