Pepsi Stuff Giveaway: Enter Pin Code & Win $10,000 Cash + Instant Prizes

Pepsi Stuff Contest 2021 Drink Pepsi Win Epic Stuff Giveaway

Pepsi Stuff Giveaway: Enter Pin Code & Win $10,000 Cash + Instant Prizes

This Summer will be a lot cooler with the new coming Pepsi Free Stuff promotion.

Today I like to share with you that one of my favourite summer promotions is back!

The popular Pepsi Stuff promo is back for another year

and it’s gonna be even bigger and better than last time!

Although I normally like my sparkling water, I just love Pepsi Zero this promotion because it is amazing for winning instant prizes!!

Simply drink a can of Pepsi and you could win some awesome prizes, including $10,000 CASH and instant giveaways.

The prize details are to be announced,

Pepsi Stuff Contest win amazing instant and grand prizes during the new Giveaway, details and everything you could win are posted below

Prize Details – What Are 2021 PepsiStuff Grand Prizes and instant Prizes?

There are a total of 16 Grand Prizes to be won, each with a value of CAD $10,000.
There will be one prize given away every week.

In addition, Pepsi Canada is giving away 34,000 instant prizes. The Instant Win Prizes include:

nstant Win Prizes: There are 32,040 Instant Win Prizes available as set out in the table below.

Number of PrizesValue (Each)
Free Pepsi 12pk coupon10,000$5
KFC gift card4,000$10
Insulated drink cooler5,008$6
Cruiser Bicycle8$800
Paddle board16$800
Hiking backpack8$400

2021 Pepsi Stuff Summer contest dates. The promotion begins on June 13, 2021 2021 Contest dates

The Drink Pepsi Win Summer Stuff Contest begins on June 13th, 2021 and ends on August 7th, 2021

The Pepsi Free Stuff Summer promotion consists of weekly prize periods.

Winners will be selected instantly by a random draw from all the eligible entries received

The Pepsi Free Stuff Summer promotion is valid with the purchase of participating products. Enter your pin codes at for a chance to win instant prizes, Get the entry rules below
Entry Rules – How to enter the Pepsi Free Stuff Giveaway

Buy participating Pepsi products like specially marked 12 and 15 Pepsi carton packs and specially marked 21oz fountain drinks at participating restaurants.

  • Then visit the contest page at,
  • register with your full name, email address, phone number, province.
    now enter your unique Pepsi Free Stuff code.

Free entry:

To participate without making a purchase follow these steps:

send a letter to request a free code to  “PEPSI CANADA SUMMER STUFF” C/O MRI P.O Box 3265 Oak Park, IL 60303-3265.

What Are the participating products in the 2021 Pepsi Stuff Giveaway

participating Pepsi products include: specially marked Pepsi, PEPSI ZERO SUGAR, DIET PEPSI and PEPSI BLUE

Where Can I find the Pin Codes

To locate and find your unique 10-character alphanumeric pin codes check the following specially marked products

  1. single Pepsi bottle: find a code underneath bottle caps
  2. for 12 packs of Pepsi: find the code printed on the cardboard inside your pack
  3. Pepsi fountain drinks: Roll up the rim of the cup to find locate the code

Visit and click here to enter

view full rules at

LIKE if you want to win this prize!

Share so your friends can win too 🙂

More About the Pepsi Canada Free Stuff Sweepstake & Previous Pepsi Merch Prizes

Drink a cool Pepsi and Stay tuned for more Pepsi giveaways. My family has entered the Pepsi Free Stuff promotion since 2019 and has won quite a couple of instant prizes. It’s definitely worth checking your stores for the specially marked Pepsi bottles.

Aside from the thousands of instant win prizes like free Pepsi and Pepsi merch, there are some absolutely fantastic grand prizes to be won.

What Could You Win during the Pepsi Free Stuff Giveaways?

