Find Daily Contests in Canada (LIST)

How to Enter & Keep Track (Organize) Your Daily Contest List 

Prizes and giveaways seem to be all around us, wherever we look.

There is a new promotion popping up every hour of the day with so many companies betting on the viral marketing effect of sweepstakes and giveaways (Popular ones are found on our daily updated contest list here)

And who could blame them?

Contests are a great way of advertising and these are the kinds of ads I actually enjoy seeing. While most contests are single entries only, the ones that allow me to enter daily, are the ones that particularly grab my attention.

Many of you have asked me, do you enter contests every day?

And my answer: YES, I am in it to WIN it. Every day!
Most people read the morning news with their coffee. I am doing my “dailies.” Meaning, I am entering the daily contests in the morning! With my system, it takes little time, and for me, it’s a fun way to start the day! By doing daily contests, I am collecting extra entries and better chances to win.
Before we get into the details on how to start your personal list of dailies, I suggest you browse the list of my favourite daily contests right below. This feature is updated here daily.
Next scroll down where I share more some of my hacks to make entering your daily sweepstakes an easy and quick process 😉

How Do I keep track of my daily contests?

Readers also wanted to know how I keep track of all these daily draws (dailies) and their expiry dates, prizes, etc. ?

Here is a very easy trick I use and I would love to share it with all of you! Follow these easy 1,2,3 steps and you won’t miss out on daily entries ever again!

Rather than bookmarking all kinds of pages, I am sending myself a reminder email every day!

Simple compose an email in your personal email account and name it something like daily contests, win daily etc. That way it can be easily found in case you have lots of emails in your. Mine for example is titled “dailies”.

Find new contests in our newsletter here or on the Canadian contest page, or browse one of our categories to see what’s new today.

You may want to focus on the prizes that interest you the most and one giveaways that include many prizes.

Once you started your first email, simply begin adding any new contest link(s) to the bottom of the list. You may want to include expiry date (I am doing this) and prize(s).

I typically don’t include the prize, as I only add the ones I am interested in and I find the titles and links are often self-explanatory!

This is how it works,
  1. Each morning, I open my “dailies” newsletter, enter the contests one by one and “weed out” the ones that are expired. I delete these from my email on the final contest date, right after I have entered on the closing date.
  2. If I have found a new daily contest on a particular day, I will add new daily entry contests to my list in email.
  3. After entering, I am forwarding the new email list to myself for the next day. and Voila, I am done.
    Typically I have 5-10 (rarely more) contests on my list.

Finally, if you are ready to get started with your own list, you can head over to the Daily Entry Contest category or check out the ones that appeal to you.

Good luck!

Are you entering contests every day?

Let me know if you have a neat system that helps you remember “dailies”