Walmart Survey Contest: Win $1,000 Gift Card @

Walmart Canada Survey Contest 2023 Customer Feedback Giveaway

Walmart Survey (Canada): Win $1,000 Gift Cards Contest

There is no special introduction needed when talking about Walmart. Most Canadians love to shop at Walmart stores thanks to their “everyday low prices” guarantee, flyer deals and rollbacks on popular brands.

If you are lucky to have a Walmart Supercentre in your neighbourhood, you will find all your family shopping needs covered. Buy everything from clothing, home furnishings, and cleaning supplies to fresh produce, deli meats, baked goods and frozen products.

Now Walmart Canada wants to know how satisfied you were with your recent shopping trip and you have the opportunity to give your input for a chance to win a free Walmart shopping spree!

Who wouldn’t love that? To get started you will need a recent Walmart store receipt, details below.

< The 2023 Walmart Canada Survey Sweepstakes >

The Walmart Survey prize is $1,000 find details here

Prize Details

Walmart Survey Prize details:

Walmart Canada is giving away THIRTY-SIX prizes.

Each Prize consists of a Walmart gift card worth $1,000.00

The total value of all prizes is $36,000.00

Walmart Canada has new survey dates. The new feedback promotion period is ongoing. Look at dates below Contest Dates Contest dates:

The 2023 Walmart Canada Survey Sweepstakes runs from February 1, 2023, through January 31, 2023

Three winners will be selected in a random drawing on or about the 15th day of each month within the contest period, will be notified via phone and FedEx mail and MUST respond within 21 days.

Find the Walmart survey entry rules and get all the info how to enter via

Walmart Survey Entry rules:

The 2021 Walmart Canada Survey Sweepstakes is open to Canadian residents.

You must have reached the age of majority in your province of residence to participate

How to take part in the Walmart Survey promotion
  1. Make a purchase at any participating Walmart Canada location and check your receipt if there is a survey invitation and the chance the win Walmart gift cards
  2. Have your receipt ready and go to the official Walmart feedback page at
  3. Then select one of the three categories for your survey, which include, grocery and general merchandise OR health and wellness OR retuns.
  4. Choose your preferred language (English or French) and click continue. ( sondage)
  5. Next, enter your Store #, TC #, and the date of your visit exactly as shown on the receipt
  6. Click continue
  7. Proceed and follow the on-screen instructions to fill out all required information and submit your entry

The survey will take around 10 minutes to complete


  1. On a 3 ½ x 5 inches postcard, handwrite your complete name, mailing address, phone number and age and
  2. Mail it to: 2020 Walmart Canada Survey Sweepstake, 123 Front Street West, Box 13, Toronto, Ontario M5J 2M2. 

Go to click here to enter

Walmart Survey Winners List 2022

Below are some recent (published) winners from the 2022 Walmart Survey contests

Walmart Customer Satisfaction Sweepstakes 
 June 2020 (May 1, 2020–May 31, 2020): Winners are Lorraine Bajzik and Tom Michalczuk; remaining winner pending 
 May 2020 (April 1, 2020–April 30, 2020): Winners are Jindrich Plch, Byron Mackey and Debbie Meredith 
 April 2020 (March 1, 2020–March 31, 2020): Winners are Linda Wood and Cheryl Butters and Marc-Andre Laurin 
 March 2020 (February 1, 2020–February 29, 2020): Winners are Dennis Wong, Alexandra Gagnon and Jason Indoe 
 February 2020 (January 1, 2020–January 31, 2020): Winners are Alicia Love, Gloria Wyman and Stephanie Pasion

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24 thoughts on “Walmart Survey Contest: Win $1,000 Gift Card @

  • Hi my name is Brian, I visited store #3166 on November 6 2021 to purchase a few items from that store. I used your self check out, but what upset me and could not understand . Due to current conditions with covid, NO store employee was wiping down the machines. They where there but not wiping them down!!
    every where else I use these machines an employee is on it as soon as you are finished, I think it something that should be addressed , and I was not the only one that day.
    I would respect some kind of response to this matter as it is a safety concern at this time.
    Thanks Brian

  • shopping at Walmart store 3048 this morning Oct.16,2021, and really enjoy and we can find everything which we wanted.

  • before I leave St. john’s i go to Walmart, the staff are so thoughtful and the prices are so competive thanks

  • WE are so lucky to have a Walmart in our neighborhood…. who wouldnt love Sunita our greeter when one enters the store…. Sunita greets with the warmest smile( with mask on too) and hello to all. SHE IS AMAZING AND HOPE THAT THE MANAGEMENT REALIZE THIS AND REWARD SUNITA WITH RECOGNITION .