The previous giveaways had event getaways and trips prizes (each worth $10,000) 4 tickets to CMA music festival weekend, tickets to Super Bowl, stay in NYC +, 2 VIP tickets to see Britney Spears & stay, VIP tickets to a Music Festival, tickets to a North American concert of winner’s choice ($10,000) Trip, tickets to VMA (Video Music Awards), UEFA finals in Madrid, Spain or a $10,000 in Cash Prize

Furthermore, there were many home electronic prizes to be won like a Home Theatre System including 60 Inch LED TV, Sound System, Gaming Console and Pepsi Mini Fridge,

Finally, you can’t loose if you win one of the 32,000 Instant Win Prizes which included

  • $25 NHL gift cards (e-gift card)
  • $10 KFC/YUM gift cards
  • $10 itunes gift cards
  • Pepsi12-pack product coupon
  • Pepsi branded merchandise like a Baseball T-shirt, Retro logo T-shirt, Vintage baseball cap , Beach Towel, Socks or Pop Socket for Phone

22 thoughts on “Pepsi Stuff Giveaway: Enter Pin Code & Win $10,000 Cash + Instant Prizes

  • I entered all my information and when I tried to get in again it said my e-mail or password was invalid. I entered all the info again and when I tried to enter it said it was invalid. I tried a third time and the same thing

    • Did you try password reset (forgotten password)?

      • I won a 12 pack of Pepsi did everything and they said it would be 6-8 weeks a coupon to be sent and my info verified been 3 months and hi have contacted the 2 times and they are telling me that the contest is over. I think no one ever won anything and they just wanted t people to buy their product. I guess coca-Cola are the only ones that actually give their customers that win a prize the prize that they won and not just lie about their prizes are. Will never buy Pepsi products or even go to the Harvey’s restaurant and get a meal with the Pepsi will order water or just no pop. I will not support liars and let them make money from me.

  • Je possède cet adresse e-mail depuis 20 ans

  • ****Would someone please get back to me and also explain to how I can enter online here the code from under the yellow cap for diet pepsi before the contest ends August 7th

    • Please contact Pepsi at the link given above

    • Please contact Pepsi direectly. Link is given in the post above. Good luck!

  • It seems very hard to figure out how to enter this contest. Is there an easy step by step plan to get in

  • Shame on you for eliciting info I just wanted to enter my PIN code for my Harveys purchase. I will complain to Harveys about this practice.

    • Howard,

      We are a little saddened by your comment, as at NO point anywhere we are asking you for a pin code.

      This applies to this post and ANY other post on our website.
      Before making false accusations, it would be wise to actually READ the content.

      So, please read the information again slowly,
      It tells you to visit the Pepsi contest page and enter the code THERE.

      The exact instructions were

      ..visit the contest page at,
      register with your full name, email address, phone number, province.


      And AGAIN on the bottom of the posts it says to go to

    • Pepsi, click here
      and this even INCLUDES the clickable link!

      Then there is another link to the contest rules.

      We are sorry you didn’t take the time to read the information given

      We can’t make it much clearer than that.

      P.S. As a matter of act we go above and beyond, because if a reader ever leaves a code by accident., we REMOVE it for them before publishing the comment, so nobody else can use it.

      You will see XXX insteadt of an actual code

  • The link will nor let me enter a password !!!Why not ???

  • Thank You. The contest is a nice addition to Summer. We love Pepsi All of us!!!

    • I agree, Cheryl The Pepsi Stuff is an awesome summer promotion 🙂

  • impossible d’accéder à, une vrai joke après 22 tentatives. Vous vous foutez du client avec de tels arnaques

  • If you can afford to “give away” a $1200 phone why do you need my credit card number for $1.95?

  • My code is 4XXXXX.

    • Hi Tenzin,
      Please visit the link at Pepsi Stuff above and enter your code there.
      Good luck 🙂

  • wont let me enter my Bdate and answer ur ?


  • it would be so exciting to win. I adore Pepsi products.


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