Canada Post Survey Contest: Win $250 Visa Card

Canada Post 2020 Customer Satisfaction Contest

Covid19 has affected every aspect of our lives and this certainly includes mail delivery.

There are delays in sending and receiving mail and the line ups at the post office can take longer than you have expected. What has your experience been lately?

Have you mailed a letter or package recently?

You can now give your feedback to Canada Post at for a chance to win a Visa Card!

A valid receipt code is required to enter the contest.

You will be asked to participate in a short survey and share your recent experience.


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Prize Details

Canada Post will be giving away twenty four prizes.

Two winners per month will each receive a $250 pre-paid Visa Card

Promotion Dates

The Contest starts on January 01, 2020 and will end on December 31, 2020.

The contest is divided into twelve entry periods and twelve drawings.

The draws will be heldd on the following dates:

  • February 13th,2020
  • March 12th, 2020
  • April 9th,2020
  • May 14th,2020
  • June 11th,2020
  • July 9th,2020
  • August 14th,2020
  • September 10th,2020
  • October 8th,2020
  • November 12th,2020
  • December 10th,2020
  • January 14th,2020

Entry Details

The Canada Post Survey contest is open to residents in Canada who are the age of majority and older.

To enter you should have made a recent purchase at a Canada Post outlet, mailed a letter or package or ordered a service.

To get started with your Canada Post Feedback,
  1. Visit the feedback page at,, or the link given on your receipt
  2. select your language – choose from English or French
  3. enter the Post Office number from your receipt
  4. next, select the store location
  5. enter your survey code
  6. You will now be able to start your survey, which is being conducted by Ipsos Research Canada
  7. follow the online instructions to provide your feedback
  8. Make sure to include your name and address after completing the survey.

Visit, click here to get started


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102 thoughts on “Canada Post Survey Contest: Win $250 Visa Card

  • I mailed two letters containing tiny special gifts with the proper postage, plus ordinary cards the same size. The ordinary empty cards made it to their destinations but the two, flat cards containing gifts did not. Would someone like to explain to me how this loss happened.

  • The website for the survey works about as great as the post office. “it doesn’t work”

  • the service of Canada Post sucks big time. It is a waste of time and a money grab Sent a letter from Killarney to Brandon and paid 11.36 so that the doctor would get it. Sent on Feb 3, 2021 and it is now Feb 17, 2021 and shows still in transport. Come on Canada Post, let’s get it together. Sent a check for a christmas present and the party never got the check. Paid 12.00 to cancel it. The service is terrible and will never use it again. A carrier pigeon could do a better job.

  • What is the problem with trying to enter the survey contest. It never works.

  • The Barrhead, Alberta Post Office has friendly, efficient and amazing staff! The work hard everyday to keep parcels and mail moving smoothly. I have found them extremely helpful when I have needed assistance. Thank You Barrhead Post Office for being their for your community, especially during this pandemic!

    • I have had good service at my local post office. It is Durham, ON where I live.

  • Sent legal documents to England January 4 2021
    as usual Post Office employee was VERY helpful as to choices of mailing due to length of time for arrival and costs
    for each choice. Always happy with the service I receive at our local Post Office

  • Sent some parcels today from the Canada Post office 10688 King George Bldv, Surrey,. BC
    Service was great. Saved money by NOT GOING to one of the private “Canada Post” offices.
    Canada Post Employee told me I should fill out the So I tried. Could not get
    the website up or the survey.
    So indicative of the mismanagement of this corporation.
    Thank god the EMPLOYEES are doing a great job.

    Maureen McCall

  • I sent a post office flat rate big box from Calgary to Edmonton on December 15th and tracked until today , it says in Transit with no other information! Very dissatisfied with the service !?

    • I mailed a letter in a canadapost bubble envelope on . Dec 11 2020 and as of today Jan 04 2021 has not been delivered

  • Recently mailed packages and letters. Great service

    • When did you mail these packages and letters Christina? Last Christmas? Lol

  • Like most people I tried entering the contest with no luck. A nice marketing tool used to get people to use Canada Post. They don’t deliver on getting packages to the destination on time and don’t deliver for allowing people to enter the contest. Final result for CP = Don’t Deliver

  • I mailed a package on Nov 30/20 from Oakville to Ste Jerome, QC and paid extra for Xpress Post to get there in 3 days. It’s now Dec 5th & I have been tracking the package. It’s gone to Jonquiere instead of Ste Jerome, now expected delivery is Dec 14th. I could have driven it there faster myself. Totally unacceptable as this was to get there before the person has a major operation on the Dec 6th. I was assured there would be NO PROBLEM. Again Canada Post has failed to deliver. I don’t know why I keep trying them. Last TIME.

