Lunchables Sweepstakes: Enter Pin Codes to Win Nintendo Switch Consoles

Lunchables Sweepstakes 2020 Win Nintendo Switch Prizes,

When it comes to getting your kids lunches ready you want to make sure you cover all the food groups and send them to school with a lunch that actually gets eaten.

If you are short on time or want a little change from homemade lunches, pack a Lunchables meal with 100% juice today.

Not only will your children love the varieties from pizza, stackables to chicken nuggets, but now you can take part in the exciting Lunchables Nintendo sweepstakes and win free Nintendo Switch game consoles!


 The Lunchables Mixed-Up Gamers Giveaway Instant Win Game

Kraft Heinz Foods Company is giving away 750 Prizes.

The prizes, are comprised of the following:

  • one Nintendo Switch system
  • winner’s choice of two download codes for digital Nintendo Switch content from a list provided by Sponsor
  • Prize based on winner’s choices: $360.00 – 420.00.

The Gaming Together Giveaway Instant Win Game runs from September 1, 2020 through December 31, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. ET

Click here to see the complete details of the Prize Selection and Notification.

The Lunchables Gaming Together Giveaway Instant Win Game is open to residents of the fifty United States and the District of Columbia. You must be at least 6 years old to participate.

A Code is needed to participate in the Lunchables Mixed-Up Gamers Giveaway Instant Win Game.

There are three ways to obtain the Code

By making a purchase:

  • Purchase a specially-marked package of Lunchables from the following list and locate the Code inside the package.
    • Lunchables with Drink – Turkey and American Cracker Stackers (UPC 4470000674)
    • Lunchables with Drink – Ham and American Cracker Stackers (UPC 4470000677)
    • Lunchables with Drink – Pizza and Treatza (UPC 4470009558)
    • Lunchables with Drink – Pizza with Pepperoni (UPC 4470036113)
    • Lunchables with Drink – Pizza Kabobbles (UPC 4470007153)
    • Lunchables with Drink – Mini Hot Dogs (UPC 4470007083)
    • Lunchables with Drink – Chicken Dunks (UPC 4470000680)
    • Lunchables with Drink – Extra Cheesy Pizza (UPC 4470036114)
    • Lunchables with Drink – Nachos, Cheese Dip and Salsa (UPC 4470000679)
    • Lunchables with Drink – Turkey and Cheddar Cracker Stackers (UPC 4470000673)
    • Lunchables with 100% Juice – Chicken Popper Kabobbles (UPC 4470007663)
    • Lunchables with 100% Juice – Turkey and Cheddar Cracker Stackers (UPC 4470008742)
    • Lunchables with 100% Juice – Turkey and Cheddar Sub Sandwich (UPC 4470007661)

Request via postal mail:

  • On a 3″ x 5″ piece of paper, hand print your parent or legal guardian’s information: their name and their email address, and date-of-birth.
  • Mail it in a #10 stamped envelope to:
    • “Lunchables Mixed-Up Gamers
      Giveaway,” c/o HelloWorld, Inc., P.O. Box 5049, Department 840835, Kalamaz

Request via online:

  • Go to and follow the on-screen instructions to complete and submit the free Code request form.
  • You will receive a Code via email

Once you receive the Lunchables Sweepstakes Code:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter a username, password, date-of-birth, and your parent’s email address
  3. Next, follow the onscreen instructions to enter the Code.
  4. Then, proceed to play the Instant Win Game
  5. You will be notified immediately if you’ll win a prize.

Only one play per day per person is allowed.

Go to click here to enter


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