Circle K Play 2022 Summer Game to Win Cash & Instant Prizes


Circle K Play 2022 Summer Game to Win Cash & Instant Prizes

Try your luck and play Rock, Paper, Prizes against a Circle K employee, for a chance to Win 25,000 Prizes every day, Car Wash for a year, $2,000 Cash, $2,000 Travel Gift Card, Stand Up Taiga Paddleboard, and instant prizes. Save this contest below and enter every day!!!

Valid Till 2022-09-12
  • Prize Value$25,000
  • FrequencyDaily

Posted On July 16, 2022


Mac’s & Circle K 2022 Summer Rock Paper Prizes Mobile Contest at

Mac's & Circle K 2021 Summer Rock Paper Prizes Mobile Contest

It’s back again for the summer of 2022 and part 2 of Rock,Paper, Prizes has started!

If you played rock, paper and scissors as a child, you will love this s digital version!

Try your luck and play Rock, Paper, Prizes against a Circle K employee, for a chance to Win 25,000 Prizes every day, Car Wash for a year, $2,000 Cash, $2,000 Travel Gift Card, Stand Up Taiga Paddleboard, and instant prizes.

Rock Paper Prizes Summer Contest at prize details

Prize details

Circle K is giving away thousands of instant prizes and the following grand prizes:

Instant QR Prizes.

The following instant QR prizes, the “INSTANT QR PRIZES”) are available to be won during the Contest Period:

Instant Win Prizes

Circle KFREEArizona Beverage680ml5,60050,4008,400$1.99
Circle KFREECircle K Candy113-198g5,60028,00011,200$2.89
Circle KFREECircle K Chips66g53,200$1.49
Circle KFREECircle K Peanuts71g5,60039,2005,600$1.19
Circle KFREECircle K Water500ml28,00098,00025,200$1.39
Circle KFREEFrosterMedium8,40039,20011,200$2.99
Circle KFREEHot Dog5,60014,000$3.75
Circle KFREEJoker Energy Drink473ml5,60050,4008,400$3.09
Circle KFREEMedium CoffeeMedium5,60067,2008,400$1.60
Circle KFREEPolar PopMedium5,60050,4008,400$3.15
Circle KFREEPremium Car Wash7,952$15.99
Circle KFREESave $0.03/L on fuel60,032$0.75
Circle KFREESave $0.05/L on fuel20,048$1.25
Circle KFREESave $0.07/L on fuel7,952$1.75
Circle KFREESave $0.10/L on fuel2,016$2.50
Circle KFREESave $1 on fuel20,048$1.00
Circle KFREESave $1.50 on fuel9,968$1.50
Circle KFREESave $2 on fuel4,032$2.00
Circle KFREESave $2.50 on fuel4,03279,968$2.50
Circle KFREESave $3 on fuel60,032$3.00
Circle KFREESave $3.50 on fuel60,032$3.50
Circle KFREETaquito5,60014,000$2.75
Coca ColaFREECoca-Cola Drink473-500ml10,97637,01616,016$2.69
Coca ColaFREECoca-Cola with Coffee355ml6,60822,1769,576$2.99
HersheyFREEReese’s Peanut Butter Cups46g14,28048,10420,776$2.29
KDRPFREEBai Drink530ml13,21644,40819,208$3.29
MondouxFREESweet Sixteen Candies135g11,704$3.99
MondouxFREESweet Sixteen Ribbon125g40,488$3.99
PepsiFREEGuru Energy Drink355ml16,24056,22424,416$3.99
PepsiFREEStarbucks Tripleshot Energy444ml10,19232,59214,000$3.79
UnileverFREETutti Frutti Ice Pop50ml4,76016,2407,000$1.29
Circle KBUY 1 GET 1Arizona Beverage680ml28,000103,60033,600$1.99
Circle KBUY 1 GET 1Circle K Candy113-198g19,60081,20033,600$2.89
Circle KBUY 1 GET 1Circle K Chips66g30,80082,60036,400$1.49
Circle KBUY 1 GET 1Circle K Peanuts71g30,800109,20030,800$1.19
Circle KBUY 1 GET 1FrosterAny size22,40077,00025,200$2.21
Circle KBUY 1 GET 1Joker Energy Drink473ml25,200103,60033,600$3.09
Circle KBUY 1 GET 1Premium Car Wash32,032$15.99
Coca ColaBUY 1 GET 1Monster Energy Drink458-550ml5,48818,4808,008$4.49
Coca ColaBUY 1 GET 1Smartwater700ml2,1847,3923,192$3.89
ConagraBUY 1 GET 1BIGS Sunflower Seeds140g23,18410,416$2.79
ConagraBUY 1 GET 1Slim Jim Meat Stick27.5g60,70427,328$1.39
GURUBUY 1 GET 1Guru Energy Drink355ml5,48818,4808,008$3.99
HersheyBUY 1 GET 1Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups46g6,60822,1769,576$2.29
KDRPBUY 1 GET 1Bai Drink530ml5,48818,4808,008$3.29
MondouxBUY 1 GET 1Sweet Sixteen Candies135g10,416$3.99
MondouxBUY 1 GET 1Sweet Sixteen Ribbon125g36,008$3.99
PepsiBUY 1 GET 1Starbucks Tripleshot Energy444ml5,48818,4808,008$3.79
UnileverBUY 1 GET 1Magnum Cookie Duet Ice Cream Bar85ml1,3444,4241,904$4.29
UnileverBUY 1 GET 1Tutti Frutti Ice Pop50ml5,71219,4888,400$1.29

Weekly Prizes.

