MichelobUltra.ca: Enter Codes for NBA Team Shirt Giveaway

Michelob Ultra Giveaway – 2022 – 2023 NBA TEAM SHIRT – Free Apparel Bonus Promotion

Michelob Ultra Giveaway - Apparel Bonus Promotion

Michelob Ultra has another hot promotion this month.

You can now buy select Michelob Ultra packs and redeem your pin codes on the www.michelobultra.ca offers page for a cool bonus.

Claim a free Michelob Ultra Apparel item

< The Michelob Ultra Free NBA Team Shirt Giveaway

claim Michelob Ultra apparel prizes

Prize Details

Michelobultra.ca Prize details:

SHOP BEER GEAR and Michelob Ultra are giving away Michelob Ultra Apparel.

There are 500,000 free NBA Team shirts being given away.

Colours and sizes vary. You may choose your team and size.

Each prize is valued at $15

Michelobultra.ca Free shirt, hat & sweater giveaway dates:

MichelobUltra.ca Giveaway Dates

Michelobultra.ca Free shirt giveaway dates:

The Michelob Ultra NBA TEAM SHIRT bonus offer is now ongoing until January 31, 2023

 The free apparel PIN Codes must be entered online no later than January 31, 2023 to redeem the prize.

how to claim the free Michelob Ultra apparel, gieveaway rules
Entry Rules

Michelob Ultra Apparel giveaway rules:

The Michelob Ultra “CHOOSE 1 OF 2 BONUS APPAREL Contest is open to Canadian residents.

You must have reached the legal drinking age in your province of residence to participate.

To participate in the Michelob Ultra NBA Team SHirt Promotion

  1. Purchase specially marked packs of Michelob Ultra with the free apparel logo
  2. Find your bonus apparel PIN code card located inside the box
  3. Go to www.shopbeergear.ca or michelobultra.ca
  4. Next, enter your email and click “ENTER”
  5. Now proceed and follow the on-screen instructions to fill out all the required information including the bonus PIN code Make sure you enter all characters that appear on your PIN cards (ex: XXX-XXXX-XXXX).
  6. select your NBA Team shirt of choice
  7.  and click “REDEEM NOW

You may claim and enter up to 2 unique PIN codes.

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10 thoughts on “MichelobUltra.ca: Enter Codes for NBA Team Shirt Giveaway

  • I am sick of this I keep getting the run around there is no place to input my code not matter where I am on the site your contest and give a way’s suck. last time I buy any of you products.

  • We just purchased 2 6 packs advertising the dry fit contest on both packs but I cant locate the pin numbers, is this only eligible on the cases and if so why all the advertisement on the tall boy 6 pack of cans?, thank you,

  • This contest is misleading. I was led to believe that I would get the shirt with no strings attached. I do not want to give my credit card or become a member. Besides the pin # was invalid. Shame on your company. I will not by michelob beer again.

    • There is NO credit card info required. Simply enter your pin code and submit at michelobultra.ca.
      The instructions are aboe

    • I am also disappointed as this is the 3rd time I’ve tried entering for blue long sleeve and again everything is sold out not available? I’ve been buying ultra for years and not very happy with these bs promotions too say the least🤬

  • I have two separate pins that I enter correctly, but it says pins are invalid.
    What is the problem with your system?

  • Would not accept my age

  • I entered PIN numbers in the winter contest and did not receive the gifts

    • I won a pair of Samsung ear pods yesterday but I don’t have a credit card to pay the $1.50 shipping

    • Would not accept the shirt size, a very poorly designed webpage. Maybe intentionally?

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