    • I had sent mailing 26/ Nov/2020 to Pakistan through regular service. Relying on post of staff that I will take 15 days to deliver in Pakistan. It’s being 18/12/2020, 22 days passed still not received. It’s totally frustration getting in trouble with paying the from your pocket.

  • I sent my packages early before December 1, 2020 so I wouldn’t have any problems but 1 of 6 packages is lost. I went to post office November 23 to mail them out. I am very disappointed right now but I will try to stay positive and hold hope that it will be delivered and delivered before Christmas.

    • I could not enter on the Canada Post survey contest. I tried numerous times and I didn’t have any luck with the website.

      • I have had the same problem like everything else owned and run by the Government it is a joke

  • great people to work with ,explains everything and assists to make this an ” EASY EXPERIENCE ” !

  • Hello I’d like to acknowledge our little Poste office which is located in Kazabazua Quebec .. The poste master is one of the nicest ladies , and so very helpful and always professional , and goes above and beyond her limits to help the customers even in these dark times with covid ..So a big thank you to Canada poste for hiring such wonderful employees and being there throughout all these years ..
    Thank you

  • Like many others, I attempted to enter this $250 survey several times, to no avail…this is one of the most useless, difficult, hopelessly ineffective contests I have ever tried to enter…Whoever designed this very user unfriendly site obviously has no experience in designing a contest entry site. Why redirect customers to another site, when a simple “enter here” button would suffice. The whole experience is dis-heartening, disappointing, and a slap in the face for Canada Post who supposedly sponsors (and probably pays for this nonsense.) ===========
    Other than this annoyance, my postal experience at Royal Oak Pharmacy, B.C. was quick & professional.
    Little waiting; and compared to letter rates to U.S., rates to Canada still reasonable.

      • The link doesn’t work

      • When I click that link it says not safe & to go back. Faye

        • I got the same message it is not a safe link You would think something run by the Government could do better than that. Then again that is the problem it is run by the Feds.

        • That’s what it said when I tried it also.

      • That link does not work!

    • I tried a couple of times before I succeeded but just re-entered the information on the address of the site and it went through immediately! You have to read and follow the instructions!

  • Excellent service from the staff at the Post Office in St. Mary’s, NL.

  • I got exceptional customer service at the post office at Shoppers Drug Mart at Don mills.

  • I attempted to access the customer satisfaction survey and continued to be redirected to a site that had be going around in circles.
    I ordered a parcel from the USA that was sent by UPS and transferred to Canada Post in Canada. I was unable to track where it was. I never received any notification of its attempted delivery at my mail box in my apartment building. I had difficulty finding its tracking number for Canada Post so I could finally determine where it was delivered. Not a great experience with Canada Post.

  • Ordered a package from England the day another package was shipped from Bancroft, ont. Well the one from England arrived first and to my door. The other package came a day later and I had to drive two miles to a Shoppers to pick it up. Everyone I talk to say our postal rates are very expensive and service is slow.

  • postal clerk was very helpfull made some suggestions as to reducing costs of shipping and things to consider next time I ship a package she explained things very well and good at her job

  • Tried to enter the contest but every time clicked anything it sent me to so other sight. What a laugh. If you are going to have a contest don’t put all that other stuff on your web page. I found it impossible to enter

    • I also could not enter the survey, I tried all contest and survey links and went from Safeway to multiple other sites.

  • Our little post office in the Rexhall pharmacy in Heron Gate Mall is not only convenient but made very comfortable by the gentleman who works there. He is informative, very helpful and always greets me with a smile even through the difficult pandemic. Unable to see my family in Montreal I have enjoyed sending surprise packages to them, he has let me know which method of packaging etc. is the most economical. Thank him, he is a very good employee.

  • I would have liked to enter the contest but every time I tried it sent me to another site…. If you are going to have a contest , make it easy to get on that site.

    • I feel the same way. Canada Post is doing a fine job but this contest is very user unfriendly.

    • I never could get to a survey site either, just lots of other sites of stores and diploma options. Not so good . . .

  • I was very pleased with the service.

    • I satisfied for your service

    • I went to Canada Post on Almon Street, this morning, and the employee who waited on me, was so sweet and pleasant, and helped me out. When I go there, I am so happy to get her as she is so kind and helpful.

    • Excellent service. Package was delivered from my location to the intended address in one
      working days which I felt was way beyond normal. Excellent job.

  • All the staff at the post-office are very friendly and helpfull
    in every way.Thank you to all the staff for doing a marvelous work.

  • The cashier was very kind and helped me with what I needed, always a pleasure sending my packages out! Thanks for your service!

  • I posted a package on July 21 to Edmonton Alberta and it hasn’t got there yet and it’s agu.17…..great work Canada post!!! Mailed it out of Brooklin Ont. I did talk to someone in Whitby post office. Had a great time with him.

