Pascha Chocolate Giveaway: Win Gift Basket ($100)

PaschA cHOCOLATE gIVEAWAY win $100 worth of our GLUTEN-FREE, VEGAN, ORGANIC, SUSTAINABLY-SOURCED and delicious chocolate


There is scientific proof that chocolate is good for your soul AND body.

That’s why you shouldn’t miss out on this delicious giveaway from the Pascha Chocolate Company.

Enter now for your chance to win one of 5 healthy New Years’ goodie bags filled with a tasty variety of bars including Classic, and Dark bars, specialty bars like the Arabica Coffee, Vegan, No Sugar Added and more.

Not only that, but Pascha Chocolate bars are also organic, gluten-free, and sustainably-sourced.

The Nourish Group Giveaway Contest 

WIN $100 worth of Pascha Chocolate

Prize Details:

Pascha Chocolate Co. is giving away FIVE Prizes, each consists of:

  • 2 bars 55% Cacao, Barely Dark Bar;
  • 2 bars 55% Cacao with Cocoa Nibs;
  • 2 bars 70% Cacao, Classic Dark;
  • 2 bars 70% Cacao, No Added Sugar;
  • 2 bars 70% Cacao, with Arabica Coffee;
  • 2 bars 85% Cacao, Very Dark;
  • 2 bars 100% Cacao, No Sugar Added with Cocoa Nibs;
  • 2 bars Vegan White Bar,
  • 1 bag ​55% Cacao, Barely Dark, Semi-Sweet Chips;
  • 1 bag 70% Cacao, No Sugar Added, Bittersweet Chips;
  • 1 bag 85% Cacao, Very Dark, Bittersweet Chips;
  • 1 bag 100% Cacao, No Sugar, Unsweetened Chips;
  • 1 bag Vegan White Baking Chips;
  • and 1 bag No Milk Baking Chips.

Pascha Chocolate Promotion Dates:

Promotion Dates:

The Nourish Group Giveaway Contest is now ongoing until  January 25, 2021.

The Prize winner will be selected in a random drawing, will be notified via email and MUST respond to claim the prize.

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Contest Entry Rules:

The Nourish Group Giveaway Contest is open to Canadian residents.

You must be 18 years of age or older to participate.

To participate in the Nourish Group Giveaway Contest 
  1. Go to
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to fill out all the required information, enter your email address
  3. and submit your entry.

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