Husky contest: Enter Game Codes to win 1 Million Points

Husky App Contest 2018 My Husky App Tap Play Giveaway

If you are filling up at your local Husky gas station, I can give you a million good reasons why

you should consider downloading the My Husky app.

It’s the new Husky App Tap Play contest that will give you the chance to win some awesome prizes.

Read on, because below I’ll also share some tips on how to enter this contest for FREE!!

What are the prizes in Husky’s contest

Husky stores have great prizes for their customers and myHusky Rewards members.

There are 5 grand prizes to be won and each winner will receive myHusky rewards points.

The prizes are as follows:

  1. One winner will receive 1 million myHusky Rewards points with a value of $7,150 CAD
  2. One winner will receive 250,000 myHusky Rewards points, a value of $1,750 CAD
  3. Three prize winners will each receive 85,000 myHusky Rewards points, a value of $600 CAD

Please note, the prizes are awarded as points, which may be redeemed on Husky rewards like free gas, etc.

Looking forward to winning a boatload of free points?, then read on below for all the details and how to participate in this great new MyHusky giveaway.

How can I enter the Husky’s contest? 

As I have mentioned above, entering the My Husky App Tap Play contest is completely free, however, you may also earn extra entries when you make a purchase. First, let’s start with the freebie option(s)

How to get FREE entries in the Husky’s contest? 

  1. Visit the game page at
  2. register with your name and email address and choose a password (next time you come back just log in with your email and password)
  3. Next, the game board will load and
  4. to play, simply click a square to reveal a prize, be careful, there is a game over symbol in every row.
  5. if you are lucky, you will reveal several points, lock them in so you don’t miss out, because if a “Game over” box is ticked, all play entries (current game) are lost.

More ways to earn game plays include:

Trivia challenge: Take the trivia challenge and earn 1 gameplay for each correctly answered question. You can earn a total of 10 free plays.

Social Media Share: Share the contest with your friends on Facebook and Twitter and earn up to 25 extra Plays

Use Pin Codes to enter the Husky’s contest

As a MyHusky member, you will receive pin code at your local Husky stations in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba or Ontario,

  •  when you pay for any amount of fuel through the myHusky App or scan your digital myHusky Rewards card in store
  • Existing myHusky Rewards members may receive 1 free pin code each week via email (subscribe at

There is a limit of 113 Plays per person and per email address during the Contest Period.

Get No Purchase Pin codes for ree entries

Finally, you can collect a No Purchase PIN Code at and submit an essay according to the rules.

Additional Information about the Husky’s contest

You may enter the Husky App Tap Play contest between September 5, 2018, and October 5, 2018.

Furthermore, the contest is open to all legal residents of Canada (excluding Quebec) who are 16 years of age or older,

Enter the contest at here

Not a myHusky Rewards member yet? You may pick up a card at any of our locations and register the card at

click here


Earn Cash & Gift Cards, 

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