Knorr Contest: Cook With Knorr & Win $1,000 Lucky Envelope Prizes


Knorr Contest: Cook With Knorr & Win $1,000 Lucky Envelope Prizes

This Lunar New Year cook with Knorr Canada and you could win some great prizes

Valid Till 2023-02-24
  • Prize Value$1000
  • FrequencyOdd

Posted On January 8, 2023


Knorr Canada Contest, 2023 Lunar New Year Recipe & Cooking Sweepstakes

Knorr Canada Contest, Lunar New Year Recipe & Cooking Sweepstakes

It’s been a while since Knorr Canada. the maker of spices, soup mixes and seasonings had a giveaway.
However, the wait was worth it!

This Lunar New Year cook with Knorr Canada and your recipe could win some great kitchen prizes.

2023 Knorr Lunar New Year Recipe Photo Sweepstakes

Prize Details:

Prize Details:

Knorr Canada is giving away TEN Prizes, each consisting of

  • Each Winner will receive $1,000 USD ($1,229 CAD)

Promotion Dates: Promotion Dates:

The Lunar New Year Sweepstakes runs from January 4th and January 25th, 2023

Ten winners will be selected, will be notified via email or phone and MUST respond within the time stated in the notice.

Contest Entry Rules:
Contest Entry Rules:

The Lunar Knorr Year Sweepstakes 2023 is open to Canadian residents.

You must have reached the age of majority in your province of residence to participate.

To participate in the Cook With Knorr Lunar New Year Sweepstakes
  1. Cook your favorite Lunar New Year dish using Knorr Chicken Broth Mix, Knorr Liquid Seasoning or Knorr Bouillon Cubes
  2. take a photo of your creation
  3. and then go to
  4. next follow the on-screen instructions to upload your picture
  5. and then submit your entry.

One entry per person per day is allowed.

About Knorr Giveaways

Knorr Canada has one or two big giveaways every year. Most of them happen to be recipe contests where entrants are asked to prepare a dish using Knorr ingredients and enter their photos for a chance to win appliances, gift cards and more. See recent prizes below.

2021and 2022 Cook With Knorr Giveaways

TEN Prizes, each consists of an electric hotpot along with Knorr products. or a cookware set worth $1,000 plus Moses Chan autographed recipe cards.

  • Lucky Draw Contest: Enter at to Win Cruise & More. Winner of the Lunar New Year Lucky Draw won prizes like a Dream Cruise, airline tickets to Asia and a lucky Gold Dog Figurine. Here are the exact prizes to be won, during the 2018 Knorr contest.One grand prize winner will receive a $4000 Cruise, awarded as travel gift vouchers.Two second place winners will each get a $1500 Airline Ticket credit. Finally, three third place winners each won a Gold Dog Figurine (weight 3.63g), worth $370 each. To enter, contestants had to make a Knorr purchase. Look for Knorr products in stores that are included in the contest. For example buy 1kg Knorr Chicken Broth Mix and one other Knorr product like the Knorr liquid seasoning, Knorr chicken broth mix, Knorr Tamarind Soup or Knorr Clear Chicken Broth. Then go online to and complete the online contest form. Visit

if expired, enter more gift card giveaways

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