Temptations Cats Treats: Free T-shirt Giveaway ( I am not a cat)

Whiskas Temptations Cats Treats Contests and Free Sample Giveaways

Temptations Cats Treats Giveaway

Are your cats doing backflips for Temptations Cat Treats?

Whiskas Temptations cat treats come in feline-approved flavours like Tasty Chicken, Catnip, & Seafood Medley, MixUps Beef, Chicken, Turkey Flavors, and even dental treats and it seems that most cats love them (mine do!)

Now when you follow the @temptationscats Instagram page you could win free t-shirts

The Temptations Cats Giveaway

Prize Details:

Prize Details:

Whiskas Temptations is giving away free yellow branded shirts with a variety of logs like “I am not a cat, but if I were, I’d be snacking on Temptations.”.

Supplies are limited and you must watch for the contest post

Promotion Dates:

Promotion Dates:

>promotion is now closed

Contest Entry Rules:
Contest Entry Rules:
How to enter the Contest 

To participate in Whiskas Temptations Cats giveaways

  • Follow Temptations cats on Instagram and watch for the contest post
  • then like the photo
  • and follow the instructions to enter
  • comment with hashtag  #TemptationsTreats

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