Oldmil Contest Ca: Enter Pins to Win Camping Yurts Tents

Old Milwaukee Beer 2023 Camping Yurts Tent Giveaway, oldmilwaukeecontests.ca (or Oldmilcontest.ca or Oldmilwaukee.ca)

Old Milwaukee Beer Camping Yurts tentGiveaway, oldmilwaukeecontests.ca

This season you could cool off with a nice chilled Old Milwaukee beer and win an awesome yurt for your next summer vacation.

Old Milwaukee Beer is now holding a giveaway and you can purchase a specially marked box and enter pin codes for a chance to win 1 of 10 Old Milwaukee branded prizes at  Oldmilwaukeecontest.ca or Oldmilcontest.ca or Oldmilwaukee.ca

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Prize Details

Sleeman Breweries Ltd. is giving away 10 prizes.

 There are ten Prizes to be won.

Each Prize consists of an Old Milwaukee Camping Yurt, a value of each Prize is $400 CAD.

Oldmilwaukeecontest.ca Contest dates

   Oldmilwaukeecontest.ca Contest dates

The Old Milwaukee Yurt Contest runs from April 1, 2023 until 11:59 p.m. (PT) on May 31, 2023.

Selected winners will be drawn on May 31st, 2023. 

  Entry Details

  The Old Milwaukee Contest is open to residents of British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Alberta.

You must be (19 years of age or older in British Columbia and Saskatchewan, and 18 of age or older in Alberta) to participate.

To participate in the Old Milwaukee Contest Yurt Giveaway – oldmilcontest.ca

To participate in the Old Milwaukee Beer giveaway

  • Purchase one case of specially marked twenty-four 355ml cans of Old Milwaukee beer and locate the PIN Code.
  • Go to www.oldmilwaukeecontest.ca, or Oldmilcontest.ca or Oldmilwaukee.ca
  • Enter your date of birth and click “PROCEED”
  • Next, enter the PIN Code, your name, home address, phone, email and complete the contest form.
  • Then click “SUBMIT ENTRY”


  • On a piece of paper, hand write an original letter of at least one hundred words explaining why you would like to win the Prize, along with your name, address (including city or town and postal code), age and telephone number (with area code),
  • Mail it to: , to “Old Milwaukee Camping Yurt Contest” c/o Sleeman Breweries, 551 Clair Rd. W, Guelph, On N1L 0H7. 

If you rather drink Bud Light, there may also giveaways to be found there as well!

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Old Milwaukee Jacket Giveaway at Oldmilwaukeecontest.
Old Milwaukee Beer Promotions and Giveaway

Old Milwaukee Jacket Giveaway at Oldmilwaukeecontest.ca.
  • 125 prizes were being given away,  Each Prize consists of an Old Milwaukee Hooded Jacket worth $105 CAD.

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