Starbucks Game: How to Get Free Entry |Play & Win (Codes)

Starbucks Contests – How to claim TWO free game plays per DAY!

Starbucks Game: How to Get a Free Play & Win Entry (Codes)

Starbucks Canada is holding fantastic promotions several times a year.

To name a few, let’s start with the well-known Starbucks for Life game or the Starbucks summer sweepstakes. You may have also heard of the Starland fall giveaway?

Now when we share these contests we have received questions and we’d love to share the questions and answers with you below!

Can I enter the Starbucks Contest for Free?

While many Canadians love to splurge on a daily Starbucks coffee, Chai Latte or Iced White Chocolate Mocha, not everyone wants to spend a chunk of money on a quick cup of joe or specialty beverage.

Yet whenever there is a great giveaway happening, you might be tempted to. But the question is, do you NEED to get out your wallet?

So if you are wondering if you can enter the above-mentioned promotions without buying food or drinks from Starbucks, we have some great news to share.

The answer is YES!, you may absolutely enter the contests and win awesome prizes from Starbucks without making a single purchase!

Even better, not only can you enter for free, but you are allowed up to two no-purchase plays per day.

So let’s move on and let us explain how to make this happen!

How can I play Starbucks Games without a purchase?

During the Starbucks scan to win contests, the prominent banners will tell you to enter with a

purchase using the Starbucks Card or by scanning your Starbucks app prior to checkout.

However, a second way to enter is by taking the no-purchase option and this one can be found outlined in the rules section.

Here is how to do it.

  1. First visit the current Starbucks contest page and look for a mention of the rules page
  2. then click on the rules link
  3. scroll down to the section “How to enter” and look for the “no-purchase” option as seen in the image below
Starbucks no purchase option to win

Enter without Making a Purchase:

  1. Once the sweepstakes are live you will see a no purchase link also on the promotional page itself
  2. follow this link for instructions to complete and submit the entry form
  3. next you will receive a unique entry link via email
  4. click on the link that was sent to you
  5. and complete the form to receive one entry into the draw.

For each link received in your email box, you will receive one gameplay for a chance to win the instant prize or an entry into the grand prize draw.

The links are not time-sensitive, but each MUST be used on the day it was sent to you,

Furthermore, one last tip.

You do not have to use both entry links at the same time. You may spread them out over the day and maybe try your luck in the morning and afternoon or evening!

Starbucks Games with Free Entry

Finally, check out the Starbucks promotions we shared here that had a free entry option

Starbucks Starland Free game play

Starbucks Summer Game Free entry

Starbucks For Life Contest

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