SpecialK.ca Giveaway: Free Red Special K Activity Trackers with Cereal or Bars

Special K Cereal 2021 Giveaways & Contests for Canada

The Special K is branded as the healthy cereal for active adults (Women) and as such the Kellogg’s Special K brand has many Bonus Cereal Promotions that include cool fitness freebies.

A purchase is required, but if you are enjoying Special K cereal for breakfast, you might as well get a little reward for doing so!  This month SpecialK.ca is giving away the following free stuff:

FREE Red Special K Activity Trackers

About the freebie: The Special K Activity Tracker is a red wristband that counts steps, calories, distance traveled, date and time, and is recommended for people 14 years and older.

Here is how to get one: Buy 2 specially marked Kellogg’s Special K cereal boxes or cereal bars (list below)

dates available: ends by April 30, , but order as soon as possible, as quantities are limited

Limit: you can order an unlimited number of Fitness trackers. For each order, you are required to enter two valid PIN Codes numbers from specially marked Special K cereal or snack packages.

Codes can be found on boxes marked with the Activity tracker image. They include

  • Special K Original Cereal 435g
  • Special K Red Berries Cereal 320g
  • Special K Vanilla Almond Cereal 355g
    Special K Low Fat Granola Cereal 553g
  • Special K Protein Cereal 400g
  • Special K Oats & Honey Cereal 385g

And bars 
Special K Protein Bars – Double Chocolate Flavour 180g
Special K Protein Bars – Peanut Butter Chocolate Flavour 180g

Redeem Pin codes at www.specialk.ca and www.kelloggsactivity.ca/

P.S. the trackers are also found in Kellogg’s Vector Cereal, and they come in blue colour. View below

Sporty Freebies for Fitness Enthusiasts

A good morning starts with a good breakfast, and if yours involves Special K cereal, you may get freebies like these with your purchase. I have received the following so far with my Special K: a free New Balance Lightning Dry Tank Top, Free Exercise Mat, red fitness tank top, flip flops, gym bag and more.  more. See www.specialk.ca for more details.

Kelloggs MySpecial K: Free Online Lifestyle Program

Is Fitness and Health one of your New Year’s resolutions? Then check out the new website from Kellogg’s Canada.

My Special K is an online resource program built around life style and your needs. The MyspecialK website

provides you with

  • meal plans and over 200m healthy  recipes, developed by dieticians
  •  fitness programs
  •  tips & tools to start living a healthy Lifestyle
  • the option to create your own printable online shopping list

start >>> HERE

22 thoughts on “SpecialK.ca Giveaway: Free Red Special K Activity Trackers with Cereal or Bars

  • Still waiting but I don’t think its gonna happen. I too thought I would receive one of their fitness tacker devices if I purchased 3 boxes of Special K but it seems its just another scam.

  • I also feel cheated, on my packs it says to keep receipts, and to claim 1st august to 31st October… on your site it says to put in a pin number, I cannot find a pin or code number on any of the boxes, also no where to claim on your site, seems just like a big scam to me, and now they say you have run out… not a good look kelloggs….not happy…

  • My sister and i order our fitband over a month ago and still not recieved them as you can see we our disappointed as was so lookin forward to recieving one each to use on our walks. So saved some more codes only to find the promotion has finished… gutted well disappointed and cheated of a fitband which you obviously did order enough ..

  • I went and bought 3 packages and when my wife went to redeem them well before the end of the promotion she was told that there were no more. I feel CHEATED. It seems to me YOU screwed up by not having sufficient stock,

  • When i enter to get my free activity tracker and it said that the promotion has ended but the cereal box says redeemed by March 31,2016…. Im upset!

  • sent in the pin codes mid January, but never received the activity tracker

  • I received my fitness tracker yesterday. I’m looking forward to using it.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Christine. I don’t know if this will reach you but I’m going to try anyways. I got the fitness tracker awile ago and lost the directions. Can you message me and explain how it works. Thanks. I am on face book if you want to private message me. Irene Brace

  • I have tried a few times and get the same old message – Help -why is it so difficult?
    The special codes do not work

  • i put in my special codes that is on the special k boxes but they keep telling me that it’s not valid

  • I tried for th free activity tracker but it does not work.

  • I had no trouble entering the promotion as clearly stated. Your entry Web is user-friendly and simple. The letters and numbers are very clear. User may be using a capital I but should be a 1 (one). I ordered 3…1 for each of my grandchildren who just received a “Y” pass so this will keep them motivated. Thank you Kelloggs.

    • Thanks for the update, Louise,

      Glad to hear it was easy for you!

  • I have tried more than once to redeem the fit tracker and the print is faded looking it is very difficult to make out the letters and the numbers and if the letters are capitals or not . the computer will not accept my application. I am very disappointed

    • Hi Sharon, please contact Kellogg’s directly.

      I am sure they will help you.

      Good luck 🙂

  • I can’t enter it says turn off browser and let cookies in?????

    • You need to update your cookie settings.

  • I am also having trouble redeeming my codes. It keeps saying they are not valid. I made sure to enter them correctly.

  • I have trouble ordering the Free Red Special K Activity Tracker,
    tried yesterday and was denied . They told me to try again.

    • Hi Elsbeth, please check your code and try again.

      make sure to enter it exactly as show.
      If you continue to have problems, contact Kellogg’s at the link above.

      Good luck!

      • I also have issues redeeming my codes. It keeps telling me they are not valid, however, I made sure to enter them correctly (caps, hyphen). Please help.

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