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Western Canada Lottery Corporation 2022 Pick Your Present Contest @ pickyourpresent.ca

Western Canada Lottery Corporation  Pick Your Present Contest

Everyone likes to get gifts, and a surprise can get great, but what if you have no use for the gift or it doesn’t reflect your taste?

There is an easy solution to that.

Participate now in the WCLC’s Pick Your Present Contest holiday promotion and choose a present to your liking!

The 2021 Pick Your Present Contest

Prize Details:

 Western Canada Lottery Corporation is giving away FIFTY Draw Prizes and TWO HUNDRED Instant Win Prizes.

The Fifty Draw Prizes are comprised of the following:

  1. a $5,000 Vacation Voucher as selected by WCLC, or $5,000 cash.
  2. a 55″ QLED 4K Smart TV as selected by WCLC valued at $1,100, or $1,100 cash.
  3. $1,000 cash.
  4. 17.3” Laptop as selected by WCLC valued at $950, or $950 cash.
  5. a Video Game Console as selected by WCLC valued at $380, or $380 cash.
  6. a Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker as selected by WCLC valued at $250, or $250 cash.

The Two Hundred Instant Win Prizes, each consists of a $50 prepaid credit card as selected by WCLC.

Pickyourpresent.ca Promotion Dates:

The Pick Your Present Contest is now ongoing until January 7, 2022.

The Instant Prize winner will be notified on-screen right after playing the Bonus Game and will be provided instructions on how to claim the prize.

Fifty Draw Winners will be selected in a random drawing on January 13, 2021, will be notified via email or phone and MUST respond within the time stated in the notice.

Keep every PICK YOUR PRESENT ticket portion entered until March 4, 2022. You may be asked to show the ticket portion that if your code is code drawn by WCLC.

Contest Entry Rules:

The Pick Your Present Contest is open to residents of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut.

You must be 18 years of age or older to participate.

How to participate in the 2021 Pick Your Present Contest

Purchase any of the following nine WCLC Zing tickets:

  • $1 Tis The Season (Series 21381),
  • $1 Holiday 7s (Series 21382),
  • $2 Stocking Stuffer (Series 25367),
  • $3 Holiday Magic (Series 15338),
  • $3 Peppermint Cash (Series 15337),
  • $4 Silver Bells Crossword (Series 13125),
  • $5 A Festive Gift (Series 26257),
  • $20 Player’s Choice Mega Pack (Series 31049), or
  • $30 Christmas Countdown (Series 36008)

  1. Buy an eligible Zing ticket and lock for the yellow “pick your present” sticker in the corner (as seen above0
  2. if your ticket contains the sticker, Scratch the PICK YOUR PRESENT contest code
  3. and reveal your unique contest code
  4. then go to pickyourpresent.ca or scan your code
  5. Select your province of residence
  6. Next, click “Log-in” or “Register”
  7. Proceed and follow the on-screen instructions to fill out all the required information including the Pick Your Present Contest Code located in the scratch-off area at the bottom of your ticket and submit your entry.

You can enter up to 50 unique PICK YOUR PRESENT contest codes per person, per day.

Bonus Game:

  • For every $5 worth of tickets entered will entitle you to Play one Bonus Game

Up to fifty Pick Your Present Contest Code entries, per person, per day are allowed.

Go to www.pickyourpresent.wclc.com/ click here to enter

problems entering your codes or questions? visit the FAQ and help section at pickyourpresent.wclc.com/default.aspx?p=c_pkp21_help

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More great GIVEAWAYS to enter

About the Pick Your Present Holiday Promotion

What do you give the aunt or uncle, cousin or in-law or who has everything? You could give them a free vacation, $5,000 cash or free lottery tickets!

All that is possible and you only have to spend $1, $3, $5 to start when you buy seasonal lottery tickets like the $1 Holiday Wishes, $1 Frosty $50’s, Gingerbread Dough, Jingle Paws and more .

The 2020 prizes included:

  • Three Prizes for Draw #1: Each prize consists of a $5,000 Vacation Voucher, or a $5,000 cash option.
  • Twelve Regional Prizes for Draw #2 (6 for Alberta, 2 for Manitoba, 2 for Saskatchewan, 1 for Yukon, and 1 for Northwest Territories & Nunavut): Each prize consists of a Samsung 55″ 2020 Q70T 4K Smart QLED TV worth $1,200, or $1,200 cash option.
  • Fifteen Prizes for Draw #3: Each prize consists of a $1,000 cash.
  • Ten Prizes for Draw #4: Each prize consists of a Samsung Galaxy Watch (Silver or Black) worth $250, or $250 cash option.
  • Five Prizes for Draw #5: Each prize consists of a Samsung 200W 2.1ch Sound Bar worth $280 or $280 cash option.
  • Five Prizes for Draw #6: Each prize consists of a Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2020, 8.4, LTE) 32GB worth $320, or $320 cash option.

11 thoughts on “Pick Your Present CA Contest: Win WCLC Instant Prizes

  • How can one register for these tickets?

  • I won the instant win for Western Max year subscription
    I sent in the form that was sent to me when I first won , but haven’t heard any more about my ticket.
    I didn’t pick my numbers, I checked the box for quick pick so I can’t look over my numbers at every draw, so how do I know if I win? I think that I might have used my old address when I sent it in aswell.

  • Hi when are they picking winners.? I go to click on the winners page it takes me to the lottery page. Ya confused myself…

  • Cannot access winners list. Can you please check your site. We would all like to see a complete list . Tk u. Why does it suggest we keep our ticket stubs till March??

  • Sorry not sure if i can only play if i won on the ticket or just enter the bottom part of the ticket or am i entered already? thank you for taking time to help me. Brenda

    • When will the names of the winners be posted and is it nessarry that I hang onto the little slips with the codes or if I throw them away am I still able to claim the prize??

      • Angie Borcherding

        Hi Zackary. The winners for the Pick Your Present contest will be posted on wclc.com once verified.

        Please save the original contest portion of every ticket you entered until March 5, 2021. You may be required to present it to WCLC if you are chosen as a potential winner.

    • Yes. I see that im not the only one who cant see the winners list for Pick Your Present. Why is this. What the _____ is going on with that

    • Will winning codes or winners be posted somewhere?

      • Angie Borcherding

        Yes, As I have answered previously, pickyourpresent winners will be posted on wclc.com once verified.


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