Contest: Enter Pins to win $1,000 a year for 10 years

Vachon Canada Contest, 2019 Happy Vachon $1,000 a year for 10 years Spring  Giveaway Contest:Eating crunchy, flaky or creamy Vachon pastries has never been more tempting!

How does winning $1,000 for the next years sound to you?

Imagine the things you could splurge on!

Find a winning Vachon box now and make your wish come true!

We have also added a no purchase mini game option below!

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Vachon Spring Campaign: $1,000 a year for 10 years Contest & Mini Game Contest

Vachon is giving away 4,356 prize, which have a total value of $31,969!

There is one grand prize to be won. The grand prize consists of $1,000 cash for 10 years ($10,000 in total)

You will need 5 unique pin codes to receive your first entry into Grand Prize draw. With each additional pin code after the first 5, you will receive one more into the Grand Prize draw.

There are also 4,355 Instant Prizes to be won as follows:

  • 250 Vachon socks ($15.00 each), send by mail to the winner;
  • 250 Vachon pop sockets for cellphone ($3 each), send by mail
  • 250 Vachon towels ($20.23 each), send by mail
  • 250 Vachon bags ($15.00 each), send by mail
  • 2,200 $2 discount coupons redeemable on any Vachon product;
  • 1,155 2 for 1 discount coupons applicable to Vachon products

You will be required to enter one Pin Code for a chance to win an Instant Prize.

The win $1,000 a year for 10 years contest runs from  April 15, 2019, until August 15, 2019

The grand prize will be awarded by random draw on August 30, 2019 at 2:00:00 p.m. (ET).



The “$1,000 a year for 10 years contest is open to residents of Canada who have reached the age of majority in their province or territory.

Please scroll down to read more about that free for everyone, Mini Bonus game!

To enter the Happy Vachon contest

  1. buy a participating Vachon product (list below) and look for the unique pin code inside the box. (You may also request a free code by sending a handwritten 200-word letter to Vachon)
  2. Next go to the contest page at here
  3. and click the “Enter the Contest.” button
  4. complete the entry form with your information
  5. and hit the “Count me in” button
  6. now you must enter your unique 10 character code

You will the receive one of two messages. Either a winner or not winner message

If you are a winner, simply follow the instructions to claim your prize.

Mini Bonus Game

Everyone can play the free Mini-game.

Simply create an account and play and you could win a unique entry code just by playing the bonus game.


What are the participating Contest packages?

Codes can be found on the following Vachon products with  the “$1,000 a year for 10 years contest label:

Look for codes on the inside flap of the sticker on these products:

  •  Ah caramel! — original box with 12 cakes
  • a Jos Louis — original box with 6 cakes
  • Apple Raspberry Passion Flakie box of 6 cakes
  • May West — original box with 6 cakes
  • box of Vanilla ½ Moon cakes,
  • box of Vanilla Swiss Rolls — original box with 12 cakes.

You may enter pin codes daily. There is a limit of five codes per day for the unique code game.

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Delicious Vachon prizes and givesways

There are many awesome prizes and surprise to be found every year in Vachon desserts and snacks. Check out a list of some featured Vachon giveaways below and see:

  • Contest: Win Family Trip (RV & $5,000 Cash Prize). The Vachon Road Trip Giveaway, Buy some yummy Vachon Bakery Ah Caramel, Jos Louis, Passion Flakie, 1/2 Lune Loon or May West pastries and snacks (with contest stickers) and you could win a Family Road Trip. Enter the unique pin codes found in these products at a $5,000 credit to be used for renting an RV and $5,000 in spending money, awarded by check.Entry limit – 6 codes per day.
    Enter at

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