Caramilk Ca Unlock The Secret 2023 & Win $20,000 Cash Prize

2023 Caramilk Canada Contest – Win $20,000 & Daily prizes – Enter Unlock The Secret Giveaway at

2023 Caramilk Canada Contest - Win $20,000 & Daily prizes - Enter Unlock The Secret Giveaway at

Canada’s favourite sweet tooth Unlock The Mystery game is back and the prizes are still amazing.

This fall Canadians may participate in the new 2023 Caramilk Unlock The Secret Giveaway and enter your Unlock codes for a chance to win a grand prize.

Let’s find out below!

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2023 Caramilk Unlock The Secret Contest – WIN $20,000

Prize Details

Mondelez Canada Inc. is giving away one grand prize and weekly prizes as follows.

The grand prize winner will receive a $20,000 CAD cash prize

The following 22 weekly prizes are also to be won:

Two winners per week will each receive one $100. CAD gift card from a major credit card provider. Contest dates


The Caramilk,CA “Unlock The Secret & You Could WIN $20,000” Contest runs from  July 17th, 2023 through September 30th, 2023

Entry Rules


The Caramilk “Unlock The Secret Contest is open to Canadian residents.

You must have reached the age of majority in your Province of residence to participate.

How do i enter the Caramilk “Unlock The Secret Contest

Please note the Unlock The Secret Contest has changed. You no longer need to find the Golden Key or use pin codes to enter.

Simply follow these steps.

enter With a purchase entry

and buy participating Caramilk bars at your local retailers and keep your store receipt.

Then take a photo of the store receipt and go to

On the promotions page register with your name and address and upload your store receipt.

OR for a no-purchase, free entry

visit and follow the on-screen instructions to request a one-time use No-Purchase Entry Personal Identification Number (“NPE PIN”). get the full details here

Cool fact, each Caramilk wrapper contains 4 Pin Codes!

Where to find Caramilk Contest Codes?

The pin codes are found in Caramilk Bars that feature the $100,000 Unlock The Secret Promoion logo, as seen in the image above.

The pin codes can be found on Caramilk Originals (50g and 100g), and Cadbury Caramilk Salted Caramel (50g and 100g) bars at participating retailers.

Winners List – Who Won the past Caramilk Secret Contests ? Winners at

The Caramilk Golden Key contests have surely changed over the years.

For years the Golden Key winner would receive a $100,000 grand prize.

The 2022 contest then had three grand prize winners year, each receiving $10,000!

New contest details can be seen above.

2022 Caramilk Golden Key Winner

Do you have the winning Cadbury Caramilk candy wrapper?

To enter, participants had to look for the 12-digit PIN code located inside the specially-marked Caramilk Singles (50g) and 100g bars, available at participating retailers across Canada.

. If you are selected as a winner, your information may also be included in a publicly-available winner’s list. View past winners on the page

2021 Golden Key Winners $100,000 Cash,

  • The grand prize winner received $100,000

Caramilk Golden Key Winners 2020

  • The Caramilk prize winners’ names were published on the page. There was also a short video showcasing Jessica from Montreal receiving her 2020 Golden Key prize.

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19 thoughts on “Caramilk Ca Unlock The Secret 2023 & Win $20,000 Cash Prize

  • Bought the chocolate because of the contest only to find out the contest is done. So are the purchases of this bar. Sucked in once not again. Disappointed…. Will share this with as many others as possible. . False advertising….

    • Same here

  • For some reason the first letter of the code is not legible, I’ve tried every letter I can think of and it still says error! Help please!

    • Do you know how we can check who is the winner of caramilk price for 2022 for november 3rd

  • Wow this is crazy. Must of already had your winners. Just bought a bar today April 22 now saying contest is sold. Should of waited for all bars to sell before you closed the damn draw. Don’t you guys count your bars. This is false advertising yo. Nasty

  • I bought mine before the contest closed. But trying to enter them today. What if I have the winner? I was not aware you had a closing date. So only those selected by a patcular date can play. It makes me not eant yo buy Caramilk anymore. Ay the contest but no. Sorry you missed the deadline.

    • Hi Anne.

      EVERY contest has a deadline

      How else could there be a winner, LOL if all contests were never-ending

  • I both 10 bar just for luck hahahaha but Caramilk is really good..
    anyways all are TRY again ..
    maybe i need to buy 20 lol..

    • At least you got some yummy Caramilk chocolate to enjoy 😉

  • its Aug 15th and no where to enter code just shows last years winner?

    • The Caramilk CA Unlock the Secret is opening this August 15th. 2021 Winners will be published in 2022

  • Why would the contest end before the due date on the chocolate bars? Wouldn’t that make sense to end it when the best before date I

    • The 2021 contest is just starting.

  • Je ne peux pas participer au concours clé or??
    pages ouvrent sans M’INDIQUER OÙ LE FAIRE MERCI XX

  • Where do I click enter contest?
    Keeps sending me back to Caramilk page with the key, no where to enter my code? July 25.2021

    • Hi Lisa,

      As we mentioned in the post, the Caramilk Secret Key contest starts on August 15th,
      please come back then and enter at

  • just bought two bars at the atlantic superstore in riverview n.b. just because of the contest, the date on the bars say 2021 ma19 just because the date code is still good pull the bars after the contest is closed, bad c/s, but i am just as bad for buying them … i like caramilk bars

  • How can you enter a competition if it has already been closed – Poor service getting the chocolate bars out . Bought this Caramilk on Nov 13 the selves are full. only to find it closed on Oct 13 2020.

  • Good

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