General Mills: Order Free Team Canada Tee shirt

2020 General Mills Free Tee shirt Giveaway

General Mills Free Tee shirt Giveaway

The 2020 Olympics may have been postponed, but you can still feel the Olympic spirit with this cool Team Canada giveaway brought to you by General Mills.

Buy special cereal products now and enter your pin codes at or

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General Mills ( Brand) is giving away free Team Canada t-shirts.

There are a total of 100,000 free t-shirts available.

Each freebie is a red coloured, preshrunk Gildan 100% cotton t-shirt t-shirt is available in the sizes:

  • youth small
  • adult small
  • adult medium
  • adult large
  • and adult extra large

Tee shirts may read Cheer the North! or Allez Canada!

The T-shirt styles and sizes are subject to availability.

You may claim one free tee shirts per qualifying General Mills purchase (list below) .

There is a limit of four free Team Canada shirts per household.

lifemadedelicious free team canada tee shirt promotion

The or promotion is valid now through October 31st, 2020, or while supplies last.

The General Mills Free Team Canada Tee Shirt giveaway is open to Canadian residents.

How to get your Free Team Canada tee shirt

Follow these steps to claim your free tee shirt:

  1. Buy participating boxes of General Mills cereals or snacks or Old El Paso products*,
  2. You will need one PIN code from a participating cereal products or 2 PINs from a Nature Valley, Fibre 1 or two pin codes from Old El Paso products
  3. locate the 14 digit pin code printed inside the box(es)
  4. visit the promotions site at or, select your language, English or French
  5. fill out the form and enter your unique pin codes
  6. then select your free shirt
  • What are the participating products?

The participating products will carry the Team Canada t-shirt ptomotion on the box and include the following:

General Mills Cereals

  • Yellow Box Cheerios, Honey Nut Cheerios or Multi Grain Cheerios
  • Lucky Charms
  • Cinnamon Toast Crunch

General Mills Snacks

  • Nature Valley Sweet & Salty Almond or Peanut, 6ct
  • Nature Valley Sweet & Salty Chewy Granola Bar Dark Chocolate 6ct
  • Fibre 1 Brownie Fudge 5ct
  • Nature Valley Protein Almond Dark Chocolate 4ct

Old El Paso Products

  • Old El Paso Mini Tortilla Bowl 12ct
  • Old El Paso Taco Crunchy Shells 12ct
  • Old El Paso Stand & Stuff Taco Crunchy Shells 10ct
  • Old El Paso Tortilla Bowl 8ct

Get the complete list with UPC codes at

Visit here to claim and order your free shirts

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33 thoughts on “General Mills: Order Free Team Canada Tee shirt

  • It is bad enough to have kids and adults fill out forms info for a free tee shirt only to be disappointed when they are told that you are out of stock and contest has ended early! But… on that same page is an “open” icon link, and when opened it linked directly to a page selling “weed” and “marijuana” clothing as well as bongs, and weed growing items. This is very, very poor considering many of the people reading this page are going to be minors.

  • not too many bad products

  • Yay un T-shirt gratuit

  • I have the same frustrations as others . . . it took a lot of reading to find out EXACTLY where to go to put in the ‘unique’ code to be able to order the free t-shirt. THEN, we see that the offer is no longer valid; as others have said well before the promotion has has expired. I, too, will not fall for this scam again. My time is too valuable to be bothered hunting for General Mills ‘ghosts’.
    When the supplies run out, packages offering the promo should be pulled from the shelves; I don’t need a promo to get me to purchase the product and, I do not like jumping through hoops!

  • Well, silly me. I won’t be falling for ANY promotion sponsor by General Mills again.

  • hate it when major corporations play such bait and switch games with their conumers

  • This is the second time I am trying. Today is July 21 and the promo is on until the end of October – is this a rip off to get consumers to buy an extra package?

      • Thank you for replying – Your Product Manager has not done his math and it reflects poorly on the company. Run out of promotional shirts almost three months before the promotion ends. Very poor planning.

        • Angie Borcherding

          I agree, Hari. There should be more shirts available. Whenever I see a General Mills (Kellogg’s, etc.) bonus promo coming out, I try to redeem codes asap. Unfortunately, there are always more boxes with promo codes than actual bonuses available. Hope you have more luck next time 🙂

          • Luck? Is this a lottery? Does not say so anywhere.
            Limited quantities yes, but printing boxes three months out (to October) and running out in early July is insane. There should be POS material in stores to show the promotion is no longer valid.
            Leaves a very poor taste of ethics followed by General Mills Canada. Needless to say, I hope your consumers are not lured into such future promotions by General Mills

  • Just wondering how I get started on the free t shirt?

  • I can’t find to order my free t-shirt and I buy 8 boxes a week or more or bars

  • rip off. just bought the products because of the promotion and go to enter and told it expired. Like the old bait and switch.

  • I went to claim my free tshirt and it said “sorry the contest has ended”. It’s supposed to be good until October. What gives??

  • cherios are a fast and nutritious breakfast

  • Why is this already expired when it suppose to last till October?

  • I purchased 2 boxes of Nature Valley Protein Bars “Peanut Almond & Dark Chocolate” I expected to receive the free tshirt advertised on the packaging, when I went to order it said all sold out even though it says it was running until October 2020….what the heck, why are there still packages that are being sold if the free item is not available…this is false advertising – very misleading.

  • the limit to get a free T-Shirt is October 2020 (written on Old El Paso Tacos,but when I tried to enter my 02 codes, it is saying that the promotion has ended !!! As ai know ,we are on June 2020 ….
    Any help ?

    • How do I get started on free tee shirt

      • read above the comments here on this page

        • we always eat Cheerios…it fits in well with our diabetic diets…one of the few cereals that don’t raise our glucose levels too much…thanks General Mills

      • That is too bad. Maybe more should have been made once they realized how fast they were going. Stores should not have kept selling the special marked boxes.

    • I love my country of Canada. No where else I’d rather live.

  • Love all your cereals

  • I eat Cheerios every day & code is 03MR2021 CRo45306B & my size is large male

    • I enjoy eating Cheerios

  • chirious are great for breakfast

  • thank you i allways for breakfast eat the chirious cereal they are delicious


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