Contest: Win Nutella Holiday Sweater Prizes

$50 Contest: Win Nutella Holiday Sweater Prizes

Nutella Canada Contests 2022 Nutella Holiday Sweater Giveaway at If you love Nutella’s rich, chocolate hazelnut spread, you are

Valid Till 2022-12-15
  • Prize Value$50
  • FrequencyOnce

Posted On November 2, 2022


Nutella Canada Contests 2022 Nutella Holiday Sweater Giveaway at

Nutella Canada Contests  Nutella Holiday Sweater Giveaway at

If you love Nutella’s rich, chocolate hazelnut spread, you are often treated to free bonus offers and giveaways!!

Just look at Nutella jars on your local grocery store shelves, and you may be lucky to find a new giveaway or contest.

This Holiday season enter the Nutella giveaway for a chance to win a cozy Holiday sweater

Nutella Holiday Sweater Giveaway

Prize Details:

Prize Details:

Nutella (Ferrero Canada Ltd.) is giving away 400 prizes in total

Each prize consists of a Nutella Sweater, valued at $50 Canadian dollars (CAD). Promotion Dates: Promotion Dates:

The “NUTELLA Holiday Sweater Contest runs from November 01, 2022, to Thursday, December 15, 2022, at 11:59 PM

The prize winner will be selected in a random drawing, will be notified via email or phone and MUST respond within 7 days.

Nutella Contest Entry Rules:
Nutella Contest Entry Rules:

The “NUTELLA Holiday Sweater Contest is open to Canadian residents.

You must have reached the age of majority in your province of residence to participate.

How to enter the 2022 Holiday Sweater Giveaway Promotion

To participate in the Holiday Sweater Giveaway

About Nutella and Where to find Nutella Giveaways

It’s advertised as part of a wholesome breakfast, and we don’t care that it has little more nutrition than a chocolate bar, because this stuff is delicious. Spread Nutella on your toast, bagel or bake it in a muffin, heck you can even drizzle it over your organic cereal, NOW we are talking nutritious breakfast, right? Anyways, Nutella is made with rich chocolate and hazelnuts (and lots of sugar) and tastes great on just about anything sweet. Tim Hortons bakes Nutella in donuts. You can add it to cookies, crepes, pies and cakes and have you noticed there are now even Nutella cafes’ popping up?

The Nutella giveaways and sweepstakes are mostly found on their fan page at Called The Nutella Breakfast Table it also provides Nutella recipes and product information. For more promotions, you may also want to visit the website

  • Win Spin to Win Spife, Mixer, Waffle Iron & More Prizes; There are 41,125 prizes to be won in total, ranging from $4 to 399.99 (CDN). ! The prizes are as follows, 1,000 coupons for a box of pancake mix $4, 40,000 NUTELLA spife; $5, 100x Waffle irons, $59.99, 25x Stand mixer, $399. Head over to On the contest page, enter your pin code and correctly answer the skill-testing question. Submit your entry and you will be able to click on the “Enter or Spin” icon.spin to see if you have won an instant prize.
  • Nutella Contest for Canada – Spife Instant Win Giveaway. To enter buy specially marked Nutella jars and use the pin code found inside at Prizes: 40,000 prizes, each a NUTELLA SPIFE (spoon and knife combined), $5.00 (CAN).1,515 instant prizes: 5x STAND MIXER, $544.00 (CDN), 5x WAFFLE IRON $88.67 (CDN), 5x PANINI PRESS $88.67 (CDN), 1,000 NUTELLA COUPON FOR NUTELLA JAR, $6.07 (CDN), 500x T-SHIRT $11.30 (CDN)
  •, 10x Mixers, each valued at $379.99 (CDN), 10,000 NUTELLA branded Flippers (Spatulas), each valued at $4.00 (CDN), 100x Aprons, each valued at $10.00 (CDN), 1,000 Coupons for up to $4.00 toward one box of pancake mix (up to) $4.00 (CDN)

Get Freebies

  • Nutella Canada – Free Label Giveaway @ For a limited time, you can get a personalized label when you buy 725g or 1kg jar of Nutella hazelnut spread jars. Enter the unique PIN at and create your label(s). Prize: 40,000 Nutella Spife prizes.. up to 2 personalized labels per PIN entered. pin codes are required to get your free labels! Enter

more at Contest: Win Spin to Win Spife, Mixer, Waffle Iron & More Prizes


6 thoughts on “ Contest: Win Nutella Holiday Sweater Prizes

  • I just bought a bottle of Nutella,with a pin code to enter a contest. Only thing wrong the contest ended about 2 months ago.Think how many people might buy this product in hope of entering a conest that has expired months ago. This promotion sure is giving back to the company

  • I got a sticker on top of Nutella… what do i do with it?

    • these contests are so fake – make people believe they might win something and you can’t find the contest – not the first time – Gracie Perkins – ought to be a law against this

      • Angie Borcherding

        Sorry Gracie, you did not take the time to READ the whole post and to understand how to enter.

        There is absolutely NOTHING fake about Nutella contests or contests shared on our website.

        Nutella is a reputable brand and one should be careful making wrongful accusations. A list of winners can be obtained from the company if you wish to get one. Please do some research and get educated on the contest and contest laws before making utterly false accusations against Canadian companies and their brands.


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