OLG Holiday Ca Contest: Win $25,000 – Play Ticket Codes Online

2022 OLG Holiday Contest – “7 Weeks of Winning Online Holiday at olgholidaycontest.ca

2022 OLG Holiday Contest - "7 Weeks of Winning Online Holiday  at olgholidaycontest.ca

The OLG Holiday giveaway is back.

This year buy the seasonal Holiday Instant Win tickets

and gift packs and enter contest codes online, plus pay the bonus game for a chance to win a great cash prize, more below

7 Weeks of Winning Online OLG Holiday Contest 

Prize Details:

Prize Details:

There is a total of one Grand Prize and seven Weekly Prizes to be won during this holiday promotion.

The grand prize consists of $25,000 CAD, payable by cheque.

Each Weekly Prize winner will receive $1,000 CAD, payable by cheque.

Promotion Dates:

Olgholidaycontest.ca Contest & Draw Dates

The OLG 7 Weeks of Winning Online Holiday Contest is ongoing from October 24th, 2022 through January 13, 2023 11:59:59 p.m. ET.

Weekly prizes will be awarded throughout the promotions period.

Contest Entry Rules:
OLH Holiday Contest Promotion Entry Rules:

The OLG Online Holiday Contest is open to residents of Ontario.

You must be 15 years of age and older to participate and win.

How to enter the OLG Holiday Contest Cash Giveaway

To participate in The 7 Weeks of Winning Online Holiday Contest 

  1. you must first purchase one of the eligible OLG instant win Holiday tickets at a Lottery Retailer (see below)
  2. then reveal the 14-digit Online Holiday Contest Online Contest Code on the scratch-off area of your ticket
  3. next, visit the giveaway page online at Olgholidaycontest.ca
  4. and follow the instructions to enter the pin code

.Each Contest Code is unique and you may only use it once.

Bonus entry

  • After you have entered your code at Olgholidaycontest.ca you may play the online bonus game and get Bonus Entries (number of entries vary by ticket, see details below)

see the full OLG Holiday contest rules at https://olgholidaycontest.ca/rules.html

FREE -No Purchase Necessary (“NPN”):

to get a free play pin code without buying an OLG lottery ticket, send a 100 word written essay describing your favourite Holiday tradition and the number of entries (2 or 3 or 5 or 20) you wish to get

then mail it with your full name and address details (and postage) to

“7 WEEKS OF WINNING ONLINE HOLIDAY CONTEST”, 140 Otter Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3T 0M8

read the rules at olgholidaycontest.ca/rules.html for exact instructions

Participating OLG Holiday Instant Tickets

the tickets that have special win codes include the following

  • $2 Happy Pawlidays 3 entries and 2-4 bonus entries
  • $3 Snowball Frenzy – 3 entries and 2-4 bonus entries
  • $3 Sweet Cash – 2 entries and 1-2 bonus entries
  • $5 Winter Wild Card – 5 entries and 4-7 bonus entries
  • $5 Frosty $500 – 5 entries and 4-7 bonus entries
  • $20 Holiday Giftpack – 20 entries and 20-30 bonus entries
Winners & Winner Notifications

Winners will be contacted by phone and or email 10 days after the draw. (up to four times)

The winner must return any message left by the Contest Administrator and claim the prize.

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28 thoughts on “OLG Holiday Ca Contest: Win $25,000 – Play Ticket Codes Online

  • Were to find the winning numbers for this $25,000 Holiday contest??

  • cant find winning numbers for the holiday contest

  • Who won the 25000.00

  • What if you are gone away during the call times. Do we have a year to get back to you? Is the prize on hold for a year?

  • Where are the weekly numbers to check for 1000 dollars

  • I cannot get into website to register my tickets.

  • You cannot enter your code unless you give them your credit card I.D. However OLG is promoting anti virus protection and trying to sell other scratch and win tickets.
    I have called OLG and their response was that they were having some problems with registration, that was one week ago. The problem has not been rectified yet. This is a scam from OLG, if not , then OLG should fire the inept technicians or upgrade their system.

  • why won’t it let me put numbers in, I have tried so many different ways?

  • Link to enter codes does not work

  • cannot get into site to enter

  • Keep having trouble getting on the site to enter my code numbers I keep getting error 502 gateway anybody know why is the system down or something

  • Fingers are crossed. Good luck everyone

    • Good luck, Cheryl!

  • It doesn’t matter what I win, I am very grateful

  • I love this contest so much fun playing good luck everyone ❤️🎅🤶🌲

    • Sure is a fun holiday game 🙂 Good luck Maureen!

  • Would be great to win this. Just in time for Christmas. Good luck everyone.. merry Christmas

  • Love to win ❤

    • Good luck, Lyne 🙂

      • You as well

        • Thank you 🙂

  • It’s would be nice to win cash for Christmas. Thanks

    • Good luck Mary 🙂

  • I am excited about the holiday olg tickets where you enter your codes sounds awesome

  • Do I actually need a credit card to see if my numbers win?

    • It’s would be nice to win

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