  • Kiana at customer service in Bowmanville On. is perfect in her job. She unravelled a misunderstanding caused by another associate with an extremely short fuse .The other associate was rude, impatient and was indignant.
    Kiana was cool, calm and proved my point was correct.. If I had been wrong on this point I would have profusely apologized. This associate should learn to control her outbursts and just fix the problem without going ballistic. I purposely did not name this associate for obvios reasons.
    Love shopping at Walmart. Prices and selections are excellent as are MOST of the associates.

  • I recently purchased a box of Friskies can cat food at the Stoney Creek store, when I opened the box, it was full of maggots. I returned it to the Center Mall store, they were none to happy. I called the SC store, Customer Service to advise them. After 25 rings the phone was answered, I told her that they be aware of what happened. I truly believe that I had just wasted my time and hers. I’ll try Food Basics next time.

  • no longer going to shop at walmart .1 teller on , every self scan used .then asked manager to open up another till she said not busy enough. a few store shelves out of stock also a real problem with no prices at the trail b.c store on going . I dont need the hassle i can go to no frills .staff was friendly at walmart .manager was defensive and cut me off speaking .we both just departed before it got over heated .

  • I enjoy shopping at Walmart

  • Dawn Parnall is one of the most knowledgable employee’s that the Hinton walmart has!!

  • I was able to purchase everything I needed. The cashier was very pleasant respectful and accommodating. He even mentioned a sale on magazines which I purchased even if it was not on my budget , He looked liked in a happy place & enjoying his job. ALL IN ALL it was a very wonderful shopping day for me.

  • tried to enter contest but couldn’t.
    really wanted to say I shopped at store 3123 05/06/21 and when I got home looked at my bill and discovered I was charged to much for bbq chicken. it was on sale for $7.99 and I was charged $10.99. Since I live almost 1 hr. from the store I did not go back

  • cant get to a page that will let me do the survey . i have troubles with this crap you need to make it a friendlier site

  • I get so fed up when there are no Cashiers! When one has hundreds of dollars of products and groc. There is just no way to do this at the self checkouts! I hate them anyway! Refuse to use them! I like a friendly face to talk with. My groc shopping is going to our Co-op now! Sorry Walmart! but enough is enough!

  • Terrible service. No cashiers available at 10 a.m. I do not like to do self-checkout and it certainly did not save me any time today. Took forever to get my credit card to be accepted (for no reason). At the very least, I should not have to pay for bags if I check out myself.

  • Very poor cashier service today. The young man was very rude, I purchased at first a insulated bag that was charged. I was unloading my cart when the cashier told me to get the bags off the other end of counter as he HAD NO ROOM. when I picked up the purchased items to load back into the cart , the insulated bag (walmart_) was on the bottom of the other bags, I asked if that bag could not be used? He rudely replied that was not his job, I returned the insulated bag stating that defeats the purpose of purchasing the bag, In the Walmart plastic bags which he had put items in packed a bottle of draino in with food products. Very disappointed especially traveling an hour to go to this store to be treated in this manner..

  • Today is Thursday Mar.25/21, I entered your Store #3093 at 710am. I am a senior citizen so I shop early because of the pandemic. I have to drive 20mins to get to your store. The main purpose of my trip was to buy a turkey for Easter (which went on sale starting Thursday). I went to the meat section to find that there were no turkeys in the bin. I saw the person in the meat section who was unloading ground beef and I asked him if the turkeys were available, he stated” I just got here and |I havent been in the freezer” so I waited assuming that he would bring some out when he returned to the “back room”. I waited as he made 4 more trips to the backroom to retrieve other items to replenish the coolers. Another senior asked for a turkey and he left without one. I stood by the cooler and after 45 mins I left the sore without one. I have to say poor customer service and a waste of a trip for my time and gas money. I know that I not the only person who left without their turkey. So if you want to know “How we did today?” Very poorly. This store is located on Merchant Drive in Mt. Pearl , Nl. Thanks for your time.

  • Where is the 2021 contest

    • Thank you for your quick response I’d like to enter for the chance to win the

      Walmart monthly chance to win a gift card. It gets very complicated for me .

      Every week [mostly Tuesdays] I get the receipt and when I try to enter I get discouraged because of all the RED TAPE I’m required to read.. I’m 90 years old and wish it was simpiler

  • you are not making easy to take the survey. Your website is not friendly and dumps us all over the map. I tried to select ENGLISH and sent me in an infinite loop. never got to go to the actual survey

    • I’m trying to get to the survey anf=d it’s not letting me, confusing and not easy to navigate

  • All ways enjoyed shopping at Wal mart and working at SCM in Cornwall Ontario

  • Just shopped at my local Walmart, Bathurst & Centre St. Thornhill, Ontario. Canada. Found everything I needed and what I didn’t find I asked staff. They were incredible. One staff member went into the warehouse to find crumpets, one staffer went out of his way to direct us to the box he was about to unload with blueberries. Everyone seemed to be really extra helpful and it was most appreciated. Really had a great shopping experience.

  • Beau coucours de cartes cadeaux


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