  • I had mailed a parcel expresspost on July 21 at the post office located at Exchange Post Office in Calgary but lost my receipt with the tracking number. I went in a few weeks later to see if they could help me because the person said they had not received the parcel. The lady, I think Shelley is her name, was wonderful! She was able to find my receipt in her computer and tracked the parcel for me. It said the parcel was delivered. I am so grateful for her help and she has always given the best service any time I have gone there! I just love my post office and the lady that works there!

  • I always get excellent service at the Swastika, On Post Office. The “girl’s” are always friendly and will go above and beyond to serve me. They are awesome.

  • I would like to take this opportunity to thank a Canada post worker for going out of her way to help and returning my belief in Canada post . My daughter who lives in the U.S. is getting married in August . We have both gotten past the tears of me not being able to walk her down the isle . We were skyping on Thursday night and asked me if I could send her some maple syrup . I honestly didn’t believe it would arrive there in time . On Friday I purchased and packed the maple syrup and went to the nearby post office , just before closing . the lady behind the counter went out of her way to make sure it would leave that night . The tracking date said it wouldn’t be received until the next Friday . My daughter received this package Wednesday morning .My heartfelt thank you goes out to Manon who works at the Huntingdon post office .

  • Service was fast and friendly, in and out no hasols the way I like it. Thank you

  • I had to ask for my receipt . Otherwise was fine .

  • Great fast service at the Post Office on 2nd street in Cornwall ON

  • The service at Bath was great , Cathy and her staff are wonderful.

  • I mailed out a package in the Dorchester Postal Office in Dorchester, and I always get fantastic service from Thersa and Louise (manager). These two employees are highly competent and always get the work done in a very competent, knowledgeable manner.
    They are my postal angels!!!!!
    Great employees!!

  • I ordered an item from the USA (T-shirt) $23.00+$7.90 shipping with DHL. Then you People at Canada Post wound up with this item for whatever reason and charged me $3.89 Duty and $10.00 for Administration fee. Are you crooked people for real you thieving pile of monkey crap. No wonder less people are using your dam service you rip people of left and right. You people are all ready over paid and the consumer gets nothing in return. Shame on you. Hope you are proud of yourselves. And then when I asked about this extra charge the guy at Canada Post says it was the seller who was to blame. Sounds just like what the Canadian Government would say, blame someone else.

    • I mailed an small package-envelope on July 4th going to Inuvik NT and now 10 days later it is only in Edmonton, that is pretty bad service, 10 days from Saskatoon to Edmonton , crazy

  • service was good

    • Always the very best. Friendly and fast !!

  • Whenever I mail out packages in the PharmaPrix Postal Office in the Alexis Nihon Plaza on St Catherine street and Atwater, I always get fantastic service from Cindy and Saman. These two employees are highly competent and always get the work done in a very competent, knowledgeable manner.
    How they keep smiling whilst dealing with various customers’ attitudes is beyond me, and I have the patience of Jobe.?
    Great employees!!

  • Excellent service

  • I mailed a parcel this morning. The staff was very helpful, respectful and knowledgeable. I felt welcomed and I really appreciated the great customer service. It’s rare these days.

  • The post office in port union has curtious people to deal with the public.

  • I bought a book of children’s charity stamps – the ones with the bird on – last week. Looking at the receipt later I noticed that GST was charged on the $1 charitable donation! This is a pretty sneaky way for Canada Post to increase revenue and should be corrected immediately. I have also complained to my local PO. It’s the principle that counts!

  • excellent service. yves.

  • Excellent and amazing service. Fees charged are very very friendly to the pocket. I strongly recommend it for national and international mail and goods postage.

  • J’utilise le service de livraison de colis de plus en plus…il est facile de suivre votre lien avant la livraison.
    Ceci me donne le goût de faire des achats en ligne
    Au comptoir, le service est impeccable…au CP Du Tremblay à Longueuil…
    Merci à Laurence qui nous accueille avec un beau sourire.

  • I’m considering giving up complaining about our postal service but…one more try:
    Most recently, sent a small parcel to an address in Alberta(from Manitoba) cost $15.00. The contents weren’t worth that!
    Several months ago had a concern about the hours our local rural postal outlet was keeping. Very often sorting was sloppy…we regularly received other people’s mail in our box…so much for the privacy Canada Post prides itself with. These complaints were made to management and a very poor and belated response was forthcoming. So far, nothing regarding our service has improved,I am sorry to say. So…we live with it in hopes that in future Canada Post will at least find some efficiencies and reduce our and delivery-wise.

  • love the workerd at the bonavista post office.very kind people wish all people were like them

  • We are real happy with postal service try keeping use of all the services and
    hope that it will continue to be used by all.

  • Le service était excellent, la fille compétente, accueillante.

  • Great Service today with forwarding my mail.

