Country Liberty & Coors Free Limited EditionT-shirts

Country Liberty & Coors Original Freebies 2021 Free Limited Edition T-Shirt Giveaway

Country Liberty & Coors Original Freebies Free Limited Edition T-Shirt Giveaway

Update: August 24th. It’s easy to claim the freebie, if you follow the 10 steps below. (scroll down)

I just received my free Country Liberty t-shirt by mail. There was also a coupon included for a discount on a future purchase!

I bought up a carton of Coors Original today and noticed that

Coors Beer Canada and Country Liberty have teamed up and are giving away a cool freebie for beer lovers.

Visit the bee store today and pick up a box of Coors Original cans to claim a free Coors Original t-shirt.

Country Liberty & Coors Orignal Free t-shirt Giveaway

coors light Prize Details:

Prize Details:

Coors Canada is giving away free Country Liberty limited edition shirts while supplies last.

The free items consist of your choice of colours

Coors Original Collab Charcoal Tee (unisex) M,L,XL valued at $30.00

or Coors Original Collab Navy Tee (unisex) M,L, XL valued at $30.00

Each pin code is valid for one free t-shirt

Coors Light Promotion Dates: Giveaway dates

The Coors Original giveaway is now ongoing through or while supplies last

how to claim this Coors light  gift
Country Liberty Original Promotion Entry Rules:

To be eligible to win the Prize, you must be a resident of Canada and be of legal drinking in your province of residence. 

My pin code
To participate in the Coors t-shirt Giveaway

There is only one way to participate in the Coors Light Raptors promotion

With a purchase:

P.S. We saw comments from people having problems, but I have ordered a shirt myself and it is a very easy and straightforward process. Just follow the steps below and you should have NO problems receiving a shirt with absolutely no additional cost to you.

  1. Buy a pack of CoorsOrigin with the Country Liberty free t-shirt logo on it
  2. open the box to reveal the pin code sticker from the cardboard inside the box. (pictured above is what the actual pin code will look like)
  3. next, go to the giveaway page at
  4. enter your age and province to access the giveaway
  5. now you may select a free t-shirt, choose from men’s or women’s and enter your size
  6. click select and log in if you have shopped at Country Liberty before
  7. or complete the form with your full name and shipping address
  8. then enter the pin code as shown
  9. the order page will show the shirt with a cost of $0 and free shipping
  10. now complete your order click submit to confirm

There is a limit of two PIN codes per person

enter pins for free t-shirts at

About Coors Original Giveaways

Find new bonus gifts inside your Coors Original case. Look for promotional logos to claim free t-shirts, ball caps and more. Don’t forget to check other Coors cartons, like Coors Light for more bonus offers

9 thoughts on “Country Liberty & Coors Free Limited EditionT-shirts

  • RIP OFF!

    • Um, No. Just follow the instructions and enter your code.
      The t-shirt is completely free. Received mine in the mail 4 weeks ago.
      Husband loves it

  • Seems like a massive scam as they keep asking for my credit card information. ???? Careful !

  • this is bs just to get you to buy stuff u don’t want….just as i thought nothing is free
    cant even enter the pin code anywhere

    • Please follow the instructions. We have writtten them very clearly

      I received a free shirt weeks ago.

      It’s very easy and there are no costs if you have purchased the Coors beer and use your pin code

  • Coors just ,lost me as a customer this is a scam crooks

    • How so??
      I followed the instructions and just received my free t-shirt.
      It was a very simple process!

  • Why do I have to add my credit card if it’s free.

  • too difficult for non computer users

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