Free Incontinence SAMPLES: Get Tena Pads + Depend Trials Kits

Free Incontinence Products SAMPLES for Canada –

Personal care products can be pricey and it`s a great idea to find the right size and fit before you buy a whole box of them. That`s why we have added this great list of Companies that will send you free incontinence products. Get free incontinence pads, liners, support samples and trial packs from Tena, Depends, Poise and Attends. Get the full list below and order the following:

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Tena Canada Free Pads and Trial Packs

The following free Tena sample are being given away:

Tena Canada is offering a variety of free sample kits for men and women. You may order one of the following:

1.TENA Intimates Light/Moderate Free Trial Kit for light bladder leakage or moderate stress to urge incontinence

  • TENA Very Light Liners Long
  • TENA Intimates Ultra Thin Pad Regular
  • TENA Intimates Moderate Pad Regular


2.TENA Intimates Heavy Free Trial Kit, heavier leaks or surge incontinence,

  • TENA Intimates Heavy Long Pad
  • TENA Intimates Ultimate Pad
  • TENA Intimates Overnight Pad


3. TENA Women’s Active Underwear Free Trial Kit protects against heavy leaks

  • Medium
  • Large
  • X-Large


4. TENA Overnight Free Trial Kit, most absorbent pad with a wider back to protect you Overnight

  • Medium
  • Large
  • X-Large


5. TENA Ultimate Underwear Free Trial Kit, full coverage Protective Underwear?

  • Medium
  • Large
  • X-Large

The Tena giveaway is ongoing and offered throughout the year.

This Tena sampling opportunity is open to  Canadian households. 

There are samples available for men and women.

To order yours, visit and answer two quick questions, gender, and needs and

select the TENA free sample kit best suited to you or your loved one’s needs.

order here

More Free Incontinence Products

Depend Canada Samples

Depend Canada is giving away free sample kits for Men and women. Choose from the following sample packs: (two examples)

Order a Women’s Trial Kit with Maximum absorbency

  • 1 X Silhouette UnderwearSleek design for your Silhouette
  • 1 X FIT-FLEX UnderwearDesigned to fit and Flex with your body
  • 1 X Coupon

Order a Men’s Trial Kit with Maximum absorbency 

  • 1 X REAL FIT UnderwearModern design for a seamless fit
  • 1 X FIT-FLEX UnderwearDesigned to fit and Flex with your body
    1 X Coupon

The Depend trial kit giveaway is ongoing. Different products may be available throughout the year,

This sampling opportunity is open to residents of the US and Canada.

Get started by going to or and follow these steps.

Step1: select your gender (male or female)
Step 2: Select your size S M L XL

Order yours here

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