  • I went to Canada Post on July 13th to ship a package to Nova Scotia. I went to West Vancouver Park Royal location. Anna and Michael Helped me. I am very happy with their customer service skills. They were patient and professional.

    Well done Anna and Michael.


  • Je suis toujours bien servi par les employés pstiers en région c’est indispensable ce service Merci de me lire

  • Très bon service, bonne explication, personnel toujours sourient.

  • I went to buy an usa stamp to mail a letter for my boyfriend. Very efficient and friendly service.

  • Bon service à mon bureau de poste .

  • I was expecting a parcel & thought when it came in I would have a card put in my mailbox notifying me that it was in. Not so! I had to go to the counter & ask if there was a parcel for me! After giving them all my info & tracking # twice , I was told yes there was one. When asked how come there wasn’t a card in my box telling me – I was told they don’t get around to it sometimes for a week!!!

  • Canada Post has always provided our small village with respectful and helpful employees. I appreciate this very much.

    I do find the parcel rate has gone up so much that I seldom send birthday and other parcels to my family or friends. There was a once a mail theft which affected my gift certificate. I did receive it after 2 months. The reason it was opened, but not stolen is that my name was on it for a local restaurant which would know anyone using their certificate. Over time, the mail theft had been solved and the certificate returned to me. Some people i know have found that the gift cards they sent did not reach their intended destination.

    Canada post was once a very reliable service, but maybe is no longer so trustworthy which reflects the disrespect and dishonesty which seems to be increasing in our Canadian society. I would not know what to suggest to improve things.

    • KIM

      I agree, Wendy.

      I am no longer able to send out gift parcels to family and friends.

      The cost is just crazy.

      I am sending gifts via, even Walmart, where shipping is free (with a small minimum order) !

      The savings in shipping costs allow me to buy a bigger gift or save money 🙂

  • these fields are filled out,thankyou

  • went to the post office today to sent an express post, after a 20 minute wait, the NEW EMPLOYEES,discussing each persons reason for whatever reason, six people waiting in line and the regular trusted knowledgeable Staff could not wait on us for some reason, no explanation given. Finially my turn and they were going to make the other five people wait while I filled out the envelope for the express mail . I told them to wait on the others as some only wanted stamps. A very stressfull experience as the two staff did not seem to know what they were doing, ones name was JOAN and who the other person was I had never seen before,

    Our regular Staff Betty, Brenda, Elizabeth, the head postmaster could not help us for some reason!!!!!!!!!!!
    They are very knowldgeable people and could have done this in no time ,. Why two people could not have been helping I do not know, ,.

    It took two people to wait on one person, Hey ,there were knowledgeable people there , why could they not have waited on those waiting in line.

    We need our post office so lets let the knowledgable Staff do the Job rather than bring in unknowledgeable people during busy hours, which this post office has all the time?

  • Très très bon service

  • nous somme tres satisfaient des services du bureau de poste de St-joseph de coleraine.

  • Bonsoir,

    Le service de Postes Canada est excellent. Il est facile de retracer notre envoi.
    Le service chez Ogilvy Montréal est toujours impeccable.

    Maryse B.

  • Bon service à notre bureau de Poste, je les en remercie car ils aiment y travailler et on sent qu’ils sont passionnés pour leur travail.

  • The people that work at The Pefferlaw post office are some of the most helpful and friendly I have had the good fortune to know .

  • ? bon service

  • Incredible service!

  • i am very comfortable of the staff in our post office fort saskatchewan.keep it up guys! God bless you all…

  • Très bon service

  • Bravo ! reçu juste à temps .. très bon service !

  • I am very comfortable with the staff in our post office in Maple Ridge.
    They always go out of their ways to help, be it selecting different stamp design to delight my grandchildren or friends
    or making sure they introduce their other “fun” stamps. They are very patient and friendly especially when I have to send packages abroad (gifts, medicine, periodicals etc.)

  • Good I like it

  • Does not email I know the the officers that are giving me the service

  • Très bon ne m’en passefait pas. On est très bien servi.

  • On march 08 I came home after mail delivery & a note to advise Me of a registered letter was in my mail box. I did not notice that it read that I could pick it up @ shoppers Drug Mart after 9am on march 09 After speaking to Susan she told me to check back later as the letter was on a truck & I would be able to pick it up later this afternoon, I checked @ 5pm & was able to get it then. Thanks Susan & Canada Post for being so obliging !!!!

  • Le service est extra , j’ai aimé le service les femmes au comptoire nous offre du service professionnel.

  • Picked 2 parcels a couple of days ago – excited to receive my parcels – was served by a new employee and his mentor – new employee was very congenial – good interactions between the two employees – instructor was clear and concise with her directions – it was a great visit to our local post office for me – I got my parcels and your employees did a great job

    • the service was excellent of the post 0ffice

      • bon service avec le sourire et le merci à la fin

    • J ai aime l accueil , excellent service

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