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Deux par Deux Sweepstakes: Win Shopping Spree

Deux par Deux Sweepstakes 2020 Clothing Giveaways www.deuxpardeux.com

If you want your children to look stylish for special events, outings and even everyday activities, look no further than Deux par Deux Clothing.

Deux par Deux carries fashionable wardrobe for babies, toddlers and pre-tens.

Their collections are inspired by international designers from Montreal to New York, Los Angeles and London.

Such pizzazz comes with a price tag and if you want the chance to snag a free 

Deux par Deux shopping spree, check out the newest giveaways below.

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< Deux par Deux The Tender Loving Bulle Contest >

        Deux par Deux is giving away TWO Prizes

The Two Prizes, each consists of:

  • A gift certificate (coupon code) from Deux par Deux $100 worth of Deux par Deux clothing
  • A gift card from BULLE baby accessories worth $100

    The Facebook.com/DeuxparDeux Tender Loving Bulle Contest runs from January 11 through January 19, 2020. The Prize winner will be selected in a random drawing on January 20, 2020, will be notified via Facebook PM and MUST respond to claim the prize.  

The Tender Loving Bulle Contest is open to all residents of Canada and the United States.

You must have reached the age of majority in your province of residence to participate.

To participate in the Tender Loving Bulle Contest

  • Go to www.facebook.com/DeuxparDeux
  • LIKE and comment on the contest post
  • Go to www.gleam.io/Tg56p/tender-loving-bulle and fill out the contest form
  • LIKE and SHARE Deux par Deux and  BULLE’s Facebook Page

Go to www.facebook.com/DeuxparDeux click here to enter

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LIKE if you want to win this prize!   Share so your friends can win too 🙂

Deux par Deux Prizes and Contests

You may win prizes like these from DeuxParDeux

  • 24 DAYS OF XMAS FASHION GIVEAWAYS Contest. WIn daily Prizes, including:a special holiday outfit, $150 GIFT CARD, an entire holiday outfit (boys or girls), La Vie en Rose Gift Card worth $ 100 plus One Gift Set and more!
  • The Deux par Deux $300 Wardrobe Contest. Deux par Deux is Giving Away TWO Prizes – a gift certificate worth $300 each.

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