The following weekly prizes are available to be won during the Contest Period:

Cash $1000888$1,000
Guru Backpack/case444$242

Grand Prizes

Car Wash Gift Card4$1,000
Circle K Gift Card33$2,000
Travel Gift Card222$2,000
Guru Taiga Stand Up Paddleboard1$1,692
  1. Sour Patch Kids Prize. The following Sour Patch Kids prizes (each, a “SOUR PATCH KIDS PRIZE” and collectively, the “SOUR PATCH KIDS PRIZES”) are available to be won during the Contest Period:
Sour Patch Kids Candy Bundle18$600$ 3,600.00

Consolation prizes.

If you play for 3 days in a row without winning a prizes you may qualify for one of the following

Circle KFREECircle K Chips66g4,2009,8006,000$1.49
Circle KFREEMedium CoffeeMedium1,4007,0001,400$1.60
Circle KBUY 1 GET 1FrosterAny size2,80013,3004,200$2.21

complete prize list at

Contest dates Contest dates

The CirclekGames contest runs from July 19th through September 12th, 2022

All Mobile Coupons must be redeemed, in-store, within five days of receipt and the Mobile Coupon will expire.

#RockPaperPrizes an Entry Rules

The Mac’s and Circle K Rock Paper Prizes contest is open to legal residents of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Northwest Territories, Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, and Prince Edward Island who are 13 years of age or older.

To enter the Rock paper, Prizes Text To Win Contest,
  1. visit, (or
  2. enter your personal mobile phone number
  3. and play the “Rock, Paper, Prizes” game.
  4. You can choose Your Move, Rock crushes scissors, paper covers rock, scissors cuts paper. Best 2 out of 3 wins.
  5. your mobile phone must have access to the internet and be capable of receiving text messages because some gameplays may result in instant prize coupons. Instant prizes can be redeemed at Mac’s or Circle K stores in Canada

There is a maximum of one game play per day per mobile phone number.

Each gameplay will give you one entry, into the weekly and grand prize draw, regardless of whether you win or lose the instant game.

Bonus entries

Complete at least one game play per day for seven consecutive days and earn additional entries.

Play once per day. (3 games)

Get details at here

rules at

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More great GIVEAWAYS to enter

Rock paper prizes scan qr code to win
About Rock Paper Prizes Giveaways

Do you stop at Mac’s Convenience or Circle K Stores to gas up, get a quick snack or drink? Then you’ll probably love their deals and cool promotions like the contest.

Stay in touch with their offers when you sign up for mobile text and enter the newest contest, the fun Rock Paper Prizes giveaway.

The prizes may vary in the RockPaperPrizes giveaway but they have two things in common.

They are awesome and there are lots of them to go around. Just have a look at what was available this year so far. Grand prizes included $10,000 Cash, $3,000 Gas For A Year and vacation prizes like $3,000 Travel Vouchers. Of course, there are lots of electronics and gaming prizes to be won including, a Nintendo Switch, an Apple iPad Air Playstation consoles or smartphones. Circle K prizes also include free $50 to $100 Mac’s/Circle K Gift Cards or $50 Vanilla Visa Prepaid Cards.

Then there are the instant wins which included drinks and snacks like Ben & Jerry’s Moo-phoria, Nestle Water Perrier & Juice, Pepsi Brisk, Mac’s Favourites water, Caramilk bars, Joker Energy Drinks, Snickers Regular Bars , Dentyne Gum, Old Dutch, Jack Link’s Wild Sticks, Favourites Candy, SCG Coffee / Hot Beverage, Froster / Froster Swirl (Medium), Real Hot Dogs, Monster Energy (White Dragon, Monster Hydro and more.

And if you don’t manage to win an instant prize you may still get an awesome discount like the BOGO, or 2 for 1 deals like FREE or Buy one, get one free bars, Mondelez Caramilk, Wunderbar, Oreo, Crunchie, Pepsi, Nestea, Rockstar Energy Drinks, Crush, Red Bull, Brisk, Joker, Polar Pop Favourites Water, Coffee,

  • 2021 Prizes: Grand prizes, 1x Sea-Doo, 3x Fuel for a Year (Circle K Gift card), 1x Patrick Mahones Helmet & Football, 4x $2,000 Cash, weekly Prizes, 8x Pellet Grill & Smokers, 9x Outdoor Fire Tables, 9x Inflatable Water Playgrounds, 7x BioSteel Cooler & Products

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    might take a visit to the circle k on strasburg and blocklline i live at the apartment ritwe nearby

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