Kelloggs Free Cereal Ca Box Giveaway: Upload Receipt to claim

Kelloggs Canada 2023 Kelloggs Free Cereal Box Giveaway at

Kelloggs Free Cereal CA Giveaway

Kellogg’s Canada is having an awesome new cereal giveaway going on.

Along with the other great Kellogg’s Free $5 Grocery gift card giveaway, and Kellogg’s Free Snack promotion

customers can now claim a free box of Kellogg’s cereal with the purchase of participating products

Simply upload your store receipt at, details below.

2023 Kelloggs Free Cereal Box Giveaway at

Prize details

Kellogg’s Canada is giving away a total of total of 50,000 coupons.

Each free cereal coupon is valid for one free box of Kellogg’s cereal (306 g – 553 g).

The coupon includes Vector Meal Replacement (not valid on All-Bran Buds Cereal) Promotion dates

Mark the following dates for this promotion

Purchase dates:

The Kellogg’s cereal boxes must be bought in a single transaction between February 16th and June 9, 2023.

Claim dates

You must upload the proof of purchase by July 7, 2023. s

Expiry Date

The free product coupon must be redeemed on September 30/23.

Entry Rules

The Kelloggs Free Cereal promotion is open to residents of Canada who are the age of majority.

How to participate in the 2023 Kellogg’s Free Box of Cereal Coupon Offer – Offre Kellogg’s pour une boîte de céréales gratuite

To get started

  1. Buy two boxes of Kellogg’s cereal in one transaction
  2. next take a photo of your store receipt which must show the store
  3. then visit the promotions page at or
  4. complete the claim form there and enter your full name and mailing address
  5. and click submit

You may claim a total of five free cereal coupons per household.

The coupon will arrive by mail within 3-4 weeks.

Assurez-vous de conserver votre preuve d’achat et revenez le 16 février 2023 pour la téléverser et recevoir un coupon pour une boîte de céréales Kellogg’s* gratuite.

What are the participating products in the promotion?

You must buy two of the following specially marked Kellogg’s boxes that carry the Free Kellogg’s cereal box logo:

Kellogg’s Corn Flakes* Cereal – 600 g
Kellogg’s* Corn Pops* Cereal – 515 g
Kellogg’s* Mini-Wheats* Brown Sugar Flavour Cereal – 650 g
Kellogg’s* Mini-Wheats* Original Cereal – 650 g
Kellogg’s* Special K* Vanilla Almond Cereal – 570 g
Kellogg’s Two Scoops* Raisin Bran Cereal – 625 g
Kellogg’s* Rice Krispies* Cereal – 560 g

Order at


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Kelloggs Free Cereal Box Giveaway: Upload Receipt at
  • Kellogg’s Canada was giving away a total of 16,500 coupons. Each free cereal coupon is valid for one free box of Kellogg’s cereal (306 g – 553 g).

  • Kellogg’s FREE Milk or Breakfast Products at Get a FREE Milk or Breakfast Products. Buy selected boxes of Kellogg’s cereal or participating Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain Bars (2), you will have your choice of free products.Select to receive either Free milk, bananas, pack of fresh berries,or any one of these Kellogg’s products:Mini Wheats cereal, All-Bran* Cranberry & Clusters, Rice Krispies, Froot Loops, Frosted Flakes cereal, Nutri-Grain Soft Bakes*Bars. To get any of these free products, you must first buy these specially marked boxes, of either one cereal, or two boxes of Nutri-grain bars.Locate the Pin codes, which can be found inside the boxes and enter these on the site or at

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  • I am uncertain . I will try to take a picture of my receipt , and then send said picture to you . Because I am not very computer savvy , I will then follow up by sending the original receipt to you via snail mail . I am eager to receive my coupon for a free box of Kellogg’s cereal as I enjoy the “Special K” as is for breakfast , but I prefer to crush some into the mixing bowl when I am making “Marky Marc’s Magic Muffins” . I can add raisins , cranberries , even blueberries , and the “Special K” taste comes through gently . Thank-You for helping to make my muffins sing . One magic muffin each morning does it .

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