Play Rock Paper Prizes Mobile Game: Win $10,000 Cash, Travel & Instant Prizes

Mac’s & Circle K 2019 Rock Paper Prizes Mobile Contest at

Mac's & Circle K rock Paper Prizes

Do you stop at Mac’s Convenience or Circle K Stores to gas up, get a quick snack or drink?

Then you’ll probably love their deals and cool promotions like the contest.

Stay in touch with their offers when you sign up for mobile text and enter the newest contest, the fun Rock Paper Prizes giveaway.

It’s back again for the summer of 2019!

Try your luck and play Rock, Paper, Prizes against a Circle K employee, for a chance win $10,000, a vacation, or a year of FREE gas! Plus win a Nintendo Switch,  an Apple iPad Air, gift cards, and instant prizes!

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Rock Paper Prizes Contest at 

There are 43 grand prizes to be won, 4 weekly prizes and an additional 155,032 Instant Prizes  as follows:


Grand prizes

  • 6x $10,000 CDN each
  • 6x Free Fuel, $4,000 each
  • 6x Travel Vouchers, $3,000 each


Weekly Prizes

  • 30x Apple iPad Air 64GB Wi-Fi + Cellular, $820.00
  • 30x Nintendo Switch + 2nd Controller, $525.00
  • 150x $50 Vanilla Visa Prepaid Card


Instant prizes:

  • 67,982 Dairymilk Oreo Bar (38g), $1.99
  • 10,197 Rockstar Energy Drink, $3.59
  • 12,237 Montellier (355ml), $1.39
  • 10,197 Crush (473ml), $2.15
  • 2,379 Schweppes Ginger Ale (591ml), $2.19
  • 16,996 Lay’s Poppables (57g), $2.19
  • 17,151 Nestlé Pure Life, $2.19
  • 17,151 Aero Milk Chocolate Bar, $1.99
  • 34,301 Redbull Regular Can
  • 24,011 Breyers Cyclone, $1.79
  • 21,000 Medium Coffee, $2.04
  • 103,500 Medium Froster, $1.99
  • 5250 Polar Pop, $0.89
  • 51,000 Favourites Water (500ml), $1.40
  • 34,000 Joker Energy Drink, $3.10
  • 14750 Favourites Nuts (71g), $1.20
  • 7500 Favourites Candy (113-198g), $2.80
  • 25,000 Hot Dog, $3.29
  • 4,500 Fuel Discount (3 cents per Litre), $0.75
  • Buy 1 Get 1 Free coupons for Dairymilk Oreo Bar, Rockstar Blackout, Schweppes Ginger Ale, Nestlé Pure Life Buy 1 Get 1 Free, Aero Milk Chocolate Bar, Redbull Regular Can, Breyers Cyclone, All Sizes Coffee, All Sizes Froster, Polar Pop, Favourites Water (500ml), Joker Energy Drink and more.


The contest begins on July 2, 2019 and ends at 11:59pm (EST) September 3, 2019.

All Mobile Coupons must be redeemed, in-store, within five days of receipt and by September 17, 2019, after which time, the Mobile Coupon will expire.


The Mac’s and Circle K Rock Paper Prizes contest is open to legal residents of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Northwest Territories , Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, and Prince Edward Island who are 13 years of age or older.

To enter the Contest,

  1. visit
  2. enter your personal mobile phone number
  3. and play the “Rock, Paper, Prizes” game. You can choose Your Move, Rock crushes scissors, paper covers rock, scissors cuts paper. Best 2 out of 3 wins.
  4. your mobile phone must have access to the internet and be capable of receiving text mesages because some game plays may result in instant prize coupons. Instant prizes can be redeemed at Mac’s or Circle K stores in Western Canada

There is a maximum of one game play per day per mobile phone number.

Each gameplay will give you one entry, into the weekly and grand prize draw, regardless of whether you win or lose the instant game.

So far I have won a free Dairymilk Oreo candy bar 🙂

Play once per day.

Get details at here

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Rock Paper Prizes Giveaways

The prizes vary in the RockPaperPrizes giveaway but they have two things in common. They are awesome and there are lots of them to go around. Just have a look at what was available this year so far:

2. grand prize: Free Gas For A Year ($4,000.00)
3. grand prize $3,500 Travel Voucher
Weekly Prizes
2x Apple iPad Air 64GB Wi-Fi + Cellular, $820.00
2x Nintendo Switch + 2nd Controller, $525.00
20x $100 Visa Gift Cards
20x $50 Couche-Tard Gift Cards

4x Playstation 4 Pro 1TB, $500
4x $250 Mac’s/Circle K Gift Cards
500 x Ben & Jerry’s Moo-phoria (500ml), $7.00
1,000x Nestle Water Perrier & Juice (330ml), $2.00
1,000x Pepsi Brisk (710ml), $2.60
5,000 Mac’s Favourites water (500ml), $1.30
3,000 Joker Energy Drinks (473ml), $3.00
3,000 Snickers Regular Bars (52g), $2.00
1,000 Dentyne Gum (12pk/16.8g), $1.80
1,000 Old Dutch Single Serve (66g), $1.70
1,000 Jack Link’s Wild Sticks (28g), $2.00
1,000 Favourites Candy (141 – 198g), $3.00
3,000 SCG Coffee / Hot Beverage (Small – X Large), $3.60
5,000 Froster / Froster Swirl (Medium), $3.60
5,000 Real Hot Dogs, $3.70
1,500 Monster Energy (White Dragon Tea 458mL), $3.60
500 Monster Hydro (Purple Passion 550mL), $3.60


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